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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'25

Proceedings of the 25th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
5-8 November 2019, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-0-3
Sergey Balandin, Valtteri Niemi and Tatiana Tutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Abouzeid A., Granmo O., Webersik C., Goodwin M. Causality-based Social Media Analysis for Normal Users Credibility Assessment in a Political Crisis 3 14
Akman G., Niemi V., Ginzboorg P. AKMA Support in Multi SIM User Equipment 15 24
Almousa O, Migdady H. Conversation Frames: Yet Another Contextual Dimension for IPAs 25 31
Anisimov A., Alekseev B., Egorov D. Development of Portable Cardiograph Using Novel Front-End Solutions 32 37
Aytac K., Aglarci B., Korcak O. A Novel Genetic Algorithm Selection Method and Implementation in IoT Domain 38 46
Bazhenov N., Korzun D. Event-Driven Video Services for Monitoring in Edge-Centric Internet of Things Environments 47 56
Bogdanova-Beglarian N., Blinova O., Sherstinova T., Troshchenkova E., Gorbunova D., Zaides K. Pragmatic Markers of Russian Everyday Speech: the Revised Typology and Corpus-Based Study 57 63
Boitsov V., Vatian A., Egorov N., Klochkov A., Lobantsev A., Markova E., Gusarova N., Shalyto A., Zubanenko A., Soldatov R., Niyogi R. Software Tools for Manual Segmentation of Tomography Images Supporting Radiologists Personal Context 64 76
Borde A., Kolokolnikov G., Skuratov V. Development of Neural Network-based Approach for QRS Segmentation 77 84
Cano E., Bojar O. Keyphrase Generation: A Multi-Aspect Survey 85 94
Geyda A. Digitalization Effects and Indicators Estimation 95 101
Gladilin P., Saitov I. Data-Driven Approach for Dynamic Pricing for Decision Making Systems in Marketing and Finance 102 108
Gorbachev V., Kaynarova E., Makarov A., Yakovleva E. Grayscale and Color Basis Images 109 115
Govorov A., Govorova M., Slizen H., Ivanov S. Building Individual Educational Routes for Learning SQL Queries 116 122
Haukipuro L., Arhippainen L. Guidelines for Facilitating User-Centric Product and Service Development in an Open Innovation Environment 123 130
Ianina A., Vorontsov K. Regularized Multimodal Hierarchical Topic Model for Document-by-Document Exploratory Search 131 138
Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Osetrova I., Anantchenko I., Mikalauskas A. Automated Robotic System with Five Degrees of Freedom 139 145
Kashevnik A., Teslya N., Mikhailov S., Petrov M., Shabaev A., Krasov A. Ridesharing for Carsharing Service Provider: Driver and Pedestrian Route Matching 146 152
Kerdprasop N., Kerdprasop K., Chuaybamroong P. Ensemble Modeling Method to Predict Life Expectancy of Population in High-income Countries: Japan and Finland 153 161
Ki Y., Jeong W., Kwon H., Kim M. An Algorithm for Incident Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks 162 167
Kolokolnikov G., Samorodov A. Comparative Study of Data Augmentation Strategies for White Blood Cells Classification 168 175
Kvet Mic., Salgova V., Kvet Mar., Matiasko K. Master Index Access as a Data Tuple and Block Locator 176 183
Lagutina K., Lagutina N., Boychuk E., Vorontsova I., Shliakhtina E., Belyaeva O., Paramonov I. A Survey on Stylometric Text Features 184 195
Lindow F., Kashevnik A. Driver Behavior Monitoring Based on Smartphone Sensor Data and Machine Learning Methods 196 203
Maltseva A., Shilkina N., Tiomniy I., Makhnytkina O., Lizunova I. Theory of Semantic Field for Sentiment-Analysis of the Language of Specific Users Group in Social Media (Case of Freelancer Groups) 204 210
