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30.09.19 Expoposgrados Medellin, Colombia
30.09.19 Europosgrados Guadalajara in Mexico
30.09.19 Europosgrados Querétaro, Mexico
30.09.19 Europosgrados, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
30.09.19 Characterization of laboratory and real driving emissions of individual Euro 6 light-duty vehicles – Fresh particles and secondary aerosol formation
30.09.19 Insights in paper and paperboard performance by fiber network micromechanics
30.09.19 Insights in paper and paperboard performance by fiber network micromechanics
30.09.19 NAVSPASUR – operated for 54 years, but what was it?
30.09.19 The European project ALISE manages to develop a lighter and more efficient electric car battery
29.09.19 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Program
29.09.19 24th FRUCT Conference: Program
29.09.19 Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
29.09.19 A novel electrical charging condensing heat exchanger for efficient particle emission reduction in small wood boilers
29.09.19 Genetic similarity of biological samples to counter bio-hacking of DNA-sequencing functionality
29.09.19 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
29.09.19 5G technology goes underground
29.09.19 How to improve airport capacity and efficiency with revised standards
29.09.19 Mobile app gives cancer patients better quality of life
29.09.19 Survey results show positive perceptions of adaptive tree breeding
29.09.19 How supports SDOs in their standards development activities
29.09.19 How can visionary science bring innovation into society?
29.09.19 Space Rendezvous: Moon Landing 50 years
28.09.19 ELINT from orbit, as secret as it can get
27.09.19 Tampere plants the seeds of a smarter future
27.09.19 A change in kidney allocation criteria in the United States could benefit patients on the waiting list for transplantation
27.09.19 Umeå University climbs on global university rankings in art and design
27.09.19 Nonlinear Properties of III-V Semiconductor Nanowaveguides
26.09.19 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
26.09.19 Scilifelab-symposium in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy
26.09.19 Scilifelab-symposium in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy
26.09.19 Batch Sorption Studies of Aqueous Cadmium and Lead from Contaminated Water onto Selected Biosorbents
26.09.19 Condition assessment of concrete dams in cold climate
26.09.19 Conversion of Biomass to Renewable Liquid Feedstocks in Pyrolysis-based Applications
26.09.19 Condition assessment of concrete dams in cold climate
25.09.19 A UN 2.0 System, Multilateralism 2.0 and its Educational Tools Unmasked from Interpreting a Formerly Impossible Web 2.0 Metaphor
25.09.19 How to prevent the spread of germs in hospitals
25.09.19 Trending Science: Scientists discover new pain organ in skin
25.09.19 Creating textiles and cosmetics of the future with nanotechnology
25.09.19 Opportunity for space tech companies to accelerate their journey to scaling-up
25.09.19 Quantum computers to become portable
25.09.19 EU-Asia Pacific cooperation in ICT research to create a new roadmap for academia and industry
25.09.19 Real-time 4K video transmission made possible with high-speed millimetre wave technology
25.09.19 Cross-border bus and train travel made simple
25.09.19 Nano-vaccine offers hope for effective skin cancer treatment
25.09.19 Risk Assessment of Effects at Nanoscale Level – Taking a Closer Look at the Mimotope Variation Analysis
25.09.19 Riding in the right direction: a Turkish city goes back to cycling
25.09.19 Horizon 2020-Funded EPIC Project Releases Policy Recommendations for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things Solutions for Europe and New Zealand
25.09.19 REMOURBAN presents its final brochure
25.09.19 The path towards a career in STEM focusing on light-related technologies
25.09.19 New study offers hope for people suffering from chronic pain
25.09.19 Trending Science: Major UN report sounds the alarm about global warming
25.09.19 A novel forecasting tool helps experts prepare for extreme weather
25.09.19 How to tackle gender violence among teens
25.09.19 Would you like Research in Europe to be more FAIR?
25.09.19 Trending Science: Our galaxy is warped and twisted