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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'26

Proceedings of the 26th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
23-24 April 2020, Yaroslavl, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-2-7
Sergey Balandin, Ilya Paramonov and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Akhtyamova L. Named Entity Recognition in Spanish Biomedical Literature: Short Review and Bert Model 3 9
Ammari A., Khriji L., Awadalla M. HW/SW Co-Design for Dates Classification on Xilinx Zynq SoC 10 15
Andrianov I., Rzheutskaya S., Sukonschikov A., Kochkin D., Shvetsov A., Sorokin A. Duplicate and Plagiarism Search in Program Code Using Suffix Trees Over Compiled Code 16 22
Antonov A., Besedin D., Filippov A. Research of the Efficiency of High-Level Synthesis Tool for FPGA Based Hardware Implementation of Some Basic Algorithms for the Big Data Analysis and Management Tasks 23 29
Apishev M., Vorontsov K. Learning Topic Models With Arbitrary Loss 30 37
Atanasov I., Pencheva E., Velkova D., Trifonov V. Programmability of Multi-Connectivity in 5G 38 45
Bataev A. Performance Evaluation of Cloud Services for Russian Companies 46 51
Belkin M., Alyoshin A., Fofanov D. Designing WDM-RoF Concept-Based Full-Duplex MMW Fiber Fronthaul Microcell Network 52 59
Bogdanova-Beglarian N., Blinova O., Sherstinova T., Troshchenkova E. Russian Pragmatic Markers Database: Developing Speech Technologies for Everyday Spoken Discourse 60 66
Chechneva N. Simple and Efficient Approach to the Aspect Extraction From Customers Product Reviews 67 73
Chernenkiy V., Gapanyuk Y., Nardid A., Todosiev N. The Implementation of Metagraph Agents Based on Functional Reactive Programming 74 81
Geyda A. Analytical Research on System Capability and Information Technology Use Capability: Problem Statement Examples 82 90
Golubkov P., Pecherskaya E., Karpain O., Safronov M., Zinchenko T., Artamonov D. Development of Theoretical Foundations of the Controlled Synthesis of Multifunctional Coatings by the Micro-Arc Oxidation Method 91 101
Goncharova M., Uteshev A., Lazdin A. Evaluating Distance Approximation for Implicit Curve Fitting 102 107
Govorov A., Chernysheva A., Khlopotov M., Derkunskaia S., Arzumanian A. Individual Learning Pathway Validation Based on the Syllabus 108 114
Ivanov S., Ivanova L., Meleshkova Z. Calculation and Optimization of Industrial Robots Motion 115 123
Ivaschenko A., Maslennikov S., Stolbova A., Golovnin O. Multi-Layer Data Model for Transportation Logistics Solutions 124 129
Karimov T., Druzhina O., Karimov A., Butusov D. Axial Movement Sensor Based on Chaotic Oscillator and Planar Coil 130 135
Kashevnik A., Kruglov M., Saveliev N., Parfenov V., Mayatin A. Motivational and Personification Strategies for Human Activities in Everyday Life 136 142
Kashevnik A., Ali A., Lashkov I., Shilov N. Seat Belt Fastness Detection Based on Image Analysis from Vehicle In-Cabin Camera 143 150
Kashevnik A., Ponomarev A., Krasov A. Human-Computer Threats Classification in Intelligent Transportation Systems 151 157
Kasimov D., Kuchuganov A., Kuchuganov V. Methods and Tools for Developing Decision Rules for Classifying Objects in Aerial Images 158 165
Khanh B., Vorobeva A. A Preliminary Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Web Author Identification of Vietnamese Online Messages 166 173
Khaydarova R., Fishchenko V., Mouromtsev D., Shmatkov V., Lapaev M. ROCK-CNN: A Distributed RockPro64-based Convolutional Neural Network Cluster for IoT. Verification and Performance Analysis 174 181
Kirnos V., Vagachev A., Morozov O. Micro-Machined Vibrating Ring Gyroscope Testing 182 187
Kokoulin A., Kokoulin R. Multiscale Optical PM2.5 Particles Recognition and Sorting System in Dust Probes 188 193
Konovalov E. Modified Network of Generalized Neural Elements as an Example of a New Generation Neural Network 194 199
Kornilov A., Safonov I., Yakimchuk I. Inpainting of Ring Artifacts on Microtomographic Images by 3D CNN 200 206
Korzun D., Bogoiavlenskaia O. Internet of Things Education for MSc Study in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 207 215
