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Latest changes and updates on the site

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28.09.11 AIS/CAD 2009
26.09.11 Организация защиты от спама на сайте fruct.org
22.09.11 Летняя школа по Qt для профессионалов. Санкт-Петербург, 15-22.07
16.09.11 Hosting of Qt is moving to a new domain
12.09.11 Overview of Qt Resources (Russian)
12.09.11 Overview of Qt Resources
15.08.11 Reports from 9th FRUCT conference at Russian TV
15.08.11 Nokia announced the new MeeGo handset - Nokia N9
15.08.11 Invitation to Qt summer school in St.-Petersburg (in Russian)
01.08.11 Telco 2011-07-25: Action Points (in Russian)
25.07.11 SS WG Topic1
25.07.11 SS WG Topic2
25.07.11 Smart Spaces Working Group
27.06.11 Alternative to pre-install package of regional MeeGo applications
14.06.11 Таганрог: 13-15.09
10.06.11 Конкурс на лучшую техническую статью об операционной системе MeeGo или технологии Qt
10.06.11 Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2011), Digital October Center, Moscow, October 31 – November 3, 2011
03.06.11 10th FRUCT Conference: Presentations
01.06.11 About FRUCT
30.05.11 Судейство
26.05.11 The MHealth Blog is now running!
23.05.11 FRUCT Web WG blog is created!
18.05.11 Embedded Computing for Mobile Communications
18.05.11 R&D in Hardware For Embedded Systems and SoC design
13.05.11 Demos session at FRUCT9
12.05.11 Ярославль: 13-15.05
05.05.11 Invitation to FRIU conference, May 24, 2011, Lappeenranta
04.05.11 R&D in Embedded Network Protocols
01.05.11 Invitation to Qt training in Moscow (in Russia)
30.04.11 FRUCT9 conference registration and paper submission are open
29.04.11 Education in Embedded Computing
29.04.11 R&D in Software For Embedded Systems
26.04.11 Правила
26.04.11 Qt & Meego Contest Registration
06.04.11 V International Forum FROM SCIENCE to BUSINESS "Modern Concept of Universities and High-tech Business Cooperation"
26.03.11 Неделя мобильных технологий в Нижнем Новгороде
23.03.11 Неделя мобильных технологий в Нижнем Новгороде
21.03.11 Расписание
18.03.11 International Distributed Research Group of FRUCT Program
15.03.11 Нижний Новгород: 25-27.03
14.03.11 Регистрация
05.03.11 НОВОСТИ
04.03.11 Video WG Blog is running!
01.03.11 Congratulations to the winners of Russian MeeGo contest
23.02.11 Место проведения
20.02.11 Докладчики
18.02.11 Call for participation in Intel AppUp℠ developer challenge
16.02.11 Application Developer Days
14.02.11 Петрозаводск: 25-27.04
13.02.11 Tour of Qt trainings in Russia
02.02.11 Обзор MeeGo-ресурсов
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (calendar 2)
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (licentiate seminars)
17.01.11 Umeå University (research news)
17.01.11 Umeå University (general news)