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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'20

Proceedings of the 20th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
3-7 April 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-0-0
Sergey Balandin, Alla Levina and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Anisimov A., Skorobogatova A., Sutyagina A. Intelligent System for Blood Pressure Monitoring 543 549
Babichev D., Tupik V. Investigation of the Characteristics of the Radiation of the Microstrip Antenna Based on the Fractal Approach 550 555
Bobrova Y. The Improvement of mHealth Technologies Using AFE-based Integrated Devices 556 561
Borisov N., Smolin A., Zakharkina V. Interactivity in Multimedia Information Systems for Cultural Heritage 562 567
Chupryna P., Teslya N. Neural Networks usage in Ontology Matching: a Literature Review 568 571
Danilova V., Ponomarev A. Hybrid Recommender Systems: The Review of State-of-the-Art Research and Applications 572 578
Elanskaia K., Chigirev D. Oxide Heterostructures for Photovoltaic Cells 579 584
Fedosov Y., Afanasev M., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Akimov S. Problems of Trajectory Building During Laser CNC Processing 585 591
Fokin V., Orlov K., Platov A., Shevtsova K., Zavyalova Y. The Demo Prototype of Mobile Treatment Assistance System for Hypertensive Patients 592 594
Kirkizh V. Uncomplicated and Affordable DIY Smart Home Project Figaroo Home 595 595
Kirnos V., Antipov V., Priorov A. The Formation of Synthesized Image Base by Noise Influence Model 596 601
Komzalov A., Shilov N. Driver Assistance Systems: State-of-the-Art and Possible Improvements 602 608
Korzun D., Meigal A., Borodin A., Zavyalova Y. On the Semantic Approach to Service Development for Socio-Cyber-Medicine Systems 609 616
Krinkin K., Filatov An., Filatov Ar. Modern Multi-Agent SLAM Approaches Survey 617 623
Lashkov I., Kashevnik A. Drive Safely Driver Assistance Application for Android 624 625
Lukyanov G., Kovalskiy I., Margolin V. Sensor For Determining The Composition Of Fluid 626 627
Malchevskaya E., Kharitonov N., Zolotin A., Birillo A. Algebraic Bayesian Networks: Probabilistic-Logic Inference Algorithms and Storage Structures 628 633
Marchenkov S., Baganov D., Korzun D. Smart-M3 CuteSIB Demo for a Wireless Router with OpenWrt-Based Firmware 634 638
Miganko A., Manilo L. Study of Parameters and Properties of Approximate Entropy of EEG at Various Anesthesia Stages 639 642
Mikhalsky O., Pshehotskaya E. Mobile Device Security, Management of Personal and Business Privacy 643 649
Mironov M., Kashevnik A. Smartphone-Based Adaptive Remote Control Interface for Six-Wheeled Mobile Robot 650 656
Ogolyuk A., Sheglov A., Sheglov K. UEFI BIOS and Intel Management Engine Attack Vectors and Vulnerabilities 657 662
Osochkin A., Fomin V., Flegontov A. Combined Method of Text Classification 663 670
Pavlov V., Khryashchev V., Kasatkina N., Sokolenko D. Cross-platform App Development for Blended Learning Courses 671 675
Petrina O., Volokhova V., Yalovitsyna S., Varfolomeyev A., Korzun D. On Semantic Network Design for a Smart Museum of Everyday Life History 676 680
Petrov M., Kashevnik A. Ontology-Based Indirect Interaction of Users and Mobile Robots for Joint Activities 681 686
Probichev M., Shabaev A., Semanov S., Raspopov I. Development of Software for Finding Cutting and Creasing Lines on a Corrugated Cardboard Web 687 689
Rozanov V., Sheynin Y., Suvorova E. The Components Spatial Redundancy Method Based on Design Space Exploration 690 696
Shatokhin D. The Technique for Development of Encryption Algorithms with Improved Cryptographic Strength 697 699
Sheglov A., Sheglov K., Ogolyuk A. Access Control for Newly Created Objects: Principles, Abstract Model and Implementation 700 704
Sneps-Sneppe M., Namiot D., Sukhomlin V. On Telecommunication Software Engineering Education 705 713
Sun B. On Equivalence of Known Families of APN Functions in Small Dimensions 714 718
Tatarnikova A., Pupynin D. The Possibility of Using Spectral Analysis of Data Obtained from Mobile Devices Accelerometer for the Detection of Musculoskeletal System Pathologies 719 726
Vdovenko A., Galov I., Korzun D. Performance Scalability Study of the Smart-M3 CuteSIB Implementation 727 730
Viksnin I., Iurtaeva L., Tursukov N., Muradov A. The Model of Information Diffusion in Social Networking Service 731 734
Villa I. On Some Properties of Quadratic APN Functions of a Special Form 735 740
Vytovtov P. Voice Assistant for Sailfish OS 741 742
Zarubin A., Kyzyurov O., Pavlov S., Patrushev I., Saveleva A. The Tasks of Modeling the Changes in Audiences of Modern Information and Communication Services by Methods of Cellular Automata 743 747