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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'18

Proceedings of the 18th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT & ISPIT Seminar
18-22 April 2016, St-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68397-2-1
Sergey Balandin, Tatiana Tyutina and Alla Levina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Abdrashitov A., Spivak A. Sensor Data Anonymization Based on Genetic Algorithm Clustering with L-Diversity 3 8
Antonov A., Filippov A., Mamoutova O. Next Generation FPGA-Based Platform for Network Security 9 14
Baranov S., Nikiforov V. The Impact of Blocking Factor on Real-Time Applications Feasibility 15 20
Baranov S. Real-Time Multi-Task Simulation in Forth 21 26
Bazhayev N., Lebedev I., Krivtsova I., Zikratov I. Research Availability of Devices Based on Wireless Networks 27 32
Chuvilin K. Machine Learning Approach to Automated Correction of LATEX Documents 33 40
Dovgalyuk P., Dmitriev D., Makarov V. Platform-Independent Reverse Debugging of the Virtual Machines 41 47
Fujdiak R., Masek P., Mlynek P., Misurec J., Muthanna A. Advanced Optimization Method for Improving the Urban Traffic Management 48 53
Galimullin M., Kalishenko E. Rapotkin N. Performance Analysis of Thread Synchronization Strategies in Concurrent Data Structures Based On Flat-Combining 54 59
Gerasimova-Meigal L., Fedosova A., Meigal A. Hand Skin Temperature: A Usability for Health Care Services 60 65
Haberland R., Krinkin K. Ivanovskiy S. Abstract Predicate Entailment over Points-To Heaplets is Syntax Recognition 66 74
Ivaschenko A., Gorbachenko N., Kolsanov A., Kuzmin A. Surgery Scene Representation in 3D Simulation Training SDK 75 84
Ivaschenko A., Lednev A., Diyazitdinova A. P2P Outsourcing Model for Agile Project Tasks Allocation 85 91
Kashevnik A., Teslya N., Yablochnikov E., Arckhipov V., Kipriyanov K. Hybrid Automated Line Workstations Interaction Scenario for Optical Devices Assembly 92 99
Khomonenko A., Gindin S. Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Accounting for Expenses on Information Security 100 105
Klimentyev V., Sergienko A. Detection of SCMA Signal with Channel Estimation Error 106 112
Kolchin M., Klimov N., Shilin I., Garayzuev D., Andreev A. Unequal Temperature Changes in City: A Case Study Using a Semantic IoT Platform 113 119
Komar M., Edelev S., Koucheryavy Y. Handheld Wireless Authentication Key and Secure Documents Storage for the Internet of Everything 120 130
Kondratyev A., Tishchenko I. Concept of Distributed Processing System of Images Flow in Terms of -calculus 131 137
Korzun D., Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A., Borodulin A., Balandin S. Performance Evaluation of Smart-M3 Applications: A SmartRoom Case Study 138 144
Kulakov K., Petrina O., Korzun D., Varfolomeyev A. Towards an Understanding of Smart Service: The Case Study for Cultural Heritage e-Tourism 145 152
Lapaev M. Automated Extraction of Concept Matcher Thesaurus from Semi-Structured Catalogue-Like Sources of Data on the Web 153 160
Lebedev A., Pavlov V., Khryashchev V., Stepanova O. Face Detection Algorithm Based on a Cascade of Ensembles of Decision Trees 161 166
Lebedev I., Korzhuk V., Krivtsova I., Salakhutdinova K., Sukhoparov M., Tikhonov D. Using Preventive Measures for the Purpose of Assuring Information Security of Wireless Communication Channels 167 173
Lebedev N., Timofeev I., Zavialova I. Design and Implementation of the First Aid Assistance Service Based on Smart-M3 Platform 174 180
Levina A., Sleptsova D., Zaitsev O. Side-Channel Attacks and Machine Learning Approach 181 186
Levina A., Taranov S. New Construction of Algebraic Manipulation Detection Codes Based on Wavelet Transform 187 192
Makarov A., Yakovleva E. Comparative Analysis of Halftoning Algorithms for Digital Watermarking 193 199
Masek P., Fujdiak R., Zeman K., Hosek J., Muthanna A. Remote Networking Technology for IoT: Cloud-based Access for AllJoyn-enabled Devices 200 205
