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Updated date Title
14.05.20 Researchers are listening to the breath of streams
14.05.20 Development of mathematical modelling for the glycosylation of IgG in CHO cell cultures
14.05.20 Not only temperature controls the nutrient cycle in the Arctic
14.05.20 Changing Things - Designing for Transparency in a Digital World
14.05.20 Correlation spectroscopy with epitaxial quantum dots
14.05.20 A Study of Parameters that Influence the Kinetics of the AOD Decarburisation Process
14.05.20 Scientists says Corona-apps can be a risk
14.05.20 A multi-sector framework for accelerating renewable energy deployment in power, transport and industry
14.05.20 Umeå researchers receive international award for best paper on software agents
14.05.20 AI Professor hits international reading list
14.05.20 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
14.05.20 Swedish research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries
13.05.20 The 1st International Workshop on the Internet of Sounds
13.05.20 27th FRUCT Conference: IDEA20 workshop: research track
13.05.20 27th FRUCT Conference: IWPM20 workshop
13.05.20 Workshop on Machine Learning and Optimization for Communications Networks
13.05.20 Hidden Markov Models: Identification, Inverse Filtering and Applications
13.05.20 Research team makes plant genome public to help fight COVID-19
13.05.20 DeepTech Startups invited to participate in the free Acceleration Programme for InvestHorizon
13.05.20 Online Training Programme for Support Organisations on how to support Digital Startups building their value proposition
13.05.20 27th IEEE FRUCT will allow remote participation
13.05.20 Change and inertia in the development of Swedish engineering education
13.05.20 Exploring the circular economy of urban organic waste in sub-Saharan Africa: opportunities and challenges
13.05.20 Exploring the circular economy of urban organic waste in sub-Saharan Africa: opportunities and challenges
13.05.20 Development and application of rule- and learning-based approaches within the scope of neuroimaging
13.05.20 Recurrent bag-of-features for visual information analysis
13.05.20 Efficient adaptive inference for deep convolutional neural networks using hierarchical early exits
13.05.20 AI’s impact on UN sustainable goals
13.05.20 Structural behaviour of shotcrete in hard rock tunnels
12.05.20 Umeå researchers in scientific breakthrough for malaria research
12.05.20 The ADAPT scaffold as a tool for diagnostic imaging and targeted therapy
12.05.20 Skytteanska samfundet prize to Nils Skoglund
12.05.20 Umeå professor on world list for book on AI
12.05.20 Consistency and efficiency in continuous-time system identification
12.05.20 Consistency and efficiency in continuous-time system identification
12.05.20 Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin to produce fuels and functional carbon materials
12.05.20 How to manipulate light on the nanoscale over wide frequency ranges
12.05.20 Unraveling the magnetism of a graphene triangular flake
12.05.20 Digitalising the energy sector with disruptive technologies How PLATOON brings a digital platform and analytics tools to the industry
12.05.20 Research accomplished in the framework of connected automated vehicles in the first year of SUaaVE project
12.05.20 Rapid diagnostic test inspired by fireflies could help fight COVID-19
12.05.20 Making use of the unique properties of cellulose-based nanomaterials
12.05.20 Wireless Communication for Critical Control
11.05.20 SSH Open Marketplace: Testers Wanted
11.05.20 GEARING Roles Leaders social media Campaign
11.05.20 nTRACK Strives to Track Stem Cells in Real-Time
11.05.20 Innovation kicks off in AquaVitae, with the launch of the first prototypes for low-trophic species aquaculture
11.05.20 How to develop nano-based structures for drag reduction in aviation and manufacturing
11.05.20 The Kempe Foundation issues major funding for integrated structural biology
11.05.20 Road Surface and Tyre Interaction
11.05.20 Coal Lives
11.05.20 Combining deep learning with token selection for patient phenotyping from electronic health records
11.05.20 Numerical modeling of the tool-rock penetration process using FEM coupled with SPH technique