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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'24

Proceedings of the 24th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
8-12 April 2019, Moscow, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-8-6
Sergey Balandin, Vladimir Deart and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Alexandrov D., Pertseva E., Berman I., Pantiukhin I., Kapitonov A. Analysis of Machine Learning Methods for Wildfire Security Monitoring with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 3 9
Andreev A., Shabaev A., Bogoiavlenskii I. Network Topology Discovery: a Problem of Incomplete Data Improvement 10 16
Atanasov I., Pencheva E., Nametkov A., Trifonov V. Mobile Edge Service for Charging Control 17 23
Avrachenkov K., Borodina A. On the Escape Probability Estimation in Large Graphs 24 30
Baiocco S., Barone D., Gavelli G., Bevilacqua A. Texture Analysis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer on Unenhanced CT and Blood Flow Maps: a Potential Prognostic Tool 31 39
Bakulin M., Kreyndelin V., Rog A., Petrov D., Melnik S. A New Algorithm of Iterative MIMO Detection and Decoding Using Linear Detector and Enhanced Turbo Procedure in Iterative Loop 40 46
Bogoiavlenskaia O., Korzun D., Kulakov K. Random Backoff for Active Control of Information Updates in Smart Spaces 47 53
Burunova A., Ponomarev A., Teslya N. Enactable Electronic Contracts In E-Commerce: Models, Technologies And Architectures 54 59
Chuprov S., Viksnin I., Kim I., Nedosekin G. Optimization of Autonomous Vehicles Movement in Urban Intersection Management System 60 66
Deryabin M., Chervyakov N., Tchernykh A., Berezhnoy V., Djurabaev A., Nazarov A., Babenko M. Comparative Performance Analysis of Information Dispersal Methods 67 74
Dimitriou I, Morozov E., Morozova T. A Multiclass Retrial System With Coupled Orbits And Service Interruptions: Verification of Stability Conditions 75 81
Erokhin S., Petukhov A., Pilyugin P. Critical Information Infrastructures Security Modeling 82 88
Filatov A., Krinkin K. Multi-agent SLAM approaches for low-cost platforms 89 95
Golubkov P., Pecherskaya E., Karpanin O., Safronov M., Shepeleva J., Bibarsova A. Intelligent Automated System of Controlled Synthesis of MAO-Coatings 96 103
Goncharenko A., Voronova L., Artemov M., Voronov V., Bezumnov D. Sign Language Recognition Information System Development Using Wireless Technologies for People with Hearing Impairments 104 109
Grishin I., Timirgaleeva R. Air Navigation: Automation Method for Controlling the Process of Detecting Aircraft by a Radar Complex 110 115
Ivanovsky L., Khryashchev V., Pavlov V., Ostrovskaya A. Building Detection on Aerial Images Using U-NET Neural Networks 116 122
Ivaschenko A., Milutkin M., Sitnikov P. Industrial Application of Accented Visualization Based on Augmented Reality 123 129
Kashevnik A., Karelskaya K., Repp M. Dangerous Situations Determination by Smartphone in Vehicle Cabin: Classification and Algorithms 130 139
Kashevnik A., Mikhailov S., Papadakis H., Fragopoulou P. Context-Driven Tour Planning Service: An Approach Based on Synthetic Coordinates Recommendation 140 147
Kasimov D. Techniques for Improving Color Segmentation in the Task of Identifying Objects on Aerial Images 148 155
Kirnos V., Antipov V., Priorov A., Kokovkina V. Landmarks detection by contour analysis in the problem of SLAM 156 162
Kiselev V., Khlamov M., Chuvilin K. Hand Gesture Recognition with Multiple Leap Motion Devices 163 169
Kornilov A., Safonov I., Yakimchuk I. Blind Quality Assessment for Slice of Microtomographic Image 170 178
Korzhik V., Cuong N., Morales-Luna G. Cipher Modification Against Steganalysis Based on NIST Tests 179 186
Korzun D., Meigal A. Multi-Source Data Sensing in Mobile Personalized Healthcare Systems: Semantic Linking and Data Mining 187 192
Kreyndelin V., Smirnov A., Rejeb T. A New Approach of Implementation of MMSE Demodulator for Massive MIMO Systems 193 199
Kreyndelin V., Smirnov A., Rejeb T. Non-Linear Ordered Precoding with Limited Feedback for Multiuser MIMO systems 200 205
Kvet M., Matiasko K. Data Management in Hierarchical Database - Branches Notification 206 213
Lagutina K., Larionov V., Petryakov V., Lagutina N., Paramonov I., Shchitov I. Sentiment Classification into Three Classes Applying Multinomial Bayes Algorithm, N-grams, and Thesaurus 214 219
Lesnikov V., Naumovich T., Chastikov A. The Relationship between the Representation of a IIR Digital Filter in the State Space and the Description by the Topological Matrix 220 227
Leyfer K., Spivak A. Continuous User Authentication by the Classification Method Based on the Dynamic Touchscreen Biometrics 228 234
Lukyanov G., Rassadina A., Neronov R. Estimation of the Air Flow Behavior in the 3D Solid and Numerical Models of Nose 235 242
Malofey O., Malofey A., Shangina A., Deryabin M., Rassomahin S. Mathematical Description of the Correctness of Transmission Numerical Codes for Gaussian Channels in the Rough Segregation of Energy 243 248
Medvedeva E., Evdokimova A. Detection of Texture Objects on Multichannel Images 249 254