Mavrogiorgou A., Kiourtis A., Kyriazis D. Delivering Reliability of Data Sources in IoT Healthcare Ecosystems 211 219
Meldo A., Utkin L., Lukashin A., Muliukha V., Zaborovsky V. Database Acquisition for the Lung Cancer Computer Aided Diagnostic Systems 220 227
Moradi B., Ansari E., Zabokrtsky Z. Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Word Embeddings 228 233
Muliukha V., Lukashin A., Ilyashenko A. An Intelligent Method for Comparing Shapes of Three-Dimensional Objects 234 240
Panicheva P., Litvinova T. Semantic Coherence in Schizophrenia in Russian Written Texts 241 249
Pilnenskiy N., Smetannikov I. Modern Implementations of Feature Selection Algorithms and Their Perspectives 250 256
Rabin A., Petrushevskaya A. Operability of Implantable Integrated Implants Wireless Charging Device and Biotelemetric System 257 264
Ramezanian S., Niemi V. Privacy Preserving Cyberbullying Prevention with AI Methods in 5G Networks 265 271
Skobelev P., Galuzin V., Travin V., Galitskaya A., Simonova E. Determining Inhomogeneity Areas in Agricultural Fields Based on the Earth Remote Sensing Images 272 278
Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Petrov M., Shilov N., Schafer T., Jung T., Barsch-Harjau D., Peter G. Competence-Based Language Expert Network for Translation Business Process Management 279 284
Smirnov A., Ponomarev A. Human-Machine Collective Intelligence Environment for Adaptive Decision Support 285 291
Surnin O., Ivaschenko A., Sitnikov P., Suprun A., Stolbova A., Golovnin O. Urban Public Transport Digital Planning based on an Intelligent Transportation System 292 298
Svetlov K., Platonov K. Sentiment Analysis of Posts and Comments in the Accounts of Russian Politicians on the Social Network 299 305
Szekeres A., Snekkenes E. A Taxonomy of Situations within the Context of Risk Analysis 306 316
Titov S., Novikov P., Mararitsa L. Full-scale Personality Prediction on VKontakte Social Network and its Applications 317 323
Tuovinen L., Smeaton A. Remote Collaborative Knowledge Discovery for Better Understanding of Self-tracking Data 324 332
Tutueva A., Pesterev D., Karimov A., Butusov D., Ostrovskii V. Adaptive Chirikov Map for Pseudo-random Number Generation in Chaos-based Stream Encryption 333 338
Uchechukwu D., Siddique A., Maksatbek A., Afanasyev I. ROS-based Integration of Smart Space and a Mobile Robot as the Internet of Robotic Things 339 345
Utkin L., Meldo A., Kovalev M., Kasimov E. An Ensemble of Triplet Neural Networks for Differential Diagnostics of Lung Cancer 346 352
Vasiliev D., Chunaev A., Abilov A., Kaysina I., Meitis D. Application Layer ARQ and Network Coding for QoS Improving in UAV-assisted networks 353 360
Vatyan A., Dobrenko N., Tkachenko M., Gusarova N., Shalyto A., Boytsov V., Egorov N., Treshkur T., Ryngach E., Tatarinova A., Niyogi R. Intelligent Support for Clinical Processes Based on Automaton Approach 361 372
Yakovleva D., Popov A., Filchenkov A. Real-Time Bidding with Soft Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning in Display Advertising 373 382
Yapar G., Tugcu T., Ermis O. Time-Slotted ALOHA-based LoRaWAN Scheduling with Aggregated Acknowledgement Approach 383 390
Zhuvikin A., Korzhik V. Perceptual Image Hashing: Tolerant to Brightness and Contrast Corrections Method Based on Cumulative Histogram Slicing 391 397
Zimenko K., Afanasev M., Andreev Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S., Fedosov Y., Kolesnikov M. Interpolation Algorithm for High-Speed Processing of Complex Curvilinear Trajectories 398 406