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31.10.19 The green gold that cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel
31.10.19 The second BioMonitor expert workshop
31.10.19 Thermal Barrier Coatings for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
31.10.19 Understanding Individual and Collective Consumer Power in the Modern Economy
31.10.19 Molecular imaging of medically relevant complexes with electron cryo microscopy
31.10.19 A new polythene-B4C based concrete for shielding
31.10.19 Deuteration of molecules using enzymes
31.10.19 Emissions-free transport speeding up in Europe
31.10.19 Eurolab4HPC supports innovators in HPC with a free idea-to-business course.
31.10.19 Foundation of a Deuteration Network: DEUNET
31.10.19 Growing HCA Crystals
31.10.19 How to catch air-polluting vehicles
31.10.19 iBox: the first universal tool for predicting the risk of kidney transplant loss based on artificial intelligence
31.10.19 ICO2CHEM first results
31.10.19 MOSES project: new sustainable solutions for a new cross-border passenger mobility between Italy and Croatia
31.10.19 Multi-material lightweight components for use in cars and aircraft
31.10.19 New modelling framework will transform the design and monitoring of EU rural policies
31.10.19 New SESAR project aims to provide flight crews with local airport data to make aircraft ground movements more predictable and more efficient
31.10.19 The SHUTTLE European funded security project launches a call for tender with a budget of 7.4M€ including VAT
31.10.19 Trending Science: This is what our ancient cousins looked like
31.10.19 Turning problems into opportunities in urban areas
30.10.19 Christmas concert
30.10.19 Yaowen Wu is awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in molecular biology
30.10.19 Evaluation of Fluid-Structure Interaction and Biofidelity of Finite Element Head Models
30.10.19 New study highlights the role of sea sponges in combating climate change
30.10.19 Stability and transition in pitching wings
30.10.19 Lunch Seminar: What’s down the road?
30.10.19 Lunch Seminar: What’s down the road?
30.10.19 Characterization of laboratory and real driving emissions of individual Euro 6 light-duty vehicles – Fresh particles and secondary aerosol formation
30.10.19 26th FRUCT conference
30.10.19 25th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Seminar on Intelligence, Social Media and Web
29.10.19 Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
29.10.19 Sunlight, water and CO2 – key to the jet fuel of the future
29.10.19 Sustainability of new creosote alternative confirmed
29.10.19 Electrochemical properties of alternative polymer electrolytes in fuel cells
29.10.19 Modeling in BiomassHarvesting, Biomass Pyrolysis and Producer Gas Cleaning
29.10.19 Strategies for Molecular Engineering of Macroscopic Adhesion and Integrity Focusing on Cellulose Based Materials
29.10.19 A novel electrical charging condensing heat exchanger for efficient particle emission reduction in small wood boilers
29.10.19 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
29.10.19 Space Rendezvous: Moon Landing 50 years
28.10.19 Making STEM subjects fun: How real-world learning begins in the classroom
28.10.19 A multimodal novel lensless microscopy technology for medical applications
28.10.19 Engineering and applications of surface displayed tyrosinase on Escherichia coli
28.10.19 ISMW seminar
28.10.19 FRUCT received JUFO level 1
28.10.19 ELINT from orbit, as secret as it can get
27.10.19 Umeå University climbs on global university rankings in art and design
26.10.19 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
26.10.19 A step towards greater biomass uptake in Europe
25.10.19 A UN 2.0 System, Multilateralism 2.0 and its Educational Tools Unmasked from Interpreting a Formerly Impossible Web 2.0 Metaphor
24.10.19 Elegant generation of multiple beams for filming electron motion
24.10.19 Judith Sarneel is hosting the university's research blog
24.10.19 New solution for certification of digital competences in primary and secondary schools
24.10.19 ODYSSEA Project to launch first North African sea observatory in Morocco