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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'27

Proceedings of the 27th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-9 September 2020, Trento, Italy, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-3-4
Sergey Balandin, Luca Turchet and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Ali M., Brutti A., Falavigna D. Speech Enhancement Using Dilated Wave-U-Net: an Experimental Analysis 3 9
Battello R., Comanducci L., Antonacci F., Sarti A., Monache S., Cospito G., Pietrocola E., Berbenni F. An Adaptive Metronome Technique for Mitigating the Impact of Latency in Networked Music Performances 10 17
Bojeri A., Iacca G. Evolutionary Optimization of Drone Trajectories Based on Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance 18 26
Calderon-Vilca H., Chavez N., Guimarey J. Recommendation of Videogames with Fuzzy Logic 27 37
Centenaro M., Casari P., Turchet L. Towards a 5G Communication Architecture for the Internet of Musical Things 38 45
Delphin-Poulat L., Nicol R., Plapous C., Peron K. Comparative Assessment of Data Augmentation for Semi-Supervised Polyphonic Sound Event Detection 46 53
Egorov A., Sokhin T., Butakov N. Towards a Retrospective One-Class Oriented Approach To Parents Detection In Social Media 54 60
Fraietta A., Bown O., Ferguson S. Transparent Communication Within Multiplicities 61 72
Hupke R., Peissig J., Genovese A., Sridhar S., Roginska A. Impact of Source Panning on a Global Metronome in Rhythmic Networked Music Performance 73 83
Ivaschenko A., Krivosheev A., Sveshnikov D., Svechkov N., Feschenko T., Tyshkovskaya Y., Chuvakov A. Intelligent Recognition in Automated Meters Surveying 84 89
Kramar V. UAS (drone) in Response to Coronavirus 90 100
Kvet M. Solution Management for Current Temporal Aspect using Tuple Versions 101 107
Lagutina K., Lagutina N., Boychuk E., Paramonov I. The Influence of Different Stylometric Features on the Classification of Prose by Centuries 108 115
Lindow F., Kaiser C., Kashevnik A., Stocker A. AI-Based Driving Data Analysis for Behavior Recognition in Vehicle Cabin 116 125
Makhnytkina O., Matveev A., Svischev A., Korobova P., Zubok D., Mamaev N., Tchirkovskii A. Conversational Question Generation in Russian 126 133
Marchenkov S., Korzun D. Smart Spaces Middleware: A Requirement-Oriented Overview 134 143
Menshikova E., Sigovtsev G., Charuta M. Problem of Cybersecurity in Context of Medical Information System Register of Palliative Patients 144 149
Meskanen T., Niemi V., Kuusijarvi J. Privacy-Preserving Peer Discovery for Group Management in p2p Networks 150 156
Michailidis T., Meadow G., Barlow C., Rajabally E. Implementing Remote Audio as a Diagnostics Tool for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships 157 163
Mo H., Lucca F., Malacarne J., Iacca G. Multi-Head CNN-LSTM with Prediction Error Analysis for Remaining Useful Life Prediction 164 171
Moshkova A., Samorodov A., Voinova N., Volkov A., Ivanova E., Fedotova E. Facial Emotional Expression Assessment in Parkinson's Disease by Automated Algorithm Based on Action Units 172 178
Noskova P., Al-Naim R. Adaptive Observer of Magnetic Flux for a Nonsalient-pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 179 185
Pencheva E., Atanasov I., Velkova D. Flexible Charging Using Edge Computing 186 192
Sad A., Choyon M., Rhydwan A., Akram Hossain C. An Interactive Low-Cost Smart Assistant System: Information Kiosk as Plug & Play Device 193 199
Safronov M., Kuzmin A., Bodin O., Baranov V., Timokhina O., Cheban O. Reducing of Bioimpedance Influence on ECG by Correction Filter in Mobile Heart Monitoring System 200 206
Sekirin I., Ignakhin V. Sensors of Mechanical Stresses and Deformations Based on Magnetic Phenomena 207 213
Shakkouf A., Gromov V. Computer Vision System to Track Moving Objects With unknown Periodic Moving Patterns Based on DREM Algorithm 214 220
Sherstinova T., Ushakova E., Melnik A. Measures of Syntactic Complexity and their Change over Time (the Case of Russian) 221 229
Shilov N., Teslia N. Comparing Statistical Measures for Discovering Emerging Terms in Scopus Publications in the Area of Decision Support in Smart City 230 237
Silva N., Fischione C., Turchet L. Towards Real-Time Detection of Symbolic Musical Patterns: Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Methods 238 246
Smirnov A., Levashova T. Intelligent Decision Support Based on User Digital Life Model: Principles and Conceptual Framework 247 252
Smirnov A., Ponomarev A. Human-Machine Collective Intelligence Environment for Decision Support: Conceptual and Technological Design 253 259
Turchet L., Zhu G., Bouquet P. Populating the Smart Musical Instruments Ontology with Data 260 267
Verma P., Mezza A., Chafe C., Rottondi C. A Deep Learning Approach for Low-Latency Packet Loss Concealment of Audio Signals in Networked Music Performance Applications 268 278