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Updated date Title
17.01.20 Free access to InvestHorizon Acceleration Programme for deeptech startups
17.01.20 SEALIVE project kick-started in the fight to save our planet from plastic pollution
17.01.20 The regional workshops across Europe brought together experts in the hydropower sector
17.01.20 New EMFF project “BIOGEARS” launched to develop biobased ropes for aquaculture
17.01.20 Leading smart cities publish recommendations
17.01.20 Madrid on the way to ‘getting organic waste right’
17.01.20 Trending Science: Tea helps you live longer, study finds
17.01.20 Computing at the speed of light? How to achieve faster and more energy-efficient memories and processors
17.01.20 Fundamental Bounds on Performance of Periodic Electromagnetic Radiators and Scatterers
17.01.20 Making sense of sufficiency
17.01.20 Cell adhesion and culture medium dependent changes in the high frequency mechanical vibration induced proliferation, osteogenesis, and intracellular organization of human adipose stem cells
17.01.20 Mixed carbon substrates: a necessary nuisance or a missed opportunity?
17.01.20 Linking volatile and non-volatile compounds to sensory profiles and consumer liking of wild edible Nordic mushrooms
17.01.20 Life and death of the car city
17.01.20 Life and death of the car city
17.01.20 Does gamification affect brand engagement and equity? A study in online brand communities
17.01.20 Leading AI researcher to Umeå University
17.01.20 Water Exists as Two Different Liquids
17.01.20 Sahara greening intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide
17.01.20 Three ERC Advanced Grants to Stockholm University
17.01.20 How to categorise nanomaterials for effective hazard and risk assessment
17.01.20 Europe's Man on the Moon. How scientists and engineers are already taking up the challenges from the new European Green Deal.
16.01.20 NAVET Kick off
16.01.20 NAVET Kick off
16.01.20 Going digital
16.01.20 1.946871
16.01.20 Plant organ growth is not so different from animals
16.01.20 Ideation Workshop with KTH Innovation
16.01.20 Ideation Workshop with KTH Innovation
16.01.20 Short-lived light sources discovered in the sky
16.01.20 Green Chemistry in Chemical Education and Synthetic Applications of Sulfinamides
16.01.20 Studies factors that ensure cellular protein production
16.01.20 Rare animals and plants organize in ghettos to survive
16.01.20 Half the population of the Viking-town Sigtuna were migrants
15.01.20 Researchers are listening to the breath of streams
15.01.20 Concert Beethoven 250 years
15.01.20 SMaRC Day
15.01.20 SMaRC Day
15.01.20 Changing Things - Designing for Transparency in a Digital World
15.01.20 1.950751
15.01.20 FRUCT received JUFO level 1
15.01.20 ProfsoUX - # 1 conference for UX professionals in Russia will be held in St. Petersburg on February 29
15.01.20 Constitutive modelling of hot deformation behaviour of a CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy
15.01.20 The 1st International Workshop on the Internet of Sounds
15.01.20 27th FRUCT Conference: IDEA20 workshop: research track
15.01.20 27th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
15.01.20 Human Lean
15.01.20 AI Professor hits international reading list
15.01.20 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
15.01.20 Tomographic inversion of gravity gradient field for a synthetic Itokawa model
15.01.20 Parakanca Duta
15.01.20 Swedish research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries
15.01.20 Hedging against traffic emissions? Cut roadside pollution with vegetation barriers
15.01.20 Breakthrough Results with High-Power Laser Technology to Transform Electric Vehicles