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05.08.20 The UN trains weapons inspectors in Umeå
05.08.20 Exchange students take the train abroad - for sustainable travel
05.08.20 Tribocorrosion behaviour of tin bronze CuSn12 under a sliding motion in NaCl containing environment: Contact to inert vs. reactive counterbody
05.08.20 'Streaming STREAMS', virtual event 5–7 August
05.08.20 Physicists produce stable water-based graphene dispersions
05.08.20 'Streaming STREAMS', virtual event 5–7 August
05.08.20 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
04.08.20 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
04.08.20 The need for long time series
04.08.20 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University
04.08.20 Biological Laboratory X-Ray Microscopy
04.08.20 New dissertation: The World Bank and the IMF undermines labour rights
04.08.20 Why equality?
04.08.20 Why equality?
03.08.20 Assessment of predicting blood flow and atherosclerosis in the aorta and renal arteries
03.08.20 Enhancement of Volatile Fatty Acid Production from Dairy Wastewater
03.08.20 Hydrophobization of cellulose for bio-based materials
03.08.20 Umeå University statement on European approach for AI
03.08.20 Biological processes influence how Arctic rivers emit carbon dioxide
02.08.20 Autonomous tools for high performance in large datacentres
02.08.20 Incentivising Innovation in the Swedish Construction Industry
02.08.20 I'll miss the doctoral students
02.08.20 Model predictive control for regular linear systems
02.08.20 Tailored gamification: A review of literature
02.08.20 The effect of challenge-based gamification on learning: An experiment in the context of statistics education
01.08.20 New insights into regulation of root initiation
01.08.20 App for activists and biotech wearable for the grieving at UID20
01.08.20 Neutrinos in the ice indicate source of cosmic rays
01.08.20 Virginia Dignum one of 50 top AI ethics influencers
31.07.20 Developing AI-robots for healthcare
31.07.20 Responsible AI grant
30.07.20 Tiny woodlands are more important than previously thought
30.07.20 The Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
30.07.20 New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture
30.07.20 Twelve centuries of European summer droughts
30.07.20 Two Umeå researchers on IVA's 100 list 2020
29.07.20 Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
29.07.20 Autonomous forestry and farming: how close we are?
29.07.20 Kempe funds 10 postdocs in AI and software for international leadership
29.07.20 New software for solving eigenvalue problems
28.07.20 Researchers make critical advances in quantifying methane released from the Arctic Ocean
28.07.20 Umeå University to lead prestigious AI program
28.07.20 New tool exploring different paths the corona pandemic may take
28.07.20 Academic Pride Flying the Flag for Digital Festival
28.07.20 Academic Pride Flying the Flag for Digital Festival
28.07.20 Mycoplasma pathogens sneaking past our line of defense
28.07.20 Scientists discover how malaria parasites import sugar
28.07.20 Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology
28.07.20 Problem-solving helps pupils to learn mathematics
28.07.20 The green gold that cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel
27.07.20 Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water
27.07.20 Stockholm Pride 2020 - digital festival
27.07.20 Stockholm Pride 2020 - digital festival
27.07.20 Workshop: KTH's New Sustainability Objectives
27.07.20 Workshop: KTH's New Sustainability Objectives