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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'28

Proceedings of the 28th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
27-29 January 2021, Moscow, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-4-1
Sergey Balandin, Vladimir Deart and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Arhippainen L., Alavesa P. Designing Learning Games and Tools for Karelian Language - Considerations Based on Beginners' Experiences of Gameplay 3 14
Bagaev S., Medvedeva E. Segmentation of Satellite Images of the Earth's surface using Neural Network Technologies 15 21
Bakulin M., Ben Rejeb T., Kreyndelin V., Smirnov A. Low-complexity Iterative Detector for Massive MIMO Systems 22 27
Berger A., Guda S. Multi-label Classification Based on Domain Analysis in Fixed Point Method 28 34
Bolshakov A., Zhila A. Fuzzy Logic Data Protection Management 35 40
Bulygin M., Namiot D. Anomaly Detection Method For Aggregated Cellular Operator Data 41 47
Ceresnak R., Matiasko K., Dudas A. Influencing Migration Processes by Real-Time Data 48 54
Chaudary B., Paajala I., Arhippainen L., Pulli P. Studying the Navigation Assistance System for the Visually Impaired and Blind Persons and ICT use by their Caretakers 55 66
Chernobrovkin S., Latkin I., Belyanova M., Gapanyuk Y. Using a Hybrid Intelligent Information Systems Approach for Advertising Video Generation 67 74
Chugunov A., Pudlovskiy V., Kulikov R., Masalkova N., Chernyh S. ToA-based Algorithm of Joint Filtering of Coordinates And Time of Transmission for MLAT systems 75 80
Deart V., Mankov V., Krasnova I. Agglomerative Clustering of Network Traffic Based on Various Approaches to Determining the Distance Matrix 81 88
Erokhin S., Petukhov A., Pilyugin P. Comparison of Information Security Systems for Asymptotic Information Security Management Critical Information Infrastructures 89 95
Erokhin S., Borisenko B., Fadeev A. Reducing the Dimension of Input Data for IDS by Using Match Analysis 96 102
Farhan W., Za'ter M., Abu Obaidah Q., al Bataineh H., Sober Z., Al-Natsheh H. SPARTA: Speaker Profiling for ARabic TAlk 103 110
Fernandez-Samillan D., Guizado-Diaz C., Ugarte W. Story Creation Algorithm Using Q-Learning in a 2D Action RPG Video Game 111 117
Geyda A. Families of Alternative Stochastic Action Networks: Use for Process Science 118 126
Goldstein B., Fitsov V. Dual Mathematical Model for Calculating of Deep Packet Inspection 127 133
Ismayilov G. Protrusion Location Optimization in Communication via Diffusion 134 141
Kanhere S., Sahni A., Stynes P., Pathak P. Clustering Based Approach to Enhance Association Rule Mining 142 150
Kashevnik A., Ali A. Comparison Platform Design for Neural Network Models Evaluation in Driver Monitoring Systems 151 157
Kiourtis A., Mavrogiorgou A., Symvoulidis C., Tsigkounis C., Kyriazis D. Indexing of Cloud Stored Electronic Health Records for Consented Third Party Accessing 158 166
Konstantinov A., Utkin L., Muliukha V. Gradient Boosting Machine with Partially Randomized Decision Trees 167 173
Korobkov I., Korobkov D., Gurjanov A., Shukalov A. SpaceFibre Virtual Channels Behavior under Control Stimuli 174 180
Kornilov A., Safonov I., Reimers I., Yakimchuk I. Deep Neural Networks for Ring Artifacts Segmentation and Corrections in Fragments of CT Images 181 193
Kouam Waguia J., Menshchikov A. Threats and Security Issues in Cloud Storage and Content Delivery Networks: Analysis 194 199
Krinkin K., Kulikov I., Vodyaho A., Zhukova N. Prediction of Telecommunication Network State Based on Knowledge Graphs 200 207
Krupa T., Ries M., Kotuliak I., Kostal K., Bencel R. Security Issues of Smart Contracts in Ethereum Platforms 208 214
Kvet Mic. Relational Data Index Consolidation 215 221
Kvet Mic., Kvet Mar. Relational Pre-indexing Layer Supervised by the DB_index_consolidator Background Process 222 229
Kvet Mar., Forgac M., Kalina E. Exam System 230 239
Lagutina K., Lagutina N., Boychuk E., Larionov V., Paramonov I. Authorship Verification of Literary Texts with Rhythm Features 240 251
Lahtinen T., Sintonen L., Turtiainen H., Costin A. Towards CCTV-aware Routing and Navigation for Privacy, Anonymity, and Safety' Feasibility Study in Jyvaskyla 252 263
Levchenko A., Taratukhin V. Reference Business Processes-Based Method for Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture Deployment and Adaptation 264 270
Lukyanov G., Rassadina A. Sensor System for Analyzing Human Respiration in Arctic Conditions 271 277
