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Updated date Title
23.05.19 EU Researchers and Underwater Tech Experts Discuss New Technologies and Treaties for Preserving Deep-Sea Ecosystems
23.05.19 Comparative analysis of standardized indicators for smart sustainable cities: what indicators and standards to use and when?
23.05.19 European Smart Projects Summit: San Sebastián faces the challenges of smart city solutions and sustainable innovation
23.05.19 The latest culprit of poor health and early death? Low socioeconomic status
22.05.19 Constructing Innovativeness in the Organization: Knowledge Management and Information Technology Management Perspective
22.05.19 Arctic lakes and rivers can lose the diversity of freshwater species
22.05.19 Analytics technology for your waste containers
22.05.19 Big Data enables better urban transport networks
22.05.19 Project of the Month: Highlighting the European contribution that led to that first ever image of a black hole
22.05.19 23.11.2015: Guest Lectures: "Metabolic modelling in industrial biotechnology" and "Metabolite Identification through Machine Learning"
22.05.19 23.11.2015: Teaching demonstration: "Algorithms for the genome reconstruction problem"
22.05.19 20.11.2015: Algorithms for Melody Search and Transcription
22.05.19 06.11.2015: Understanding Urban Human Mobility for Network Applications
22.05.19 08.10.2015: "A PhD's experiences from industry: Security in practice"
22.05.19 27.05.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: SCOT modeling, parallel training and statistical inference
22.05.19 24.01.2014: Learning When Hard Problems Are Easy
22.05.19 31.01.2014: Generating Ideas for Pictorial Advertisements: Starting from Pictorial Metaphors
22.05.19 29.04.2016: Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology: Andrew Hopper: Computing for the Future of the Planet
22.05.19 06.05.2016: Word Associations as a Language Model for Generative and Creative Tasks
22.05.19 21.02.2014: MCMC-driven Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling
22.05.19 07.02.2014: Information Propagation in the Bitcoin Network
22.05.19 07.02.2014: Monitoring Sleep with Force Sensor Measurement
22.05.19 23.01.2014: Guest lecture for students and faculty: Google's Site Reliability Engineering
22.05.19 16.01.2014: Graph and Hypergraph Decompositions for Exact Algorithms
22.05.19 13.01.2014: Searching for Similar Items in Diverse Universes
22.05.19 09.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar
22.05.19 16.12.2010: Hiv-haplotype inference using a constraint-based dirichlet process mixture model
22.05.19 15.12.2010: Inaugural lecture
22.05.19 15.12.2010: Inauguration lecture
22.05.19 13.12.2010: Usable Security Case Studies
22.05.19 10.12.2010: Clustering using the minimum description length principle
22.05.19 01.03.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Classifier Evaluation
22.05.19 01.12.2010: Mapping the Design Space for Ubimedia Services
22.05.19 26.11.2010: Bayesian integration of multi-way, multi-species, and time-series metabolomic datasets
22.05.19 20.11.2010: Cross-layer Assisted TCP Algorithms for Vertical Handoff
22.05.19 01.12.2010: Assembling and analysing terabases of DNA sequence
22.05.19 25.08.2014: Continuous Context Inference on Mobile Platforms
22.05.19 21.08.2014: Seminar on summer work projects August 21 and September 4 2014
22.05.19 08.04.2011: Probabilistic Models for Alignment of Etymological Data
22.05.19 12.08.2014: Analysis methods for extracting knowledge from large-scale WiFi monitoring to inform building facility planning
22.05.19 11.08.2014: Towards Anticipatory Mobile Computing: Challenges and Opportunities
22.05.19 01.08.2014: talk: Every day interactions with your phone
22.05.19 27.09.2013: Distributed algorithms and computational algorithm design
22.05.19 27.09.2013: Facebook tech talk on Graph Search & Cryptography
22.05.19 27.08.2013: Guest lecture for students and faculty: Simon Spacey: OpenPAT: Analysing Programs the Easy Way
22.05.19 20.09.2013: Treedy: A Heuristic for Counting and Sampling Subsets
22.05.19 20.09.2013: Computational methods for augmenting association-based gene mapping
22.05.19 08.05.2013: Discovering Causal Relations in the Presence of Latent Confounders
22.05.19 07.05.2013: Talk: Causally Inspired Approaches to Variable Selection, Molecular Signature Identification, and Integrative Analysis of Heterogeneous Datasets
22.05.19 06.05.2013: Algorithms for Bioinformatics
22.05.19 06.05.2013: Algorithms for Bioinformatics
22.05.19 26.04.2013: Interactive Systems Course - Project Demos
22.05.19 23.04.2013: Pasi Sarolahti pitää julkisen dosentti-koeluennon: Sisältökeskeiset verkkoarkkitehtuurit
22.05.19 16.04.2013: Hexagon crypto
22.05.19 22.03.2013: Redesigning Viral Genomes