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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'27

Proceedings of the 27th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-9 September 2020, Trento, Italy, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-3-4
Sergey Balandin, Luca Turchet and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Akkad M., Abilov A., Kaisina I. Available Bandwidth Guided On-Demand Distance Vector Protocol for FANETs 279 287
Bogdanova-Beglarian N., Blinova O., Sherstinova T., Baeva E., Gorbunova D., Popova T. Sociolinguistic Variability of Russian Everyday Speech: A Corpus-Based Study 288 293
DAndreagiovanni F., Lakhlef H., Nardin A. A Robust Optimization approach to DVB-T Network Design 294 300
Dimitrov V., Filippova E., Korzun D. Human-Computer Service Interface in Industrial Monitoring Services 301 306
Fux M., Grezes S., Imboden A., Fragniere E., Fumeaux D. How Smart is your Tourism? Designing a Maturity Model for Lesser-Known Mountain Resorts 307 313
Geyda A. Systems Development Problem-Solving as Mathematical Problems of Innovation, Digitalization, and Organization 314 322
Jain K., Jindal R. A Survey on Hashtag Recommendations 323 327
Kitic S., Gaultier C., Pallone G. A Comparative Study of Multilateration Methods for Single-Source Localization in Distributed Audio 328 336
Lefaivre A., Zhang J. A Novel Genre-Specific Feature Reduction Technique through Association Analysis 337 342
Minarini F., Decker L. Time-series Anomaly Detection Applied to Log-based Diagnostic System Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach 343 348
Nordin J. The Musical Interactivity Area - An Attempt to Map the Intersection Between Composition and Instrument Through the Use of the Gestrument Engine 349 355
Sajjad H., Arshad M., Akram M. Improved Lightweight SAFER Encryption by Using S-Boxes at Diffusion Layer for IoT Devices 356 361
Semchuk I., Zlobin K., Muravskaya N., Samorodov A. Comparative Analysis of Face ROI Outline Algorithms for Contactless Heart Rate Measurement Under Different Registration Conditions 362 365
Sherstinova T., Grebennikov A., Skrebtsova T., Guseva A., Gukasian M., Egoshina I., Turygina M. Frequency Word Lists and Their Variability (the Case of Russian Fiction in 1900-1930) 366 373
Tanskanen P., Arhippainen L. Proposing Game Concepts and Design Recommendations for Minority Language Learning: Karelian Language 374 385
Than N., Baimuratov I. Logic Graphs for ALC, SHIF and SHOIN Description Logics 386 389
Yeasmin F., Das S., Backstrom T. Privacy Analysis of Voice User Interfaces 390 395
Averkov V., Madrakhimova D., Gorbunova D., Kulakov K., Korzun D. DEMO: Short-Term Defect Vibrodiagnostics in a Production Machinery Unit Based on Neural Network Analysis 396 397
Bakulin M., Kreyndelin V., Petrov D., Melnik S. Distributed Spatial Multiplexing in MIMO Systems 398 400
Bazhenov N., Marchenkov S., Harkovchuk A., Averkov V., Korzun D. DEMO: Smart Assistance Video Monitoring Services in Industrial Systems 401 403
Cerutti G., Brutti A., Farella E. Demo of Real-Time Sound Event Detection on the Edge 404 405
Filippova E., Besednyi N., Harziya N., Dimitrov V., Korzun D. Visual Digital Diagnostics of the Production Machinery Online 406 407
Matuszewski B. [poly] - A Distributed and Interactive Sound Installation Based on Tangible Autonomous Agents 408 409
Rybin E., Bazhenov N., Korzun D. DEMO: Human Activity Analysis using Pose Recognition 410 411
Stefani D., Turchet L. Demo of the TimbreID-VST Plugin for Embedded Real-Time Classification of Individual Musical Instruments Timbres 412 413
Zanetti A., Turchet L. Demo of Voice-based Interface for Soundscape Composition: Composing Soundscapes by Vocally Querying Online Sounds Repositories 414 415