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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'20

Proceedings of the 20th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
3-7 April 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-0-0
Sergey Balandin, Alla Levina and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Abramovich B., Sychev Y., Prokhorova V. Electrical Complex of Combined Power Supply on the Base of Renewables and Hybrid Correction Device 3 9
Afanasev M., Fedosov Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S. An Application of Microservices Architecture Pattern to Create a Modular Computer Numerical Control System 10 19
Andropov S., Guirik A., Budko Mikh, Budko Mar. Synthesis of Neurocontroller for Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Neuroemulator 20 25
Andropov S., Guirik A., Budko Mikh., Budko Mar. Network Anomaly Detection using Artificial Neural Networks 26 31
Astashkin A., Chuvilin K. Syntax Description Synthesis Using Gradient Boosted Trees 32 39
Belkov D., Purtov K., Kublanov V. Influence of Different Feature Selection Approaches on the Performance of Emotion Recognition Methods Based on SVM 40 45
Butusov D., Karimov T., Kaplun D., Karimov A., Huang A., Li S. The Choice between Delta and Shift Operators for Low-Precision Data Representation 46 52
Doynikova E., Chechulin A., Kotenko I. Analytical Attack Modeling and Security Assessment based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System 53 61
Eremin A., Kogos K., Filina A. A Concept of Continuous User Authentication Based on Behavioral Biometrics 62 68
Fomicheva S. Soft Quantization of the Productions Knowledgebases for Multi-agent Systems 69 76
Gorbachev V., Kaynarova E., Metelev I., Yakovleva E. On Color-to-Gray Transformation for Distributing Color Digital Images 77 82
Hussain S., Kim Y. Communication Network for Remote Monitoring of Wind Turbine based on Infrared Camera 83 90
Iskrich D., Grigoriev D. Generating Long-Term Trading System Rules Using a Genetic Algorithm Based on Analyzing Historical Data 91 97
Ivaschenko A., Sitnikov P., Andreev M., Surnin O. Open Services Provider for Supply Chains 98 104
Ivin A., Mikhalchenko D. Software Platform for Development of Multimodular Robotic Systems with Asynchronous Multithreaded Control 105 111
Kalinichenko A., Motorina S., Uskov A. Algorithms for ECG Analysis in Mobile Cardiac Monitoring System 112 117
Kanev A., Nasteka A., Bessonova C., Nevmerzhitsky D., Silaev A., Efremov A., Nikiforova K. Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Network of the Smart Home System 118 124
Karanta I., Rautila M. An Expert System for Mitigation Actions 125 130
Karpovich S., Smirnov A., Teslya N., Grigorev A. Topic Model Visualization with IPython 131 137
Kavalerov M., Shilova Y., Likhacheva Y. Adaptive Q-routing with Random Echo and Route Memory 138 145
Khachatryan K., Manilo L., Anisimov A. The Method of Analysis Pseudo-phase Portrait in the Problem of Recognition of Biomedical Signals 146 153
Khokhlov I., Reznik L. Data Security Evaluation for Mobile Android Devices 154 160
Khokhlov I., Reznik L., Ashish Kumar, Mookherjee A., Dalvi R. Data Security and Quality Evaluation Framework: Implementation Empirical Study on Android Devices 161 168
Kolesnichenko O., Smorodin G., Mazelis A., Nikolaev A., Mazelis L., Martynov A., Pulit V., Balandin S., Kolesnichenko Y. iPatient in Medical Information Systems and future of Internet of Health 169 180
Korzhik V., Fedyanin I., Cuong N. Detection of Stegosystems Using Block Ciphers for Encryption of the Embedded Messages 181 186
Korzhuk V., Krivtsova I., Shilov I. The Model of the Attack Implementation on Wireless Sensor Networks 187 194
Korzhuk V., Shilov I., Torshenko J. Reduction of the Feature Space for the Detection of Attacks of Wireles Sensor Networks 195 201
Krivtsova I., Lebedev I., Salakhutdinova K. Identification of Executable Files on the basis of Statistical Criteria 202 208
Kulakov K., Zavyalova Y., Shabalina I. Navigation Infrastructure for People with Disabilities 209 215
Lebedev I., Bazhayev N., Sukhoparov M., Petrov V., Gurtov A. Analysis of the State of Information Security on the Basis of Surious Emission Electronic Components 216 221
Lefyer K., Spivak A. Method of Person Identification Based on Biometric Characteristics of Touch Screen Gestures 222 227
Levashova T., Pashkin M. Personalized Configuration of Immaterial Products 228 235
Levina A., Borisenko P., Mostovoy R. SCA as Mobile Security Threat 236 241
Livshitz I., Lontsikh P., Eliseev S. The Method of Implementation of the Numerical IT-Security Metrics in Management Systems 242 247
Livshitz I., Lontsikh P., Eliseev S. The Optimization Method of the Integrated Management System Security Audit 248 253
