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Updated date Title
18.07.19 15.11.2013: Learning Chordal Markov Networks by Constraint Satisfaction
18.07.19 02.10.2014: User authentication in cellular communications (Opetusnäyte / teaching demonstration)
18.07.19 25.09.2014: Guest Lecture: Wireless Secret Key Sharing Based on the Use of Variable-directional Antenna over Multipath Channels
18.07.19 12.09.2014: Faster Compressed Suffix Trees for Repetitive Text Collections
18.07.19 11.09.2014: Guest lecture: Big data according to T.S. Eliot or How fine-grained provenance will save the world
18.07.19 10.10.2014: Guest lecture: Managing and Analyzing Transportation Data
18.07.19 10.10.2014: Opetusnäyte apulaisprofessorin tehtävään: Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Approach
18.07.19 09.10.2014: Opetusnäyte apulaisprofessorin tehtävään: Johdatus tietokantojen suunnitteluun
18.07.19 19.01.2016: Teaching demonstration for bioinformatics tenure track position
18.07.19 19.01.2016: Teaching demonstration for bioinformatics tenure track position
18.07.19 01.03.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Classifier Evaluation
18.07.19 23.02.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Morphological analysis in NLP
18.07.19 19.01.2016: Teaching demonstration for bioinformatics tenure track position
18.07.19 20.05.2016: KEYS 2016: Workshop on Keyword Search and Data Exploration on Structured Data
18.07.19 23.05.2016: From Structure-based to Semantic-based: Towards Effective XML Keyword Search
18.07.19 27.05.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: SCOT modeling, parallel training and statistical inference
18.07.19 27.05.2016: Model Selection Methods for Linear Regression and Phylogenetic Reconstruction
18.07.19 28.05.2016: HIIT Open 2016 - Programming Contest
18.07.19 03.06.2016: Methods and Models in Linguistic and Musical Computational Creativity
18.07.19 09.06.2016: Tietojenkäsittelytieteen päivät Tampereella 9.-10.2016
18.07.19 23.06.2016: Guest Lecture: Tommi Mikkonen
18.07.19 31.07.2016: "Song of Summer": a composition for a choir with lyrics written by a computer
18.07.19 09.08.2016: Summer School on Bioinformatics Data Structures
18.07.19 22.02.2013: A Model-Driven Approach to Service Ecosystem Engineering
18.07.19 21.02.2013: Watson: The Jeopardy! Challenge and Beyond (Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology)
18.07.19 09.02.2013: Probabilistic, Information-Theoretic Models for Etymological Alignment
18.07.19 05.02.2013: ALFALFA: a Novel Algorithm for Long Fragment Mapping and Alignment using Maximal Exact Matches
18.07.19 30.01.2013: Kumpula career course: CS Career opportunities
18.07.19 25.01.2013: Term Weighting in Short Documents for Document Categorization, Keyword Extraction and Query Expansion
18.07.19 21.12.2012: A survey of transliteration methods
18.07.19 16.05.2016: The First Europe-China Workshop on Big Data Management
18.07.19 11.05.2016: BOI 2016: Baltic Olympiad in Informatics
18.07.19 09.05.2016: Docent lecture: Assembly of RNA reads and minimum-cost flows
18.07.19 06.05.2016: Word Associations as a Language Model for Generative and Creative Tasks
18.07.19 17.03.2016: Alumni day at the University of Helsinki / Kumpula ScienceSLAM
18.07.19 11.03.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Two Applications of Stochastic Complexity
18.07.19 01.04.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Making things the hard way - Turing complete interior design
18.07.19 01.04.2016: Cover Song Identification Using Compression-based Distance Measures
18.07.19 29.04.2016: Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology: Andrew Hopper: Computing for the Future of the Planet
18.07.19 07.05.2013: Talk: Causally Inspired Approaches to Variable Selection, Molecular Signature Identification, and Integrative Analysis of Heterogeneous Datasets
18.07.19 06.05.2013: Algorithms for Bioinformatics
18.07.19 06.05.2013: Algorithms for Bioinformatics
18.07.19 26.04.2013: Interactive Systems Course - Project Demos
18.07.19 08.05.2013: Discovering Causal Relations in the Presence of Latent Confounders
18.07.19 21.05.2013: Current situation with the study and R&D on the Math. Faculty and Dept. of CS at PetrSU
18.07.19 24.06.2013: Game changers in science communications -- Department present at Think Corner
18.07.19 12.06.2013: RNA-Seq data analysis: a combinatorial approach based on local transcriptome assembly
18.07.19 06.06.2013: Evolution and Computation
18.07.19 27.06.2013: Dynamic Aspects of Knowledge Bases
18.07.19 07.06.2010: MY Camp -science camp for top teenagers in the World in Kumpula June 7, 2010
18.07.19 11.06.2010: Bayesiläisen päättelyn perusteet
18.07.19 02.06.2010: SUMMER 2010 excursion to Tallinn
18.07.19 22.08.2012: Seminar on summer work projects
18.07.19 16.11.2011: Sampling Massive Online Graphs: Challenges, Techniques, and Applications to Facebook
18.07.19 19.05.2016: BREW 2016: Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop