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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'18

Proceedings of the 18th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT and ISPIT seminar
18-22 April 2016, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68397-2-1
Sergey Balandin, Tatiana Tyutina and Alla Levina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Andreeva E., Borodin A., Kuznetsova T. Mobile System for the Management of Hypertension in Remote Patients and Evaluation of the Risk Markers for Hypertension-Related Complications 419 420
Arefev R., Zudilova T., Seffah A. Design of Service-Oriented Architecture Pattern for Multi-Device and Multi-Platform User Interfaces 421 427
Balkanskii A., Smolin A., Solonitsyn Y. Field of Study and Research Methods for an Effect of Cognitive and Information Load on PCs Users 428 432
Chub V., Sayenko V. Mobile Application for Controlling Calories Calories Counter 433 436
Deart V., Nesterkin A. A Study of Influencing Factors on the Quality of Experience Perception in Video Streaming 437 442
Distefano S., Rodi S. Volunteering, Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science: an Overview from the Computing Perspective 443 448
Efimov V., Sokolov N. The Public Communication Network Development as the Process of Complex System Evolution 449 455
Goikhman V., Yesalov K., Sokolov N. Application of Specialized Computer Systems to Study the Characteristics of Telecommunication Networks 456 462
Gordeev B., Baraniuc O., Kashevnik A. Web-Based Competency Management System for Technopark of ITMO University 463 466
Gusarova N., Artemova G., Kotciuba I. Intermediate Models Evaluation for Ontology Development in Smart Spaces Technologies 467 473
Ivanov E., Tishchenko I. Data-Flow Processing of Data from Surveillance Cameras for Objects Detection Using Distributed Data Processing System 474 479
Ivaschenko A., Syusin I., Dvoinina O., Sitnikov P. Intermediary Service Provider for Supply Chain Management 480 485
Khlamov M., Chuvilin K. The Use of Visual Technologies and Tracking Data to Improve Virtual Reality Perception in Training Simulator 486 493
Kiryushyna A., Tishchenko I. Convolutional Neuro Network Architecures Analyzis for Digits Recognition 494 499
Kokoulin A., Yuzhakov A.. Distributed Storage System Approach For Imagery Data In Content Delivery Networks 500 506
Kolesnichenko O., Kolesnichenko Y., Smorodin G., Yakovleva D., Mazelis L. Kondratievs Waves, Big Data and Value Chain Mapping 507 514
Korobka V., Kluchko G., Kalnitskaya A. InSight Guide Mobile Tourist Service for Tourists and Travelers 515 516
Korzun D., Lomov A., Galov I. Semantic Information Broker for Smart Spaces: Value Offering Deployment Options 517 518
Korzun D., Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A., Borodulin A. SmartRoom Demo: Guide for FRUCT18 Conference Participants 519 520
Krinkin K., Yudenok K., Zaslavsky M. Logistics Service Development based on the Geo2Tag and Smart-M3 Platforms 521 527
Kudryavtsev D., Gavrilova T. Intelligent Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecting for Knowledge Portals Design: Fusion of Approaches 528 533
Kuzmin S., Bulyakulov R. Compression and Transmission of Video Streamover Mesh Network 534 540
Lagutina K., Mamedov E., Lagutina N., Paramonov I. On Connectivity of Automatically Extracted Keyphrase Graph of Object Descriptions in Open Karelia Tourism Information System 541 542
Lashkov I. Smart Mobile Driver Assistance for Android 543 544
Marchenkov S., Borodulin A., Baganov D., Korzun D. CuteSIB Demo for Raspberry Pi 545 545
Markina T. Quantitative Valuation of the Effectiveness of Existing Antivirus Software 546 552
Matveeva N., Kurbanov L., Suvorova E. Using P-median Algorithm for 3D Network-on-Chip Design 553 557
Meigal A., Voronova N., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Yelaeva L., Kuzmina G. Heart Rate Variability Predicts the Ovulation in Young Women: Possible Implications for Mobile Medicine Services 558 563
Mikhailov S. Smart-M3 Platform Installation to DD-WRT-Based Wi-Fi Router 564 566
Mostovoy R., Borisenko P., Levina A. Mobile Phone Security: Side Channel Point of View 567 569
Nesterenko D., Zherniuk V., Kalnitskaya A. Nightmares Survival Shooter Computer Game 570 571
Ogolyuk A., Markina T. Compromising Windows 10 Phone Security System with Standard API Calls 572 578
Prihodko K., Sayenko V. Timer - Mobile Application for Android OS 579 580
Prosenkova Y., Flegontov A. Implementing of Interaction between the Components of the Automated System of Knowledge Testing by C++/Qt and PostgreSql 581 587
Prozorov A., Priorov A., Khryashchev V. Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors and Feature Descriptors for Visual SLAM 588 594
Sayenko V. On Forming a Library of Script Tools for Computer Network Management 595 598
Scheglov K., Scheglov A., Markina T. Formulation And Solution the Tasks of Protection the Information from Unauthorised Access 599 605
Shelest M., Grankin M., Bakin E., Evseev G. Tap2smart: a New Lock-screen Option for Modern Smartphones 606 611
Skatkov A., Mashchenko E., Shevchenko V., Voronin D. Actors Interactions Research in Cloud Computing Environments Using System Dynamics Methodology 612 619
Smirnov A., Bezzubtsev A., Tishchenko I. Construct the Path Around Obstacles Detected by Stereo Vision 620 627
Teslya N. TAIS Client Application Improvements and Optimization for Tablets 628 638
Torozerov M., Ivashov K., Shabaev A. Development of a Mobile app for Modeling and Visualization of Factors Affecting Life Expectancy 639 629
Yakovlev V., Kushnazarov F. Control of Exchange Messages in a Noisy Channel 630 637
Zavialova I., Lebedev N., Borodin A. First Aid Assistance Service 638 638