Kositsyn D ., Shabaev A., Pitukhin E., Ponomarev V., Ivashko E. . Mathematical Models of Reliability, Performance and Cost of an All-Flash Storage 216 224
Kouchaki M., Dabibi M. Experiment on High Capacity Backhaul Transmission Link Aggregation Solution for 5G Networks 225 230
Krinkin K., Kulikov I., Vodyaho A., Zhukova N. Architecture of a Telecommunications Network Monitoring System Based on a Knowledge Graph 231 239
Kumov V., Samorodov A. Recognition of Genetic Diseases Based on Combined Feature Extraction From 2D Face Images 240 246
Lagutina K., Poletaev A., Lagutina N., Boychuk E., Paramonov I. Automatic Extraction of Rhythm Figures and Analysis of Their Dynamics in Prose of 19th-21st Centuries 247 255
Larionov R., Khryashchev V., Pavlov V. Separation of Closely Located Buildings on Aerial Images Using U-Net Neural Network 256 261
Listopad S. Cohesive Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Agent System Architecture 262 269
Makhov D., Samorodov A., Slavnova E. Different Approaches for Automatic Nucleus Image Segmentation in Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (FISH) Analysis for HER2 Status Assesment 270 277
Malyuga K., Perl O., Slapoguzov A., Perl I. Fault Tolerant Central Saga Orchestrator in RESTful Architecture 278 283
Matveev A., Makhnytkina O., Lizunova I., Vinogradova T., Chirkovskii A., Svischev A., Mamaev N. A Virtual Dialogue Assistant for Conducting Remote Exams 284 290
Medvedeva E., Trubin I., Kasper P. Vehicle License Plate Recognition Based on Edge Detection 291 296
Mohamed M., Mohamed E., Mohamed A., Abdel-Nasser M., Moustafa Hassan M. Detection of Inter Turn Short Circuit Faults in Induction Motor Using Artificial Neural Network 297 304
Morozov V., Petrovskiy M. An Approach for Complex Event Streams Processing and Forecasting 305 313
Morzhov S. Avoiding Unintended Bias in Toxicity Classification with Neural Networks 314 320
Moshkova A., Samorodov A., Voinova N., Volkov A., Ivanova E., Fedotova E. Parkinsons Disease Detection by Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Hand Movement Signal From LeapMotion Sensor 321 327
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On Proximity Application Server 328 334
Nedbailo Y. Fast and Scalable Simulation Framework for Large In-Order Chip Multiprocessors 335 345
Nekrasova R., Rumyantsev A. Regenerative Estimation of a Simultaneous Service Multiserver System With Speed Scaling 346 351
Netes V. Dependability Measures for Access Networks and Their Evaluation 352 358
Novikov B., Kivarin D., Panteleyev M. Models and Methods of Real-Time Action Selection in Virtual Soccer 359 366
Pavlov D., Sosnovsky I., Dimitrov V., Melentyev V., Korzun D. Case Study of Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in Industrial Systems Monitoring 367 375
Pencheva E., Atanasov I., Velkova D., Asenov I. Media Control at the Network Edge 376 385
Popov S., Glazunov V., Chuvatov M., Purii A. Raster to Vector Map Convertion by Irregular Grid of Heights 386 391
Ryabchikov I., Teslya N., Druzhinin N. Integrating Computer Vision Technologies for Smart Surveillance Purpose 392 401
Shevlyakov G., Kan M. Stream Data Preprocessing: Outlier Detection Based on the Chebyshev Inequality With Applications 402 407
Shilov N., Smirnov A., Ansari F. Ontologies in Smart Manufacturing: Approaches and Research Framework 408 414
Soboleva A., Tushkanova O. The Methodology of Extraction and Analysis of Event Log Social Graph 415 422
Stefanidi A., Topnikov A., Tupitsin G., Priorov A. Application of Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimodal Identification Task 423 428
Suvorova E. An Approach to Dynamic Reconfigurable Transport Protocol Controller Unit Development 429 437
Tikhonov E., Schneps-Schneppe D., Namiot D. Delay Tolerant Network Potential in a Railway Network 438 448
Zenkin A., Berman I., Pachkouski K., Pantiukhin I., Rzhevskiy V. Quadcopter Simulation Model for Research of Monitoring Tasks 449 457
Zhukova N., Thaw A., Tianxing M., Mustafin N. IoT Data Collection Based on Social Network Models 458 463
Zhuravkina I., Soloviev V., Lobanov A., Danilov A. Comparative Analysis of Concreteness / Abstractness of Russian Words 464 472