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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'19

Proceedings of the 19th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-11 November 2016, Jyvaskyla, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68397-5-2
Sergey Balandin and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Andreev A., Kolosov A., Voronin A., Bogoiavlenskii I. A Graph Model of the Topology of Physical, Link and Network Layers of an Enterprise Network 3 9
Borodin A., Zavyalova Y. An Ontology-Based Semantic Design of the Survey Questionnaires 10 15
Chuvilin K. The Construction of Syntax Trees Using External Data for Partially Formalized Text Documents 16 23
Diurdeva P., Mikhailova E., Shalymov D. Writer Identification Based on Letter Frequency Distribution 24 30
Fedorov Y., Afanasev M. Design of an Adaptive System for Stabilization of a Laser Beam for CNC Machine 31 36
Flegontov A., Fomin V., Maltsev S. The Algorithms for Processing of Imprecise Temporal Data 37 46
Hashimoto N., Okuma T., Miyakoshi S., Tomita K., Matsumoto O., Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Lashkov I. Use Cases for Rider Assistant Mobile Application Evaluation Using Travelling Simulator 47 53
Hippelainen L., Oliver I., Shankar L. Survey of Cloud Server Geolocating Techniques 54 65
Ivaschenko A., Minaev A., Kolsanov A. Distributed Medical Diagnostics Based on Self-Mediator Sensor Networks 66 71
Khalansky D., Lazdin A., Mouromtsev D. Creation of a Static Analysis Algorithm Using Ad Hoc Programming Languages 72 79
Khryashchev V., Nenakhov I., Lebedev A., Priorov A. Evaluation of Face Image Quality Metrics in Person Identification Problem 80 87
Kolesnichenko O., Smorodin G., Yakovleva D., Mazelis L., Balandin S., Kolesnichenko Y. Text Big Data Analytics case study v Third Wave Internet of Word 88 98
Krinkin K., Filatov An., Filatov Ar., Huletski A., Kartashov D. The Scan Matchers Research and Comparison: Monte-Carlo, Olson and Hough 99 105
Kulakov K., Petrina O., Pavlova A. Smart Service Efficiency: Evaluation of Cultural Trip Planning Service 106 112
Kurbanov L., Matveeva N., Suvorova E. Methods for TSVs Placement in 3D Network-on-Chip 113 120
Kuzmin A., Safronov M., Bodin O., Petrovsky M., Sergeenkov A. Device and Software for Mobile Heart Monitoring 121 127
Kvet M., Fidesova L., Matiasko K. Experimental Comparison of Syntax and Semantic of DBS Oracle and MySQL 128 137
Lagutina K., Mamedov E., Lagutina N., Paramonov I., Shchitov I. Analysis of Relation Extraction Methods for Automatic Generation of Specialized Thesauri: Prospect of Hybrid Methods 138 144
Laure D., Vasilyev A., Paramonov I., Kasatkina N. Cross-Platform Development for Sailfish OS and Android: Architectural Patterns and Dictionary Trainer Application Case Study 145 150
Lohan E., Kauppinen T., Debnath S. A Survey of People Movement Analytics Studies in the Context of Smart Cities 151 158
Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A., Petrina O., Korzun D. A Smart Space-Based Design of Semantic Layer for Advancing Museum Information Services 159 166
Meigal A., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Borodin A., Voronova N., Yelaeva L., Kuzmina G. Mobile Health Service is Promising to Detect the Blood Pressure and HRV Fluctuations across the Menstrual and the Lunar Cycle 167 172
Olshannikova E., Ometov A., Anagnostaki T., Hasan N., Kuketaeva A., Ahtinen A., Olsson T., Koucheryavy Y. Towards Better Knowledge Work Experiences with New Ambient Workspace: Concept and Prototype 173 181
Paramonov I., Vasilyev A. Recommendation Service for Smart Space-based Personalized Healthcare System 182 188
Prakash S., Nagabhushan T., Krinkin K. Cluster Based Approach to Minimize Delay in Energy Aware Routing for ieee 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks under Mobility Conditions 189 195
Rozanov V., Suvorova E. Approaches to the SoC IP-Blocks Design With Errors Mitigation 196 202
Salayma M., Al-Dubai A., Romdhani I. Reliability and Energy Efficiency Enhancement in Wireless Body Area Networks for E-Health 203 211
Shchekotov M. Automatic Calibration for Log-normal Path Loss Model Based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons 212 218
Sinyov N., Olenev V., Lavrovskaya I., Korobkov I. Research and Analysis of Flow Control Mechanism for Transport Protocols of the Space Wire Onboard Networks 219 225
Smirnov A., Ponomarev A., Levashova T., Teslya N. Human-Computer Cloud for Decision Support in Tourism: Approach and Architecture 226 235
Sulak V., Helebrandt P., Kotuliak I. Performance Analysis of OpenFlow Forwarders Based on Routing Granularity in OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3 236 241
Teslya N., Ponomarev A. Smart Tourism Destination Support Scenario Based on Human-Computer Cloud 242 247
Tomita K., Hashimoto N., Kamimura A., Yokozuka M., Matsumoto O. Experimental Examination and Simulation Analysis of Standing-type Personal Mobility Device Sharing 248 255
Vasiliev D., Vladykina K., Abilov A. Simulation Study of Application Layer Relaying Algorithms with Data-Link ARQ in Flying Ad hoc Networks 256 263
Viola F., DElia A., Korzun D., Galov I., Kashevnik A., Balandin S. The M3 Architecture for Smart Spaces: Overview of Semantic Information Broker Implementations 264 272
Zaslavskiy M., Kaluzhniy A., Berlenko T., Kinyaev I., Krinkin K., Turenko T. Full Automated Continuous Integration and Testing Infrastructure for Maxscale and MariaDB 273 278
Zubok D., Maiatin A., Khegai M., Kharchenko T. Multi-Leveled Hierarchical Control to Optimize Workload of a Service-Oriented Platform 279 286