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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'8

Proceedings of the 8th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
9-12 November 2010, Lappeenranta, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0567-5
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
A. Abramov, P. Volkov An End-to-End flow control mechanism for improvement data delivery reliability in SpaceWire 3 8
N. Amelichev, K. Krinkin Simulation of 3G/WLAN Offload: First Steps 9 19
A. Dmitrov CCSDS Packet Transfer Protocol for space applications 20 24
A. Dogadaev, A. Kozlov, A. Ukhanova Comparative Analysis of Equalization Methods for SC-FDMA 25 35
R. Dorokhova, N. Amelichev Comparison of Modern Mobile Platforms from the Developer Standpoint 36 45
S. Glazkov Development of interactive applications with multi-modal interfaces for mobile devices 53 57
M. Gynther, H. Hedberg Musical Engineering in JamMo 58 63
E. Kaina, Y. Korolev SOA-oriented approach and full distributed approach comparison 64 68
S. Kalwar, K. Heikkinen, J. Porras Investigating Simple Task-Performance Behavior 69 74
J. Laakkonen, T. Kallonen, K. Heikkinen, J.Porras Implementation of UMSIC Group Management Service 87 96
S. Lembo Latency Measurement Testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks 97 104
V. Olenev, I. Korobkov, N. Martynov, A.Shadursky RMAP and STP protocols modelling over the SpaceWire SystemC model 111 121
A. Reyss, S. Balandin Virtual Telescope Project Progress Report 132 141
L. Roffia, A. D'Elia, F. Vergari, D. Manzaroli, S.Bartolini, G. Zamagni, T. S. Cinotti, J.Honkola A Smart-M3 lab course: approach and design style to support student projects 142 153
A. Ronzhin, M. Prischepa, V. Budkov Web-system for Mobile Meeting Participant Support 154 159
A. Samoryadova, I. Galov, P. Borovinskiy, K.Kulakov, D. Korzun M3-Weather: A Smart-M3 World-Weather Application for Mobile Users 160 166
A. Sannikov, D. Zaiceva, A. Mezhenin, I. Galov, D. Korzun Multi-Blogging with Scribo 0.3x 167 174
A. Smirnov, A. Kashevnik, N. Shilov, H. Paloheimo, H. Waris, S. Balandin Smart Space-Driven Sustainable Logistics: Ontology and Major Components 184 194
A. Stepanov, I. Lavrovskaya, V. Olenev SDL and SystemC co-modelling: the protocol SDL models Tester 198 207
A. Stopczynski, J. E. Larsen, L. Skomial Mobile Context Toolbox An Extensible Context Framework for the Maemo Platform 208 218
A. Vasilev, A. Golovchenko, A. Kulikov, I.Paramonov HiveMind: Cross-platform Application for Collaborative Mind Mapping 219 224
D. Zaiceva, I. Galov, A. Sannikov, A. Mezhenin, D. Korzun Mobile Multi-Blogging in Smart-M3: Architecture and Scenarios 225 233