Maslennikov O., Komarov I. Efficiency Metrics for Flocking with Implicit Leadership 206 211
Moldovyan N., Berezin A., Kornienko A., Moldovyan A. Bi-Deniable Public-Encryption Protocols Based on Standard PKI 212 219
Namiot D., Sneps-Sneppe M. On Physical Web Browser 220 225
Noskov A., Aminova E., Volokhov V. Comparison of Image Focus Assessment Methods for Multi-focused Image Construction 226 232
Olenev V., Podgornova E., Lavrovskaya I. Protocol for Deterministic Data Delivery in SpaceWire Networks 233 240
Orsino A., Ometov A. Validating Information Security Framework for Offloading from LTE onto D2D Links 241 247
Osmolovskiy S., Ivanova E., Shakurov D., Fedorov I., Vinogradov V. Hierarchical Real-Time Scheduling for Multicore Systems 248 256
Osmolovskiy S., Fedorov I., Vinogradov V., Ivanova E., Shakurov D. Mixed-Criticality Scheduling in Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems 257 265
Palagushin V., Khomonenko A., Adadurov S. Evaluation of Cryptographic Primitives Security Based on Proximity to the Latin Square 266 271
Ponomarev A. Recommending Tourist Locations Based on Data from Photo Sharing Service: Method and Algorithm 272 278
Purtov K., Kublanov V., Petrenko A., Petrenko T. Remote Photoplethysmography Application to Analysis Time-Frequency Changes of Human Heart Rate Variability 279 284
Romanov A., Ivannikov A. SystemC NoC Simulation as the Alternative to the HDL and High-level Modeling 285 290
Sergeeva M., Ryabchikov I., Glaznev M., Gusarova N. Classification of Pulmonary Nodules on Computed Tomography Scans. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Application of Textural Features Extracted Using Wavelet Transform of Image 291 299
Sharov V., Bolshakov O., Petrov A. Cross-Platform Programs Implementation for Specialized Distributed Embedded Systems 300 305
Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Lashkov I., Baraniuc O., Parfenov V. Smartphone-Based Identification of Dangerous Driving Situations: Algorithms and Implementation 306 313
Smirnova O., Tsvetkov M. Maritime Safety Monitoring On The Northern Sea Route 314 320
Stepanov A. The Application of Neural Network and Spline Wavelet Models in the Electroencephalogram Analysis Automation Process 321 327
Stepanov D., Tishchenko I. The Concept of Video Surveillance System Based on the Principles of Stereo Vision 328 334
Suvorova E., Sheynin Y., Matveeva N. Reconfigurable NoC Development with Fault Mitigation 335 344
Tsvetkov L., Spivak A. Utilizing Type Systems for Static Vulnerability Analysis 345 350
Tupitsin G., Topnikov A., Priorov A. Two-Step Noise Reduction Based on Soft Mask for Robust Speaker Identification 351 356
Viksnin I., Drannik A., Iureva R., Komarov I. Flocking Factors' Assessment in Case of Destructive Impact on Swarm Robotic Systems 357 363
Viksnin I., Iureva R., Komarov I., Drannik A. Assessment of Stability of Algorithms Based on Trust and Reputation Model 364 369
Viola F., DElia A., Roffia L., Cinotti T. A Modular Lightweight Implementation of the Smart-M3 Semantic Information Broker 370 377
Voloshina N., Bezzateev S., Prudanov A., Vasilev M., Gorbunov A. Effectiveness of LSB and MLSB Information Embedding for BMP Images 378 384
Vorobeva A. Examining the Performance of Classification Algorithms for Imbalanced Data Sets in Web Author Identification 385 390
Zabrovskiy A., Kuzmin E., Petrov E., Fomichev M. Emulation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP with Mininet 391 396
Zikhratov I., Pantiukhin I., Krivtsova I., Druzhinin N. The Method of Elf-Files Identification Based on the Metric Classification Algorithms 397 403
Zikhratov I., Pantiukhin I., Sizykh A. The Method of Classification of User and System Data Based on the Attributes 404 409
Zubok D., Kharchenko T., Maiatin A., Khegai M. A Multi-Agent Approach to Monitoring of Cloud Computing System With Dynamically Changing Configuration 410 418