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24.11.17 Stipendit
24.11.17 09/19/17: A public lecture series 'Internet Forum'
24.11.17 11/01/17: Fintech Seminar Series in November 2017
24.11.17 11/08/17: Architecture Speaks! lectures continue
24.11.17 11/09/17: Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture
24.11.17 11/24/17: Defence in the field of architecture: architect Petri Neuvonen
24.11.17 11/24/17: Defence of dissertation in the field of bioproduct technology, Reeta-Maaret Salminen, M.Sc.
24.11.17 11/24/17: Defence of dissertation in the field of photogrammetry, Valtteri Tuominen, M.Sc. (Tech.)
24.11.17 11/24/17: Helsinki Challenge competition winner revealed at Award Party on 24 Nov
24.11.17 11/27/17: CLUSTER Symposium 2017
24.11.17 11/28/17: Internet Forum: Military technology - present and future
24.11.17 11/29/17: Health Design 2017 focuses on the Design expertise of Health sector
24.11.17 11/30/17: Defence of dissertation in the field of Micro and Nanoelectronic Circuit Design M. Sc. (Tech.) Ali Vahdati
24.11.17 11/30/17: Dissertation in the field of design: MA Fahrettin Ersin Alaca
24.11.17 11/30/17: Energy Forum: Role of guidance and policy actions in energy system transition
24.11.17 11/30/17: SLUSH 2017
24.11.17 12/01/17: Defence of dissertation in the field of spatial planning and transportation engineering, Jaeyoung Kwak, M.Sc. (Tech.)
24.11.17 12/01/17: Defence of Optoelectronics and Photonics M.Sc. Anton Autere
24.11.17 12/01/17: Dissertation in the field of design: MA Pekka Murto
24.11.17 12/02/17: Defence of Dissertation in Management Science, Tommi Pajala M.Sc. (Tech.)
24.11.17 12/04/17: Defence in the field of computer science, Pietro della Briotta Parolo, M.Sc.
24.11.17 A focus on dental health can protect children from developing overweight
24.11.17 A summary of latest developments: the EIT Newsletter is out
24.11.17 Agreements between EIT and Climate-KIC signed
24.11.17 Alexander von Gabain to succeed Martin Schuurmans as EIT Chairman on 15 September 2011
24.11.17 Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises
24.11.17 Andreea Mitrut will investigate teachers' role in student learning
24.11.17 Architectural Master Student Project Published on KooZA/rch
24.11.17 Blood Samples May Provide Patient Radiosensitivity Answers
24.11.17 Boundary Conditions for Spectral Simulations of Atmospheric Boundary Layers
24.11.17 Boundary layers over wing sections
24.11.17 Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus
24.11.17 Clear effect of art therapy on severe depression
24.11.17 Clear effect of new medicine against severe muscle disease
24.11.17 Copper gives an answer to the rise of oxygen
24.11.17 Countries can move faster towards a carbon tax
24.11.17 Dada is Dada – New Exhibition opens at Bildmuseet
24.11.17 Dark matter does not contain certain axion-like particles
24.11.17 Detailed simulations of droplet evaporation
24.11.17 Discovering Contiguous Sequential Patterns in Network-Constrained Movement
24.11.17 Do Ho Suh’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia
24.11.17 Drought-tolerant species thrive despite returning rains in the Sahel
24.11.17 EIT Acting Director Dr Ronald de Bruin and the KIC CEOs at the European Parliament
24.11.17 EIT Annual Report 2010 published
24.11.17 EIT Chairman presents the EIT at the China - CEE Trade and Investment Forum
24.11.17 EIT Entrepreneurship workshop series continues
24.11.17 EIT Evaluation Published
24.11.17 EIT March-April newsletter is out
24.11.17 EIT Presentation to the Informal Competitiveness Council Meeting
24.11.17 Enhancing entrepreneurship activities through cross-KIC exchange: fourth EIT Entrepreneurship Workshop
24.11.17 European Commission consults on the EIT's future strategy
24.11.17 European Commission launches consultation on EU research & innovation funding - including EIT
24.11.17 Fighting and Females Determine How Males Make Sperm
24.11.17 First material to be woven at nano level
24.11.17 First-principles study of the mechanical properties of TiAl-based alloys