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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'29

Proceedings of the 29th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
12-14 May 2021, Tampere, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-5-8
Sergey Balandin, Yevgeni Koucheryavy and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Al Sulaimi M., Ahmad I., Jeragh M. Deep Image Captioning Survey: A Resource Availability Perspective 3 13
Andreev A., Chuvilin K. Speech Recognition for Mobile Linux Distrubitions in the Case of Aurora OS 14 21
Baiocco S., Cavina F., Pradolesi G. A Weather-Based Simulation Model for the Development of Wheat Stem Rust Epidemics 22 29
Bakulin M., Kreyndelin V., Petrov D., Melnik S. Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding with Closed-Loop Control in MIMO Communication Systems 30 35
Belyaev P., Spivak A., Neverov E. Development of the Detecting System of the Landmark Tags to Increase the Navigation Accuracy of an Unmanned Vehicle in a Known Location 36 41
Bhatia T., Ramachandran R., Doss R., Pan L. Detecting and Controlling the Occurrence of Data Congestion in a High-density VANETs Environment 42 48
Bogoiavlenskaia O., Korzun D. Intelligent Data Selection in Autonomous Robot Movement 49 54
Bogoradnikova D., Makhnytkina O., Matveev A., Zakharova A., Akulov A. Multilingual Sentiment Analysis and Toxicity Detection for Text Messages in Russian 55 64
Boldyreva A. Authority Changes Constitution And Regions Answer: What Search Queries Show 65 70
Bulygin M., Namiot D. A New Approach to Clustering Districts and Connections Between Them Based on Cellular Operator Data 71 80
Calderon-Vilca H., Cuadros Ramos K., Diaz Quiroz E., Angeles Rojas J., Calderon Vilca R., Apaza Tarqui A. The Best Model of Convolutional Neural Networks Combined with LSTM for the Detection of Interpersonal Physical Violence in Videos 81 86
Ceresnak R., Matiasko K., Dudas A. Implementing Machine Learning Methods in Searching Processes 87 93
Egorov A., Alexandrov D., Butakov N. Towards a Toolbox For Mining QA-pairs and QAT-triplets From Conversational Data of Public Chats 94 101
Ekman R., Talmola P., Kalliovaara J., Hallio J., Hyvarinen P., Lakner T., Jokela T., Paavola J., Himmanen H. Measurements to Study the Coexistence of Private LTE TDD Networks in 2.3 GHz Band 102 108
Fazal N., Mariescu-Istodor R., Franti P. Using Open Street Map for Content Creation in Location-Based Games 109 117
Fedchenko A., Chuvilin K. PDF Document Rendering on Mobile Devices in the Case of Aurora OS 118 124
Fedosov Y., Katridi A. Concept of Implementing Computer Voice Control for CNC machines Using Natural Language Processing 125 131
Fichtel L., Fruhwald A., Hoesch L., Schreibmann V., Bachmeir C., Bohlander F. Tree Localization and Monitoring on Autonomous Drones employing Deep Learning 132 140
Hasan F., Kashevnik A. State-of-the-Art Analysis of Modern Drowsiness Detection Algorithms Based on Computer Vision 141 149
Honkaranta A., Leppanen T., Costin A. Towards Practical Cybersecurity Mapping of STRIDE and CWE a Multi-perspective Approach 150 159
Ismayilov G., Ylmaz C. Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Publication Impacts: Deep Learning in Autonomous Vehicles 160 168
Kaiser C., Stocker A., Papatheocharous E. Distracted Driver Monitoring with Smartphones: A Preliminary Literature Review 169 176
Khazagarov A., Vorobeva A., Korzhuk V. Preventing Hidden Information Leaks Using Author Attribution Methods and Neural Networks 177 184
Khriji L., Ammari A., Messaoud S., Bouaafia S., Maraoui A., Machhout M. COVID-19 Recognition Based on Patients Coughing and Breathing Patterns Analysis: Deep Learning Approach 185 191
Kim I., Viksnin I., Kaisina I., Kuznetsov V. Computer Vision System for Landing Platform State Assessment Onboard of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Case of Input Visual Information Distortion 192 198
Kolomeets M., Chechulin A. Analysis of the Malicious Bots Market 199 205
Korpihalkola J., Sipola T., Kokkonen T. Color-Optimized One-Pixel Attack Against Digital Pathology Images 206 213
Kvet M. Database Index Balancing Strategy 214 221
Lagutina K., Lagutina N. A Survey of Models for Constructing Text Features to Classify Texts in Natural Language 222 233
Latypov R., Stolov E. Speaker Diarization through Waveform and Neural Net 234 239
Linnik I., Linnik E., Timirgaleeva R., Grishin I., Tamargazin A. Air Navigation: The Method of Airborne Vehicles Classification Based on Fuzzy Colored Petri Nets 240 246
Maltseva A., Shilkina N., Evseev E., Matveev M., Makhnytkina O. Topic Modeling of Russian-Language Texts Using the Parts-of-Speech Composition of Topics (on the Example of Volunteer Movement Semantics in Social Media) 247 253
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On the New Architecture of Location-Based Services 254 260
Netes V. The Interval Reliability, its Usage and Calculation for Information and Communication Systems and Networks 261 266
Nguyen Q., Zaslavskiy M. Incoherent Sentence Detection in Scientific Articles in Russian and English 267 273
Niyazov A., Mikhailova E., Egorova O. Content-based Music Recommendation System 274 279
Pencheva E., Atanasov I., Vladislavov, V., Trifonov V. Presence and Availability Service at the Network Edge 280 289
Ramezanian S., Meskanen T., Niemi V. Parental Control with Edge Computing and 5G Networks 290 300
Salgova V., Matiasko K. The Effect of Partitioning and Indexing on Data Access Time 301 306
Schegolihin Y., Mitrohin M., Sazykina V., Semenkin M. Gradual Labeling of the Training Set to Improve the Efficiency of Image Detection by a Neural Network on the Example of License Plate Recognition 307 312
Sherstinova T., Moskvina A., Kirina M. Towards Automatic Modelling of Thematic Domains of a National Literature: Technical Issues in the Case of Russian 313 323
Shilov N., Kashevnik A. An Effort to Detect Vehicle Drivers Drowsy State Based on the Speed Analysis 324 329
Smirnov A., Ponomarev A. Recommendation of Collaboration Patterns for Human-Machine Collective Intelligence 330 336
Struchkov I., Lukashin A., Kuznetsov B., Mikhalev I., Mandrusova Z. Agent-Based Modeling of Blockchain Decentralized Financial Protocols 337 343
Strutovskiy M., Bobrov N., Smirnov K., Chernishev G. Desbordante: a Framework for Exploring Limits of Dependency Discovery Algorithms 344 354
Suvorova E. RISC V based Reconfigurable Manager for event transmission in SpaceFibre networks 355 365
Toth S., Duracik M., Hrkut P., Mesko M. The Minutovka a Word Typing Web Game for Obtaining Typos to Create an Error Corpus 366 374
Vinnikov V., Pshehotskaya E., Gritsevich M. Partial Decoding of the GPS Extended Prediction Orbit File 375 384
Yakovlev V., Korzhik V., Adadurov S. Authentication of Diffie-Hellman Protocol for Mobile Units Executing a Secure Device Pairing Procedure in Advance 385 394