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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'14

Proceedings of the 14th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
11-15 November 2013, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254
Sergey Balandin and Ulia Trifonova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Apanasik Y., Shabalina I., Shabaev A. Accessibility Passports Service in Information Environment for Persons with Disabilities 3 8
Apanasik Y., Shabalina I., Kuznetsova L. The Research Platform for Building Medical Diagnostic Services 9 15
Bashun V., Sergeev A., Minchenkov V., Yakovlev A. Too Young to be Secure: Analysis of UEFI Threats and Vulnerabilities 16 24
Dementev O. Machine-Type Communications as Part of LTE-Advanced Technology in Beyond-4G Networks 25 30
Ermolov K. Throughput Modeling in IEEE 802.11 WLAN-based Wireless Networks 31 36
Korzun D., Galov I., Balandin S. Development of Smart Room Services on Top of Smart-M3 37 44
Kramar V., Korhonen M., Sergeev Y. Particularities of Visualisation of Medical and Wellness Data through a Digital Patient Avatar 45 56
Laure D., Paramonov I. RoDaFlow: A Framework for Development of Dataflow Network Agents in Smart-M3 with Substitution Method 57 62
Marshall A. Designing Telemedicine Apps that Health Commissioners Will Adopt 63 68
Matveeva N., Suvorova E. Different Implementation of Network Level in Embedded Networking with QoS 69 76
Mouromtsev D., Vlasov V., Galkin M., KnyazevV., Parkhimovich O. Development of the St. Petersburg's linked open data site using Information Workbench 77 82
Ometov A. Short-Range Communications Within Emerging Wireless Networks and Architectures: A Survey 83 89
Pavlov V., Khryashchev V., Pavlov E., Shmaglit L. Application for Video Analysis Based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision Algorithms 90 100
Petrov V. Analytical Approaches for Short-range Wireless Technologies Evaluation 101 106
Popov S., Chernyy E. Developing of energy resources accounting and controlling system for the Internet of Things 107 112
Popova S., Kovriguina L., Khodyrev I., MouromtsevD. Stop-words in keyphrase extraction problem 113 121
Prakash S.P.S., Nagabhushan T.N., Krinkin K. Energy Aware Power Save Mode Management in Wireless Mesh Networks 122 139
Shabaev A., Arhipov I., Spirichev M., Urban A., Torozerov M. Development of Planning System for Plywood Production Using Matrix Designer 140 131
Schuss C., Rahkonen T. Solar Energy Harvesting Strategies for Portable Devices such as Mobile Phones 132 147
Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Ponomarev A., Shilov N., Shchekotov M., Teslya N. Recommendation System for Tourist Attraction Information Service 148 155
Teslya N., Kashevnik A., Pashkin M. Context-Based Access Control for Ridesharing Service 156 163
Yusufov M., Paramonov I., Timofeev I. Medicine Tracker for Smart TV 164 170
Zamula D., Kolchin M. MneMojno - Design and Deployment of a Semantic Web Service and a Mobile Application 171 176
Zharinov R., Virovlyanskiy D., Shvedov Y. Undetectable Interception of Network Traffic on LAN Technologies 177 184