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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'23

Proceedings of the 23rd Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
13-16 November 2018, Bologna, Italy, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-6-2
Sergey Balandin, Tullio Salmon Cinotti, Fabio Viola and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Afanasev M., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Fedosov Y., Zimenko K. Mesh Networking in Cyber-Physical Production Systems: Towards Modular Industrial Equipment Integration 3 11
Aguzzi C., Antoniazzi F., Azzoni P., Bononi L., Brasini F., Canegallo R., DElia A., De Lisa A., Di Felice M., Franchi E., Perilli L., Roffia L., Siagri L., Verardi M., Salmon Cinotti T. From Heterogeneous Sensor Networks to Integrated Software Services: Design and Implementation of a Semantic Architecture for the Internet of Things at ARCES@UNIBO 12 20
Akhundov R., Filchenkov A., Gorovoy V. Formalization and Automated Detection of Tourist City Center Location 21 26
Antoniazzi F., Viola F. RDF Graph Visualization Tools: a Survey 27 38
Asadi M., Ghaderi F. Incremental Community Detection in Social Networks Using Label Propagation Method 39 47
Aytac K., Korcak O. IoT Based Smart Staff Allocator in Quick Service Restaurants 48 54
Baiocco S., Barone D., Gavelli G., Bevilacqua A. Analysis of CT Perfusion Blood Flow Maps in Patients with Lung Cancer: Correlation with the Overall Survival 55 61
Bazhenov N., Korzun D., Balandin S. Smartphone-Oriented Development of Video Data Based Services 62 68
Bogdanova-Beglarian N., Blinova O., Sherstinova T., Martynenko G., Zaides K. Pragmatic Markers in Russian Spoken Speech: an Experience of Systematization and Annotation for the Improvement of NLP Tasks 69 77
Budkov S., Buraya K., Filchenkov A., Smetannikov I., Puchkovskaia A. RICH-CPL: Fact Extraction from Wikipedia-sized Corpora for Morphologically Rich Languages 78 84
Bulichev O., Klimchik A. Concept Development Of Biomimetic Centipede Robot StriRus 85 90
Bundulis R., Arnicans G. Infiniviz: Taking Quake 3 Arena on a Large-Scale Display System to the Next Level 91 98
Carbonaro A., Santandrea L. A General Semantic Web Approach for Data Analysis on Graduates Statistics 99 104
Chernikov V. Approach to Rapid Software Design of Mobile Applications User Interface 105 111
Chervyakov N., Lyakhov P., Valueva M., Valuev G., Kaplun D., Efimenko G., Gnezdilov D. Area-Efficient FPGA Implementation of Minimalistic Convolutional Neural Network Using Residue Number System 112 118
Comanducci L., Buccoli M., Zanoni M., Sarti A., Delle Delle Monache S., Cospito G., Pietrocola E., Berbenni F. Investigating Networked Music Performances in Pedagogical Scenarios for the InterMUSIC Project 119 127
Gorbachev V., Kaynarova E., Makarov A., Yakovleva E. On Block Representations in Image Processing Problems 128 134
Gorskii O. The Role of Impedance Matching for Depth Adjustment of Inductive Charger for Medical Implants 135 142
Grigorieva I., Vyunnik N., Kolpinsky G. The Construction of an Individualized Spinal 3D Model Based on the X-ray Recognition 143 149
Jain L., Basabhat A., Srikanth HR Design Philosophy For Optimizing Genetic Algorithms Through Embedded Intelligence 150 156
Kalyonova O., Akparaliev N., Perl I. Design Of Specialized Storage for Heterogeneous Project Data 157 165
Kashevnik A., Lashkov I. Decision Support System for Drivers & Passengers: Smartphone-Based Reference Model and Evaluation 166 171
Khryashchev V., Ivanovsky L., Pavlov V., Ostrovskaya A., Rubtsov A. Comparison of Different Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Satellite Image Segmentation 172 179
Kirnos V., Antipov V., Priorov A., Kokovkina V. The LIDAR Odometry in the SLAM 180 185
Klimchik A., Pashkevich A., Chablat D. Variable Actuation Modes in Parallel Manipulators: Impact on the Stiffness Behavior 186 194
Kumar C., Prakash S., Balandin S. Performance Enhancement Of Optimized Link State Routing Protocol For Health Care Applications In Wireless Body Area Networks 195 203
Kuzmin M., Pelin V., Isaev I., Perl I. Analysis of Influence Produced by Code Changing 204 210
Kvet M., Matiasko K. Temporal Extension of the Select Statement New Clauses 211 216
