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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'21

Proceedings of the 21st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
6-10 November 2017, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-2-4
Sergey Balandin, Valtteri Niemi and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Afanasev M., Fedosov Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S. Machine Vision for Selective Polymer Curing Devices: Challenges and Solutions 391 397
Andalibi V., Christophe F., Mikkonen T. Analysis of Paradoxes in Fingerprint Countermeasures 398 401
Bazhenov N., Korzun D. Smartphone-based Motion Video Trackng in Patients with Parkinsons Disease 402 403
Borodin A. ECG Feature Extraction based on Joint Application of Teager Energy Operator and Level-Crossing Sampling 404 409
Catal C., Erdogan M., Isik C. Software Defect Prediction in the Cloud 410 413
Ermakova T., Buzykov L. Hemodynamic signal research and usage of mutual information method 414 415
Goldstein A. Sessions and Services Management Models in NGN/IMS and Post-NGN Networks 416 421
Ivanov V., Ramachandran S. CINFRA: A Quick System Modeling Approach 422 427
Kolesnichenko Y., Kolesnichenko O., Smorodin G. 3-Dimensional Vector Analysis of 2-Dimensional Ultrasound Diagnostic Images 428 434
Kondoro A., Dhaou I., Rwegasira D., Kelati A., Shililiandumi N., Mvungi N., Tenhunen H. Simulation Tools for a Smart Micro-Grid: Comparison and Outlook 435 441
Kuliabin K. Portable Biomedical Air Thermostat with Remote Control 442 444
Makarevich A., Sayenko V. Can I Eat That - Cloud Assistant for People with Special Diets 445 448
Mohan N. Data Storage and Management in Computational Edge Clouds 449 449
Morales J., Sanchez P., Sanchez A. A Method to Derive TRiStar Diagrams from Textual Descriptions of Teleo-Reactive Systems 450 455
Motorin D., Popov S., Muliukha V. Collision-Free Path Planning Algorithm for Group of Robots in Spatio-Situational Uncertainty 456 461
Naderpour M. Privacy of V2X Communications 462 462
Orlenko A., Eliseev A., Eliseev S. Inertial Lever in the Structures of Vibrational Interactions: Estimation of Possibilities and the Peculiarities of External Excitations 463 468
Petrina O., Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A. Demo: Smart Services for the History Museum of Petrozavodsk State University 469 471
Popova S., Danilova V. The Migration Topic in the Russian-Language Sector of LiveJournal 472 474
Popova S., Skitalinskaya G. A Generalized Approach to Keyphrase Extraction using Extended Lists of Stop Words 475 476
Ramezanian S., Meskanen T., Niemi V. Private Membership Test with Homomorphic Encryption 477 477
Rozanov V., Sheynin Y., Suvorova E. Structural Redundancy and Design Space Exploration Method for the Hardware Components with Fault Mitigation Design 478 484
Safronov M. Demo: Mobile ECG Monitoring System Prototype on the Base of Texas Instruments Hardware and Android Platform 485 487
Satcharoen K. An Investigation of Computer Icon Design 488 491
Sayenko V., Necyporuk Y. e-Tourism Cloud app Kharkov by our eyes 492 493
Shakir W. Performance Evaluation of Diversity Combining Scheme for the Hybrid FSO/RF System 494 499
Shchekotov M. Self-Calibrating Indoor Localization Mobile Application Based on Multilateration Approach 500 500
Smorodin G., Vershinina I. Dell EMC Academic Ecosystem: Knowledge and Business Processes Enhancement 501 502
Styopin V., Horbatenko B., Sayenko V. Bug Trace Service for IBM Bluemix 503 506
Toapanta S., Gallegos L., Trejo J. Mitigating the Security of the Database by Applying a Conceptual Model of Integrity for the Civil Registry of Ecuador 507 512
Toapanta S., Gallegos L., Trejo J. Analysis of Model Clark Wilson to Adopt to the Database of the Civil Registry of Ecuador 513 518
Vatian A., Dobrenko N., Korotaeva D., Chikshova E., Nigmatullin N., Vedernikov N., Vasilev A. Correlation of Educational Material Ontology with the Individual Knowledge Structure of Students 519 524
Vytovtov P., Chuvilin K. Prediction of Common Weakness Probability in C/C++ Source Code Using Recurrent Neural Networks 525 531
Zabrovskiy A., Petrov E., Kuzmin E., Timmerer C. Automated Performance Evaluation of Adaptive HTML5 Player Deployments 532 536