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23.10.18 FRUCT Technical Committee
23.10.18 Sustainable Business Innovation of Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems
22.10.18 Half the population of the Viking-town Sigtuna were migrants
22.10.18 High molecular weight block copolymer lithography for nanofabrication of hard mask and photonic nanostructures
22.10.18 Short-term Underground Mine Scheduling: Constraint Programming in an Industrial Application
22.10.18 Wireless Sensor Network Scheduling and Event-based Control for Industrial Processes
22.10.18 Quicker and simpler test to detect infectious disease in dogs
22.10.18 Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility
22.10.18 24th FRUCT
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
22.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Program
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Venue map
21.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Venue map
21.10.18 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
21.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
21.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Registration
21.10.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
21.10.18 Payment page
21.10.18 Size matters: Small city people more likely to migrate than large city ones
21.10.18 Trending Science: Have scientists discovered the oldest human drawing?
20.10.18 New bio-based products set the scene for a sustainable and circular economy
20.10.18 01.01.1970: Information Search as Adaptive Interaction
20.10.18 01.03.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Classifier Evaluation
20.10.18 01.03.2018: Implicit Interaction with Textual Information using Physiological Signals
20.10.18 01.04.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Making things the hard way - Turing complete interior design
20.10.18 01.04.2016: Cover Song Identification Using Compression-based Distance Measures
20.10.18 01.08.2014: talk: Every day interactions with your phone
20.10.18 01.09.2016: Summer Intern Project Presentations, Part II
20.10.18 01.10.2010: PhD dissertation: Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen: Efficient search for statistically significant dependency rules in binary data
20.10.18 01.11.2013: Linear forms over semirings: algorithmic applications and complexity results
20.10.18 01.12.2010: Assembling and analysing terabases of DNA sequence
20.10.18 01.12.2010: Mapping the Design Space for Ubimedia Services
20.10.18 01.12.2017: Kick-off event of HiData - Helsinki Centre for Data Science
20.10.18 02.02.2011: Identities for the Internet of Things
20.10.18 02.05.2012: Access Selection Methods in Cooperative Multioperator Environments to Improve End-user and Operator Satisfaction
20.10.18 02.05.2012: Finding Robust Itemsets Under Subsampling
20.10.18 02.06.2010: SUMMER 2010 excursion to Tallinn
20.10.18 02.06.2015: Rector on campus
20.10.18 02.09.2010: Guest lecture. Jiuyong Li: Exploring microRNA and mRNA Interactions and their Roles in Diseases in Data
20.10.18 02.10.2012: Algorithms and machine learning
20.10.18 02.10.2012: Online machine learning
20.10.18 02.10.2013: Towards understanding of the three-dimensional chromosomal organization. A Bayesian model-based approach to analyze Hi-C data
20.10.18 02.10.2014: User authentication in cellular communications (Opetusnäyte / teaching demonstration)
20.10.18 02.10.2015: Efficient Construction of Fundamental Data Structures in Large-Scale Text Indexing
20.10.18 02.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Machine learning for materials research"
20.10.18 02.12.2011: The Maximum Edge q-Coloring Problem
20.10.18 02.12.2014: Hashing and indexing: succinct data structures and smoothed analysis
20.10.18 03.02.2010: The Rector will discuss the new university strategy
20.10.18 03.02.2012: Algorithms for Exact Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks
20.10.18 03.02.2012: On parameter estimation in chaotic systems: a toy model experiment'
20.10.18 03.02.2017: Feb 3, 15:15-16:30, UH Main Building. Rosalind Picard, MIT: Adventures in building Emotional Intelligence Technologies