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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'25

Proceedings of the 25th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
5-8 November 2019, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-0-3
Sergey Balandin, Valtteri Niemi and Tatiana Tutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
AL-Abri S., Khriji L., Ammari A., Awadalla M. Classification of Omanis Dates Varieties Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques 407 412
Anisimov A., Sergeev T., Skorobogatova A. Development of Program for Synchronous Processing of Surface ECG and Intracardiac Electrograms 413 420
Asfia Y., Tehsin S., Shahzeen A., Khan U. Visual Person Identification Device using Raspberry Pi 421 427
Bhavya D., Vinod D., Prakash S. A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms For Healthcare Device Data of Social IoT 428 433
Bounab Y., Adeegbe J., Oussalah M. Towards Storytelling Automatic Textual Summerizer 434 438
Bounab Y., Seppnen J., Savusalo M., Mkynen R., Oussalah M. Sentence to Sentence Similarity. A Review 439 443
Byambaa M., Koutaki G., Choimaa L. 6D Pose Estimation of Transparent Object from Single RGB Image 444 447
Decker de Sousa L., Giommi L., Rossi Tisbeniy S., Violaz F, Martelliz B., Bonacorsi D. Big Data Analysis for Predictive Maintenance at the INFN-CNAF Data Center using Machine Learning Approaches 448 451
Etengu R., Tan S., Abbou F., Lee C., Yusoff Z, Shahbe M. Hybrid Software-Defined Networking Traffic Scheduling: Energy-Aware Load Balancing Perspective 452 457
Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Mikalauskas A., Osetrova I., Ivanova L. Simulation of a Six-Degree Manipulator 458 463
Karimov T., Druzhina O., Ostrovskii V., Butusov D., Tutueva A. Memristor-Based Chaotic Circuits for Inductive Sensing 464 469
Keller M., Forster J, Mandl P., Aich F., Althaller J. A German Corpus on Topic Classification and Success of Social Media Posts from Facebook 470 476
Kerdprasop K., Kerdprasop N., Chuaybamroong P. Temporal Evaluation of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Rainfall Time Series Modeling 477 482
Kireev K., Melnikov G., Kaziakhmedov E. Transform-Aware Content Adaptive Stegosystem for Social Networks 483 488
Koski J., Arhippainen L. Ukko opastau lapsie aijan - Serious games as tools for teaching Viena Karelian to Finns? 489 500
Kosyanchuk V. , Novikov V., Platoshin G., Sheynin Y., Olenev V. Analysis of the Requirements to Information Exchange Protocol for an All-Optical Onboard Network 501 506
Kramar V. UAS (drone) Arctic Challenges - Next Steps 507 514
Kulikov D., Vostropyatov A. New Generation Design System of Technological Processes 515 519
Lukashin A., Ilyashenko A., Utkin L., Muliukha V., Meldo A. AIzimov: the Platform for Intellectual Diagnostics of Lung Cancer 520 526
Mandal M., Sahoo S. Identifying the Relationship between Non-Stem Cancer Cell and Cancer Stem Cell Genes for Breast Cancer: An In-Silico based Approach 527 532
Melnik M., Kutuzova T. Improvement of Retail Recommender System by Integration of Heterogeneous Sources of Data and Classification of Customers Parameters 533 538
Nasim S., Oussalah M., Haghighi A., Klove B. Monitoring Vegetation Height using Data Acquisition from Ubiquitous Multi-Sensors Platform 539 545
Nasim S., Oussalah M., Haghighi A., Klove B. Snow Depth Classification using MultiSensory Ubiquitous Platform and Machine Learning 546 551
Saganenko G., Geger A., Boyarsky K., Dudina V., Stepanova E. Research Technology Based on Open-Ended Questions: the Key Modules and their Contributions 552 558
Sharma M., Sehrawat R. The Application of Interpretive Structure Model in Evaluating Criteria for Online-Hotel-Booking-Website 559 564
Smirnova E., Vikulov E., Gulvanskii V., Smirnov M., Mamaeva M. Development Of A Mathematical Model To Determine The Accuracy Of The Algorithm Of Shape From Polarization 565 570
Stepanov M., Zhurko H. The Modeling of Contact Center Dealing with Smart Objects of Internet of Things 571 577
Varsha V., Prakash S., Krinkin K. Energy aware handover in LBS interference for 5G Dense Heterogeneous Network 578 586
Ahn S., Jang M., Yoon D. A Step-Shaped Hierarchical QAM 587 589
Manaenko V., Kapitonov A., Berman I. Digital Passport for Unmanned Vehicles 590 592
Nasim S., Ahmed M., Oussalah M. Towards Conversation Chatbot for Educational Purpose 593 595