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Updated date Title
26.08.19 Trending Science: Our galaxy is warped and twisted
26.08.19 Industry and Materials design at the eXascale: Bridging the gap
26.08.19 Horizon 2020-Funded EPIC Releases Policy Recommendations for Singapore-EU Collaboration Potential Relating to the Role of AI in Security and Privacy
26.08.19 Wrap up of an inspiring EuroHPC Summit Week 2019
26.08.19 Horizon 2020-Funded EPIC Project Releases Policy Recommendations for Europe and New Zealand’s AI Collaboration Future
26.08.19 Horizon 2020-Funded EPIC Project Releases Policy Recommendations for Australia-Europe Collaboration Potential to Maximise AI Benefits for Society
26.08.19 A new tide in shipbuilding? Innovative device will help reduce CO2 emissions
26.08.19 Two heads better than one? Homing pigeons flap faster to fly together
26.08.19 Making local energy markets smarter
26.08.19 Living building blocks: a new vision for future homes
26.08.19 Skirmishing with Aggressive Cancers via promoting Pro-Apoptopic Enzyme Activity and Dual Suppression of Pro-Malignant Protein & Endopeptidases Part 2
26.08.19 Skirmishing Aggressive Cancers with Simultaneous Caspase 3 & 9 Activation and Cyclin D2 & B1 and MMP-9 Suppression: Pro-Apoptopic Therapy
26.08.19 Buildings to save energy with mesh and management
26.08.19 VICTORIA upcoming Analytics Contest Event
26.08.19 Cold case closed? Scientists solve 33 000-year–old murder
26.08.19 H2020 VICTORIA Video Trailer: Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities
26.08.19 G2P-SOL Entry Level Training School on Using Potato Biodiversity in Breeding
26.08.19 The Neuronet Coordination and Support Action on neurodegeneration research launches its website
26.08.19 Project of the Month: Next Generation Internet building on EU-US collaboration
26.08.19 Catching up with FUSION: If ‘money is the root of all evil’, what’s the alternative?
26.08.19 Trending Science: Researchers develop robotic hand that can feel things
26.08.19 Launch of ROBOMINERS project
26.08.19 Final Call For European Organisations To Become RDA National Nodes
26.08.19 The European project Altfinator launches online courses to facilitate access to Alternative Finance
26.08.19 SSPCR 2019 Special sessions
26.08.19 Fifteenth AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access Now Open: Fully EC-Funded Access to Top-Class Aquaculture Research Infrastructures Across Europe
26.08.19 Improving access to safe surgery in sub-Saharan Africa
26.08.19 How do we best capture the existing European Bioeconomy?
26.08.19 How to use graphene to help future space exploration
26.08.19 The ESRF welcomed the 1st OASYS School
26.08.19 Closer links between PaNOSC and ExPaNDS established at the LEAPS-IT meeting
26.08.19 CERIC-ERIC call for proposals now open!
26.08.19 PaNOSC WP3 kicked off at the European Spallation Source
26.08.19 Trending Science: Female math wizards helped put the first men on the moon 50 years ago
26.08.19 Taking complexity out of the building site
26.08.19 Researchers simulate mafia and terrorism recruitment
26.08.19 Sustainable nappies for eco-friendly generations
26.08.19 RDA EU Early Career Researchers And Expert Travel Grants For The 14th RDA Plenary in Helsinki
26.08.19 Virtual Reality to connect people with new food technology
26.08.19 VIDA awards 19 projects and to 34 SMEs
26.08.19 Brain-controlled prosthetic hand to become reality
26.08.19 The IMI EHDEN Consortium Launches Its First Open Data Partner Call
26.08.19 Energetic Start into the Summer Break: New Publications by the European IP Helpdesk
26.08.19 The Future of Modular Microserver Technology with M2DC
26.08.19 Smart solutions for tomorrow’s energy-efficient buildings
26.08.19 Research points to discrimination in European hiring practices
26.08.19 Transforming the EU power grid to realise climate goals
26.08.19 Trending Science: Mysterious black hole discovered that shouldn’t exist
26.08.19 Attend a session on Stem Cells at Stem Cell Congress November 06-07, 2019, Tokyo, Japan
26.08.19 Making fish farming in eastern Africa’s Lake Victoria sustainable
26.08.19 How to design the future of social media
26.08.19 The EU battle strategy against fake news, fighting the 4Ds that lead to doubt: CORDIS attends the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists
26.08.19 The continuing quest to use nuclear fusion for the world’s energy demand: CORDIS attends the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists
26.08.19 Efficient Hydrogen compression for Large Scale Mobility Applications