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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'26

Proceedings of the 26th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
23-24 April 2020, Yaroslavl, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-2-7
Sergey Balandin, Ilya Paramonov and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Al-Yasiri M., Saad M., Moustafa Hassan M. Satellite Control System Tuned by Particle Swarm Optimization 473 477
Averkov V., Kulakov K. Video Monitoring of Personnel in Manufacturing Equipment Activity 478 484
Bazhenov N., Korzun D. Smart Video Services Based on Edge Computing With Multiple Cameras 485 490
Belenko M., Muratova U., Balakshin P., Burym N. Design, Implementation and Usage of Modern Voice Assistants 491 496
Gavrilov D., Gusev A., Korsakov I., Novitsky R., Serova L. Feature Extraction Method from Electronic Health Records in Russia 497 500
Harkovchuk A., Korzun D. Error Text Codes Recognition from Information Display in Industrial Production Equipment 501 506
Ivanov S., Ivanova L., Mikalauskas A. A Hybrid Method for Constructing Optimal Motion Path for Robot Manipulators While Avoiding Obstacles 507 513
Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Ivanova L., Meleshkova Z., Voitiuk T. Vibration Protection of the Robotic Arm From External Effects on the Base 514 522
Khan S., Sreedevi I. Anomalous Object Tracking in Distributed Camera Network 523 529
Khlopotov M., Kotciuba I., Kudriashov A., Stromtcova V., Galperin M. Personalized Travel Routes Generation for Mobile Application 530 538
Ki Y., Kim Yong-Ho, Kim Yong-Chan Imputation Model of the Link Travel Speed Data for Incident Detection System 539 544
Kolesnikov M., Afanasiev M., Fedosov Y., Andreev Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Zimenko K. Smart Controller for Industrial Internet of Things: Design and Implementation 545 551
Krinkin K., Dopira V., Kochneva O., Petrov S., Kopylov M. Android Memory Inspection Techniques and Tools 552 559
Kuznetsov D., Olenev V. SystemC-model for GigaSpaceWire Protocol Simulation 560 565
Maltseva M., Morozov E. Asymptotic Analysis of the N-Model with Static Priority 566 571
Metwally M., Moustafa Hassan M., Hassaan G. Diagnosis of Rotating Machines Faults Using Artificial Intelligence Based on Preprocessing for Input Data 572 582
Mosalam H., Moustafa Hassan M. Performance Evaluation for the Parabolic Photovoltaic/Thermal Hybrid Solar System 583 588
Moustafa Hassan M. Effect of Pre-processing on Using ANN and ANFIS 589 603
Mukubwa E., Sokoya O. Analysis of Channel Estimation Performance in MPC-RAN: Improved MMSE and Compressed Data Techniques 604 610
Naumov V., Zhiryaeva E., Naumov P. The Analysis of Customs Mirror Statistics of Foreign Trade of Russia, Represented by Time Series 611 616
Nikitina M., Chernukha I. Knowledge-Oriented System in the Development of Functional Nutrition 617 620
Olaleye S., Adeegbe J., Dada O., Bounab Y. Insight from Nigerian Banking Customers Discussions: A Study of Contextual Semantic Search and Twitter Sentiment Analysis 621 627
Olenev V., Karandashev A., Alexeeva K. Tools for Analysis and Tracking of Deadlock-Free Routes in On-Board SpaceWire Networks 628 634
Petrina O., Korzun D. Semantic Network Construction on Top of Museum Collection and Other Information Sources 635 638
Rumiantcev M., Khriyenko O. Emotion Based Music Recommendation System 639 645
Sadovnikov A., Ermak T., Yakovlev P. Statistical Potential to Improve Antibody-Antigen Docking 646 651
Shchekotov M., Smirnov A., Pashkin M. The Complex Indoor Localization Technique Based on Ontology and SLAM-method 652 659
Sukonschikov A., Kochkin D., Shvetsov A., Andrianov I., Sorokin A., Rzheutskaya S. Modeling the Elements of an Enterprise Infocommunication System Using Colored Petri Nets 660 666
Tianxing M., Vodyaho A., Zhukova N., Mustafin N., Thaw A. Meta Mining Ontology Framework for Domain Data Processing 667 674
Zhuravlev Y., Dokukin A., Senko O., Stefanovsky D., Saenko I. On a Novel Machine Learning Based Approach to Recommender Systems 675 681
Averkov V., Bazhenov N., Dimitrov V., Kulakov K. DEMO: Human Presence Detection Service for Production Equipment Workplace using Surveillance Cameras 682 683
Belyaev E. Fast Recovery of Compressive Sensed Images via Multiple Thresholding Operators 684 686
Bogun V. Implementation of Networking in the Organization of a Laboratory Practical Work on Numerical Methods in the Basics of Mathematical Analysis Using a Software Package Based on the Scilab Package 687 688
Mikhailov S. Models for Tourist Behavior Analysis Based on Neural Network 689 691
Muromtsev D. Requirements Analysis for a Semantic Reference Model of Information Processes Individualization 692 694
Perminov V., Ermakov V., Korzun D. Edge Computing Opportunities for Vibration Diagnostics of Rotary Machinery Using Neural Network Approach 695 697
Petrov M. Algorithm for Experts' Competence Actualization Based on Joint Task Performing Results 698 699
Volk A., Ivanova V., Syschikov A., Sedov B. Developing the Indicators Framework for Creating Display Systems 700 701