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20.04.18 05/11/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.) Jussi Ekström
20.04.18 Erfarenheter och potentiella transformationer
20.04.18 Air-sea gas exchange impact measurements could improve climate predictions
20.04.18 Cross-linguistic diversity in forest terminology could inspire policymakers
20.04.18 DIATOMIC launches a pan-European one-stop shop to facilitate microelectronics-based innovation in health, agrifood and manufacturing
20.04.18 Disruptive technologies can drive Europe’s economic future
20.04.18 Energy-restricted Mediterranean diet could impact genes and improve health
20.04.18 European manufacturers still struggling to transform their businesses? Survey says yes
20.04.18 Finding the right technology mix for maximum energy efficiency gains
20.04.18 LANDSENSE INNOVATION CHALLENGE: Empowering communities to monitor & report on their environment
20.04.18 Lasting pain relief: microscopic capsules leave common treatments in the dust
20.04.18 MONROE project multi-country DSGE model for EU-28 presented at FRAME conference
20.04.18 New book funded by the Marie Curie Alumni Association from an event involving Marie Curie Alumni in Rome: "Water as hazard and water as heritage"
20.04.18 Rehap publish first scientific paper
20.04.18 Trending Science: NASA mission unlocks mysteries that lie beneath Jupiter’s surface
20.04.18 1st Open Call: Grants available to support EU specialists involved in ICT standardisation activities
20.04.18 5G network test in Spain: A step closer to inexpensive internet
20.04.18 A resilience-oriented CAP needs to address robustness, adaptability and transformability of agriculture
20.04.18 Atlantic Ocean circulation is weakening; are our deep-sea ecosystems at threat?
20.04.18 BuildHeat entering in its demonstration phase
20.04.18 Citizen involvement makes a unique contribution to more socially grounded research priorities
20.04.18 Citizen involvement makes a unique contribution to more socially grounded research priorities
20.04.18 Creating cities that make doing the right thing, well… easy!
20.04.18 Energy “vigilant” citizens
20.04.18 European IPR Helpdesk Releases New Brochure: Making the Most of Your Horizon 2020 Project
20.04.18 EXDCI opens call for workshops for the European HPC Summit Week 2018
20.04.18 High-risk research returns
20.04.18 Household air pollution: the forgotten hazard
20.04.18 How can the circular approach save our cities?
20.04.18 Human heart inspires wave energy system to provide green power
20.04.18 ITN RegPol² – Socio-economic and Political Responses to Regional Polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe
20.04.18 Manufacturing materials and methods for greener, more customisable and higher quality products
20.04.18 Meeting at KTU, ECIU Experts Discussed Future Challenges in Education
20.04.18 New look at the processes which take place in the bee family during wintering.
20.04.18 New Research Project CureCN Aims to Cure the Ultra-Rare Crigler-Najjar Syndrome
20.04.18 Novel fibre optic receiver helps researchers break data transmission record
20.04.18 Novel technologies to repower extra-high voltage electricity lines unveiled in Budapest
20.04.18 Optimisation Strategies: A quick review
20.04.18 Phononic SEIRA - Enhancing light-molecule interactions via crystal lattice vibrations
20.04.18 Phononic SEIRA - Enhancing light-molecule interactions via crystal lattice vibrations
20.04.18 Processing power beyond Moore’s Law
20.04.18 Protecting health by improved building efficiency
20.04.18 Regenerative Medicine against Back Pain: Launch of New Horizon 2020 Project OSTEOproSPINE
20.04.18 Researchers deliver open-source simulator for cyber physical systems
20.04.18 Science-based civic projects
20.04.18 Scientists introduce the data storage of the future
20.04.18 Sharing distributed energy resources in apartment buildings: the winner takes it all?
20.04.18 Simplifying hospital waste with bio-based disposables
20.04.18 Teaching the next generation to fight rising tide of plastic pollution
20.04.18 The brain says walk, and paralysed rats obey
20.04.18 The European Data Incubator to launch its first call for SMEs and start-ups using Big Data
20.04.18 The JUWELS in the supercomputing crown
20.04.18 The oldest directly dated modern human fossil found outside of Africa and the Levant
20.04.18 Throttling up crime: crawling social media to understand outlaw motorcycle gangs’ dynamics
20.04.18 Tiny particles high up in the sky give insight into climate change