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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'16

Proceedings of the 16th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
27-31 October 2014, Oulu, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-7577-0489-0
Sergey Balandin, Tatiana Tyutina and Ulia Trifonova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Abramovich B., Sychev Y., Prokhorova V. The Application of Modern Information Technologies for Power Monitoring and Control in Conditions of Distributed Generation 3 8
Balandin S., Shabaev A., Stibe S. Enhancing ICT-based multidisciplinary collaboration in cross-border context: FRUCT-facilitated Karelia ENPI project success stories 9 15
Galov I., Korzun D. Fault Tolerance Support of Smart-M3 Application on the Software Infrastructure Level 16 23
Ivanova V., Sedov B., Sheynin Y., Syschikov A. Domain-Specific Languages for Embedded Systems Portable Software Development 24 30
Khryashchev V., Ganin A., Stepanova O., Lebedev A. Age Estimation from Face Images: Challenging Problem for Audience Measurement Systems 31 37
Kulakov K., Shabaev A. An Approach for Creation Smart Space-Based Trip Planning Service 38 44
Marchenkov S., Korzun D. User Presence Detection Based on Tracking the Network Activity in SmartRoom 45 50
Matveeva N., Sheynin Y., Suvorova E. QoS Support in Embedded Networks and NoC 51 59
Mouromtsev D., Kozlov F., Kovriguina L., Parkhimovich O. Linking E-Learning Ontology Concepts with NLP Algorithms 60 65
Pakharev S., Syschikov A., Suvorova E. Design of Onboard Local Area Networks 66 72
Priorov A., Prozorov A. Methods of Complete Surface Reconstruction through Merging of Point Clouds According to Stereo Vision Data 73 78
Schuss C., Leikanger T., Rahkonen T., Eichberger B. Efficient Use of Solar Chargers with the Help of Ambient Light Sensors on Smartphones 79 85
Sedov B., Syschikov A., Ivanova V. Technology and Design Tools for Portable Software Development for Embedded Systems 86 93
Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Shilov N., Teslya N., Shabaev A. Mobile Application for Guiding Tourist Activities: Tourist Assistant TAIS 94 100
Smirnov A., Levashova T., Shilov N., Sandkuhl K. Ontology for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Self-Organisation 101 107
Teslya N., Savosin S. Smart-M3-Based Robot Interaction in Cyber-Physical Systems 108 114
Tyukin A., Lebedev I., Priorov A. The Development and Research of the Indoor Navigation System for a Mobile Robot with the Possibility of Obstacle Detection 115 122
Vdovenko A., Korzun D. Active Control by a Mobile Client of Subscription Notifications in Smart Space 123 128
Vlasov V., Parkhimovich O. Development of the Open Budget Format 129 136
Zaslavskiy M., Mouromtsev D. Geocontext extraction methods analysis for determining the new approach to automatic semantic places recognition 137 144