Meltsov V., Novokshonov P., Repkin D., Nechaev A., Zhukova N. Development of an Intelligent Module for Monitoring and Analysis of Clients Bank Transactions 255 262
Morozova P., Shilov N. Towards Providing Relevant Digital Signage Advertisement to a Group of Users Based on Users Interests Investigation 263 268
Nairi A., Plante J., Sinyov N., Olenev V., Korobkov I. Simulation Of ExoMars2020s Rover Network Using SystemC 269 276
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On Content Models for Proximity Services 277 284
Obukhova N., Motyko A., Pozdeev A., Timofeev B. Method of Endoscopic Images Analysis for Automatic Bleeding Detection and Segmentation 285 290
Olenev V., Lavrovskaya I., Korobkov I., Sheynin Y. Design and Simulation of Onboard SpaceWire Networks 291 299
Pankov K. Enumeration of Boolean Mapping with Given Cryptographic Properties for Personal Data Protection in Blockchain Data Storage 300 306
Pankratov D., Stepanova A. Linear and Nonlinear Chebyshev Iterative Demodulation Algorithms for MIMO Systems with Large Number of Antennas 307 312
Pavlicek A., Doucek P., Yablotschnikov S. Regional Differences in Facebook Privacy Settings and Behaviour 313 320
Pencheva E., Atanasov I., Velkova D., Trifonov V. Application Level User Traffic Control at the Mobile Network Edge 321 327
Petrushevskaya A., Rabin A., Kilimnik V. Energy Fields Impact on Biological Objects 328 334
Ponomarev A., Chernysheva A. Adaptation and Personalization in Driver Assistance Systems 335 344
Porokhnenko I., Polezhaev P., Shukhman A. Machine Learning Approaches to Choose Heroes in Dota 2 345 350
Reimers I., Safonov I., Yakimchuk I. Construction of 3D Digital Model of a Rock Sample Based on FIB-SEM Data 351 359
Rumyantsev A., Ivashko E., Chernov I., Kositsyn D., Shabaev A., Ponomarev V. Latency/Wearout in a Flash-based Storage System with Replication on Write 360 366
Sabirova A., Rassabin M., Fedorenko R., Afanasyev I. Ground Profile Recovery from Aerial 3D LiDAR-based Maps 367 374
Safronov M., Kuzmin A., Bodin O., Baranov V., Trofimov A., Tychkov A. Mobile ECG Monitoring Device with Bioimpedance Measurement and Analysis 375 380
Saksonov E., Leokhin Y., Panfilov P. Structural Synthesis of the IoT System for the Fog Computing 381 387
Shchekotov M., Pashkin M., Smirnov A. Indoor Navigation Ontology for Smartphone Semi-Automatic Self-Calibration Scenario 388 394
Sheluhin O., Osin A. Anomaly States Monitoring of Large-Scale Systems with Intellectual Analysis of System Logs 395 401
Shevlyakov G., Kim K. A Least Informative Distribution of Ranging Errors in Robust Estimation of Localization 402 407
Solovyev V., Solnyshkina M., Gafiyatova E., McNamara D., Ivanov V. Sentiment in Academic Texts 408 414
Stepanov S., Stepanov M. Modeling of OpenFlow-Based SDN Node with Taking into Account the Differences of Serving TCP and UDP Traffic Streams 415 421
Stepanov S., Stepanov M., Tsogbadrakh A., Ndayikunda J., Andrabi U. Resource Allocation and Sharing for Transmission of Batched NB IoT Traffic over 3GPP LTE 422 429
Suleykin A., Panfilov P. Distributed Big Data Driven Framework for Cellular Network Monitoring Data 430 436
Suvorov N., Belov A., Sergeev T., Kuliabin K., Anisimov A. Novel Method for Recording High Frequency Human Skin Temperature Oscillations 437 443
Turov N., Shilov N., Teslya N. Digital Signage Personalization through Analysis of the Visual Information about Viewers 444 450
Utkin L., Konstantinov A., Meldo A. Ryabinin M., Chukanov V. A Deep Forest Improvement by Using Weighted Schemes 451 456
Varlamov O., Varlamov V., Dolgopyatova A. Digital Radio Broadcasting Network in the Arctic Region 457 462
Vasilyev A., Kosterin M. An Architectural Approach to Increase Adoption of the MDBCI Tool 463 471
Vatian A., Gusarova N., Dobrenko N., Dudorov S., Nigmatullin N., Shalyto A., Lobantsev A. Impact of Adversarial Examples on the Efficiency of Interpretation and Use of Information from High-Tech Medical Images 472 478
Veligosha A., Kaplun D., Voznesenskiy A., Bogaevskiy D. Structural and Informational Diversity of Digital Filters Based on Multivariate Arithmetic of Finite Field 479 485
Vinogradov A., Yablokov E., Yachnaya V. Upgrade of Ethernet-SpaceWire Protocol 486 492
Viola F., Antoniazzi F., Aguzzi C., Kamienski C., Roffia L. Mapping the NGSI-LD context model on top of a SPARQL Event Processing Architecture: implementation guidelines 493 501
Volchkov V., Sannikov V., Mamonov A. Synthesis of Real Weyl-Heisenberg Signal Frames with Desired Frequency-Time Localization 502 508
Volkov V., Markelov O., Bogachev M. Multi-threshold Object Selection in Remote Sensing Images 509 517
Vytovtov P., Chuvilin K. Unsupervised Classifying of Software Source Code Using Graph Neural Networks 518 524
Zhiryaeva E., Naumov V., Naumov P. Formation of Export Clusters in Food Trade of the Russian Federation in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of the Economy 525 532
Zinemanas P., Cancela P., Rocamora M. Endtoend Convolutional Neural Networks for Sound Event Detection in Urban Environments 533 542