Macchi F., Rosin P., Mervi J., Turchet L. Image-based Approaches for Automating GUI Testing of Interactive Web-based Applications 278 285
Meigal A., Kravtsova E., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Prokhorov K., Peskova A. Contribution of Various Sensory Inputs to Vertical Stance and Locomotion in Humans: Robust Assessment with Stabilography and Motion Videocapture 286 292
Metsker O., Trofimov E., Kopanitsa G. Application of Machine Learning Metrics for Dynamic E-justice Processes 293 300
Moshkova A., Samorodov A., Voinova N., Volkov A., Ivanova E., Fedotova E. Studying Facial Activity in Parkinson's Disease Patients Using an Automated Method and Video Recording 301 308
Mozhaeva A., Streeter L., Vlasuyk I., Potashnikov A. Full Reference Video Quality Assessment Metric on Base Human Visual System Consistent with PSNR 309 315
Najafi Kajabad E., Begen P., Nizomutdinov B., Ivanov S. YOLOv4 for Urban Object Detection: Case of Electronic Inventory in St. Petersburg 316 321
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On One D2D Usage Model for 5G Networks 322 327
Nekrasova R. Stability Analysis of a Multi-class Retrial Queue with General Retrials and Classical Retrial Policy 328 333
Nguyen Q., Zaslavskiy M. Keyphrase Extraction in Russian and English Scientific Articles Using Sentence Embeddings 334 340
Nirmal P., Disanayaka I., Haputhanthri D., Wijayasiri A. Transportation Mode Detection Using Crowdsourced Smartphone Data 341 349
Othman W., Shilov N. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Path Planning by Cooperative Robots: Existing Approaches and Challenges 350 357
Platonov K., Svetlov K. Politics-related Online Communities: Thematic Landscape and (Para)linguistic Features 358 364
Rammuni Silva R., Fernando P. An Extensive Survey of Machine Learning Based Approaches on Automated Pathology Detection in Chest X-Rays 365 373
Rodriguez M., Pastor F., Ugarte W. Classification of Fruit Ripeness Grades using a Convolutional Neural Network and Data Augmentation 374 380
Rumiantcev M. Emotions and Activity Recognition System Using Wearable Device Sensors 381 389
Ryabchikov I., Teslya N. Estimating Position of Multiple People in Common 3D Space via City Surveillance Cameras 390 397
Sahqani W., Turchet L. Co-designing Employees' Data Privacy: a Technology Consultancy Company Use Case 398 406
Sheluhin O., Kazhemskiy M. Influence Of Fractal Dimension Statistical Charachteristics On Quality Of Network Attacks Binary Classification 407 413
Siddique A., Afanasyev I. Deep Learning-based Trajectory Estimation of Vehicles in Crowded and Crossroad Scenarios 414 423
Smirnov A., Teslya N., Shilov N., Moll E. Intelligent Decision Support During Hospitalization in a Pandemic: Methodology and Process Model 424 430
Staroletov S. Automatic Proving of Stability of the Cyber-Physical Systems in the Sense of Lyapunov with KeYmaera 431 438
Suvorova E. Time Synchronization in SpaceFibre Networks 439 450
Televnoy A., Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Voitiuk T. Neural ODE Machine Learning Method with Embedded Numerical Method 451 457
Terekhov V., Gapanyuk Y., Kanev A. Metagraph Representation for Overcoming Limitations of Existing Knowledge Bases 458 464
Tianxing M., Myint M., Guan W., Zhukova N., Mustafin N. A Hierarchical Data Mining Process Ontology 465 471
Tikhonov E., Schneps-Schneppe D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On joint Satellite, Terrestrial, and Delay Tolerant Networks for Railroad Communications 472 481
Toutov A., Toutova N., Vorozhtsov A., Andreev I. Multicriteria Optimization of Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Data Centers 482 487
Utkin L., Drobintsev P., Kovalev M. Konstantinov A. Combining an Autoencoder and a Variational Autoencoder for Explaining the Machine Learning Model Predictions 488 494
Uvarov K., Ponomarev A. Driver Identification with OBD-II Public Data 495 501
Vachkova S., Kupriyanov R., Suleymanov R., Petryaeva E. The Application of Text Mining Algorithms to Discover One Topic Objects in Digital Learning Repositories 502 509
Volkov A., Stepanov S. Development of a Model and Algorithms for Servicing Traffic in a Cloud Computing System 510 515
Zhang Y., Khriyenko O. Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation Using Relation Network 516 527
Zimenko K., Afanasev M., Andreev Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Fedosov Y., Kolesnikov M. Modular Approach in CNC Kernel Development 528 538