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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
11.05.20 PHIDIAS Launch User-friendly Browsing Experience with HPC Service Access Portal
11.05.20 Connecting crop and food producers to biorefineries to tackle food waste
11.05.20 Developing an efficient and cost-effective wind energy technology
11.05.20 BSC acquires innovative technology for optimised storage and data analysis
11.05.20 Trending Science: Move over social distancing, it’s time for physical distancing
11.05.20 Fertilisers from bio-waste: a story of resilience, innovation and relationships
11.05.20 Remourban coordinator: final interview
11.05.20 CYBERWISER.eu Webinar: Free Cybersecurity Training with customised Learning Paths
11.05.20 ASTRABAT: developing a new battery to boost Europe’s electric mobility
11.05.20 Performance optimization and edge computing orchestration for enhanced experience and Quality of Service
11.05.20 ENRICH in the USA Webinar: Agriculture Technology - Wednesday, 15 April at 16h30 CEST
11.05.20 A novel imaging technique could enable biopsy-free breast screening
10.05.20 New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
10.05.20 Global science team on red alert as Arctic lands grow greener
09.05.20 Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects?
09.05.20 Umeå researchers' corona simulation receive international attention
09.05.20 15 Early-Stage Researcher (PhD Positions) available within the EU Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Project “Comm4CHILD”
08.05.20 Western Siberian rivers and lakes emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
08.05.20 Porous polymers show remarkable stability at high pressure
08.05.20 Tyre/road interaction
08.05.20 Students explore how AI can help sick children
08.05.20 New online tool to improve circular ecodesign
08.05.20 Rebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindset
08.05.20 Post-lockdown free access to over 30 marine biological stations and infrastructures
08.05.20 Webinar - New solutions for Digital Health
08.05.20 Catching up with Trapview: An innovative Slovenian SME sees fantastic success with its exciting AI-infused pest solution
08.05.20 Project of the Month: A new form of the Northern Lights discovered thanks to amateur stargazers
08.05.20 The watching system as a generalization of identifying code
08.05.20 High-resolution analysis of the ν3 band of radiocarbon methane 14CH4
08.05.20 Proceedings of the 26th FRUCT conference are published in IEEE Xplore
08.05.20 New professor in AI and privacy
08.05.20 Creating smart, resilient cities for a sustainable future
08.05.20 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
07.05.20 An additional 20 million for AI competence
07.05.20 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
07.05.20 Co-Developing Sustainability Requirements
07.05.20 Co-Developing Sustainability Requirements
07.05.20 ERF’s Review of Working Practices of Analytical facilities During the Pandemic
07.05.20 “From WWTP to biofactories” – how wastewater treatment is changing
07.05.20 Populist Discourse on Social Media Inflames Anti-European Sentiment
07.05.20 TRENDING SCIENCE: What day of the week is it? COVID-19 and the illusion of time
07.05.20 Ancient cannibal tooth provides oldest ever evidence of human ancestors
07.05.20 Professional European collaboration project started in Umeå
07.05.20 The most sustainable building is the one you don't build
07.05.20 The UN trains weapons inspectors in Umeå
07.05.20 Building Data for Stacky Covers and the Étale Cohomology Ring of an Arithmetic Curve
07.05.20 Building Data for Stacky Covers and the Étale Cohomology Ring of an Arithmetic Curve
07.05.20 Exchange students take the train abroad - for sustainable travel
07.05.20 Physicists produce stable water-based graphene dispersions
07.05.20 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
07.05.20 Transforming wastewater by-products into sustainable green fuels
07.05.20 Finalisation of the SOLPART project
06.05.20 New Experimental and Modelling Tools for Multiscale Characterization of Asphalt Mastic
06.05.20 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
06.05.20 New Experimental and Modelling Tools for Multiscale Characterization of Asphalt Mastic