Lagutina K., Larionov V., Petryakov V., Lagutina N., Paramonov I. Sentiment Classification of Russian Texts Using Automatically Generated Thesaurus 217 222
Litvinova T., Litvinova O., Seredin P. Assessing the Level of Stability of Idiolectal Features across Modes, Topics and Time of Text Production 223 230
Lucas P., Chappuis K., Boutin B., Vetter J., Raho D. VOSYSmonitor, a TrustZone-based Hypervisor for ISO 26262 Mixed-critical System 231 238
Mikhailov S., Kashevnik A. An Ontology for Service Semantic Interoperability in the Smartphone-Based Tourist Trip Planning System 239 245
Mikhel S., Popov D., Mamedov S., Klimchik A. Advancement of Robots With Double Encoders for Industrial and Collaborative Applications 246 252
Morozov E., Morozova T. Analysis of a Generalized Retrial System with Coupled Orbits 253 260
Mukhina K., Visheratin A., Nasonov D. Building City-Scale Walking Itineraries Using Large Geospatial Datasets 261 267
Mukhina K., Visheratin A., Mbogo G., Nasonov D. Forecasting of the Urban Area State Using Convolutional Neural Networks 268 275
Ntalampiras S. A Classification Scheme Based on Directed Acyclic Graphs for Acoustic Farm Monitoring 276 282
Nurhas I., de Fries T., Geisler S., Pawlowski J. Positive Computing as Paradigm to Overcome Barriers to Global Co-authoring of Open Educational Resources 283 292
Obukhova N., Motyko A., Pozdeev A., Hachaturyan A. Image Processing Algorithm for Virtual Chromoendoscopy (Tone Enhancement) in Clinical Decision Support System 293 299
Ostrovskii V., Karimov A., Rybin V., Kopets E., Butusov D. Comparing the Finite-Difference Schemes in the Simulation of Shunted Josephson Junctions 300 305
Pencheva E., Atanasov I. Usage Monitoring Control in Radio Access Network 306 314
Petrov M., Kashevnik A. Expert Group Formation for Task Performing: Competence-Based Method and Implementation 315 320
Rogozov Y., Soto J., Sviridov A., Lipko Y., Belikova S., Belikov A., Kucherov S., Shevchenko O., Borisova E., Egorov A. Texts Segmentation and Semantic Comparison: Method and Results of its Application 321 328
Saoudi M., Adoui El Ouadrhiri A.,Warrakn O., Jai Andaloussi S., Sekkaki A. Improving Content Based Video Retrieval Performance by Using Hadoop-MapReduce Model 329 334
Serdaroglu K., Baydere S. On the Data Freshness for IoT Traffic Modelling in Real-Time Emergency Observation Systems 335 340
Sharagin M., Popov S., Glazunov V., Zaborovsky V. The Method of Modelling Wireless Network Using Telematics Maps 341 347
Shchekotov M., Shilov N. Semi-Automatic Self-Calibrating Indoor Localization Using BLE Beacon Multilateration 348 355
Shilov N., Smirnov A., Petrov M., Parfenov V. On-Board Dynamic Tour Support System: The Concept and Technological Infrastructure 356 361
Smirnov A., Shchekotov M., Shilov N., Ponomarev A. Decision Support Service Based on Dynamic Resource Network Configuration in Human-Computer Cloud 362 368
Sneps-Sneppe M., Namiot D. Time to Rethink the Power of Packet Switching 369 374
Turchet L., Barthet M. Jamming with a Smart Mandolin and Freesound-based Accompaniment 375 381
Turchet L., Viola F., Fazekas G., Barthet M. Towards a Semantic Architecture for the Internet of Musical Things 382 390
Vasiliev D., Abilov A., Kaysina I., Meitis D. Simulation-based Assesment of Quality of Service in UAV-assisted mmWave System in Crowded Area 391 397
Villani G., Castaldi P., Toscano A., Stanghellini C., Salmon Cinotti T., Filev Maia R., Taumberger M., Tomei F., Zanetti P., Panizzi S. Soil Water Balance Model CRITERIA-1D in SWAMP Project: Proof of Concept 398 404
Viola F., Turchet L., Antoniazzi F., Fazekas G. C Minor: a Semantic Publish/Subscribe Broker for the Internet of Musical Things 405 415
Wen S., Katt B. An Ontology-Based Context Model for Managing Security Knowledge in Software Development 416 424
Zimenko K., Afanasev M., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Fedosov Y. Motion Profile Control Algorithm and Corner Smoothing Technique for Trajectory Optimization of High-Precision Processing 425 431
Zyrianoff I., Heideker A., Silva D., Kamienski C. Scalability of an Internet of Things Platform for Smart Water Management for Agriculture 432 442