Lukyanov G., KovalskiyI., Makarov S., Seeger T. Heat Flux Sensor Based on Ferroelectric 254 259
Makarov A., Shabunin A. On Design of Secure E-Services for Public Authority in the Russian Federation 260 267
Menshchikov A., Komarova A., Gatchin Y., Korobeynikov A., Tishukova N. A Study of Different Web-Crawler Behaviour 268 274
Mikhailov S., Kashevnik A. M3-Driven Smart Space Creation Using a DD-WRT-Based Device 275 283
Moldovyan N., Berezin A., Kornienko A., Moldovyan A. Deniable Encryption Protocols Based on Probabilistic Public-Key Encryption 284 289
Moldovyan N., Levina A., Taranov S. Symmetric Encyption for Error Correction 290 295
Mordvinov D., Litvinov Y., Bryksin T. TRIK Studio: Technical Introduction 296 308
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M., Daradkeh Y. On Internet of Things Education 309 315
Nazarov D., Azarov D., Silin Y., Begicheva S., Smorodin G. Fuzzy Model for Analysing Implicit Factor Influence 316 321
Negnevitsky M., Lim M., Hartnett J. Analysis of E-mail Communication Activities for Detecting Patterns of Pathological Behaviour 322 327
Neronov R., Lukyanov G., Rassadina A., Voronin A., Malyshev A., Seeger T. Studies of the Human Breathing 328 338
Noskov A., Priorov A. Comparison of Image Quality Assessment Methods for Multi-focused Image Fusion 339 344
Obukhova N., Motyko A., Kang U., Bae S., Lee D. Automated Image Analysis in Multispectral System for Cervical Cancer Diagnostic 345 351
Pantiukhin I., Zikratov I., Sizykh A., Shristian A. Testing of the Hypothesis in the Research of Computer Incidents on the Basis of the Analysis of Attributes and Their Values 352 357
Pencheva E., Atanasov I. Mobile Edge Computing Applications for Connectivity Management 358 364
Pencheva E., Atanasov I. Mobile Edge Computing Services for Dynamic Quality of Service Control 365 370
Perl I., Mulyukin A., Kossovich T. Continuous Execution of System Dynamics Models on Input Data Stream 371 376
Safiannikov N., Bureneva O., Aleksanyan Z. Isometric-based Method for Hardware Automated Diagnostic of Functional Status of Central Nervous System 377 384
Schluter S., Seeger T., Lukyanov G. Demonstration of a Signal Enhanced Fast Raman Sensor for Human Breath Analysis 385 390
Sergienko A., Klimentyev V. Spectral Efficiency of Uplink SCMA System with CSI Estimation 391 397
Sheynin Y., Olenev V., Lavrovskaya I., Korobkov I., Kochura S., Shkolniy V., Dymov D. Computer-Aided Design System for On-board SpaceWire Networks Simulation and Design 398 405
Skorobogatova A., Sutyagina A., Anisimov A. Improving the Design of Arterial Blood Pressure Monitor 406 412
Smirnov A., Sandkuhl K. Context-Oriented Knowledge Management for Decision Support in Business Socio-Cyber-Physical Networks: Conceptual and Methodical Foundations 413 419
Solovyeva E. Cellular Neural Network as a Non-linear Filter of Impulse Noise 420 426
Stepanenko V., Kashevnik A. Competence Management Systems in Organisations: a Literature Review 427 433
Stepanov A. Wavelet Analysis of Compressed Biomedical Signals 434 440
Syschikov A., Sedov B., Nedovodeev K., Pakharev S. Visual Development Environment for OpenVX 441 447
Taramov A., Shilov N. A Systematic Review of Proactive Driver Support Systems and Underlying Technologies 448 459
Tomashevich D., Bobrova Y. Prosthesis Control System of the Upper Limb 460 465
Tsvetkov L., Spivak A. Localising Unsafe Software Resource Usage with Typed Code Model 466 471
Vasilyev A., Paramonov I., Averkiev S. Method and Tools for Automated End-to-end Testing of Applications for Sailfish OS 472 477
Viksnin I., Gataullin R., Muradov A., Danilov I., Tursukov N., Chechet A. Modeling People Behavior in Emergency Situations 478 483
Viksnin I., Schcepin N., Patrikeev R., Shlykov A., Komarov I. Approaches To Communication Organization Within Cyber-Physical Systems 484 490
Voinov N., Drobintsev P., Kotlyarov V., Nikiforov I. Distributed OAIS-based Digital Preservation System with HDFS Technology 491 497
Vorobeva A. Influence of Features Discretization on Accuracy of Random Forest Classifier for Web User Identification 498 504
Vytovtov P., Markov E. Source Code Quality Classification Based On Software Metrics 505 511
Xu Y., Kim Y. Dynamic Routing and Spectrum Allocation to Minimize Fragmentation in Elastic Optical Networks 512 518
Zhivolupova Y., Tcvetkov O. The Method for Increasing of EEG Signal Sample Entropy Stability and its Application for Human State Monitoring 519 525
Zikratov I., Korzhuk V., Shilov I., Gvozdev A. Formalization of the Feature Space for Detection of Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks 526 533
Zikratov I., Kuzmin A., Akimenko V., Niculichev V., Yalansky L. Ensuring Data Integrity Using Blockchain Technology 534 542