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Latest changes and updates on the site

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07.01.14 EIT Annual Report 2010 published
07.01.14 EIT Chairman presents the EIT at the China - CEE Trade and Investment Forum
07.01.14 EIT Entrepreneurship workshop series continues
07.01.14 EIT Evaluation Published
07.01.14 EIT March-April newsletter is out
07.01.14 EIT Presentation to the Informal Competitiveness Council Meeting
07.01.14 Enhancing entrepreneurship activities through cross-KIC exchange: fourth EIT Entrepreneurship Workshop
07.01.14 European Commission consults on the EIT's future strategy
07.01.14 European Commission launches consultation on EU research & innovation funding - including EIT
07.01.14 IMCO delegation visits the EIT
07.01.14 Interview with José Manuel Leceta - EIT Director
07.01.14 José Manuel Leceta appointed Director of the EIT
07.01.14 Meet the EIT at the Europe Festival
07.01.14 MIT Executive Director visits the EIT
07.01.14 New themes for KICs discussed at the EIT’s “Vision for the Future” Stakeholder Conference
07.01.14 The EIT's Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) - Investing in Innovation beyond 2014
07.01.14 'Society of Applied Neurosciences Meeting', Utrecht, the Netherlands
07.01.14 'The European Shale Gas Summit', Bruges, Belgium
07.01.14 Second International Conference on Nutrition and Growth, Barcelona, Spain
07.01.14 Low vitamin B12 levels increase the risk of fractures in older men
07.01.14 One percent of the population is responsible for 63 percent of violent crime convictions
07.01.14 67 Students from Šiauliai University will be Studying Abroad
06.01.14 A Turku-themed video with time-lapse photography
06.01.14 Arts Academy’s students rewarded
06.01.14 CARPE - Good partners, better results
06.01.14 CARPE focusses on entrepreneurship and regional innovation
06.01.14 Fanatic Figuras
06.01.14 Games, applications and other future hit products
06.01.14 Juhani Soini appointed vice rector of TUAS
06.01.14 Kuhina won the Best Student Short Film Award at Anima
06.01.14 Manchester Metropolitan University joins CARPE
06.01.14 MINEDU’s decision: More Business Administration, Environmental Technology as new
06.01.14 More business competence for the region
06.01.14 Popularity of TUAS Increases
06.01.14 Pregnancy2Baby focuses on monitoring the welfare of parents and children
06.01.14 Rare porpoise found in the Baltic Sea
06.01.14 Ready, Study, Go Turku! Student Event 29.8.
06.01.14 The Engineering Education event will develop engineering education to respond to the challenges of a global future
06.01.14 Towards Kupittaa Campus
06.01.14 TUAS Arts Academy selected the best animation school of the year
06.01.14 TUAS attractive amongst applicants
06.01.14 TUAS reduces costs by reorganising administration
06.01.14 Vice Rector Saara Lampelo will leave her post in December
06.01.14 VIRTU – vitalise your life
04.01.14 Mastering internationality
04.01.14 Second International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology, Lisbon, Portugal
04.01.14 Fourth International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems, Lisbon, Portugal
04.01.14 'International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems', Lisbon, Portugal
04.12.13 Tizen Developer Lab в Санкт-Петербурге
04.12.13 Tizen Developer Lab в Нижнем Новгороде
04.12.13 Tizen Developer Lab в Ярославле
04.12.13 Tizen Developer Lab & Hackathon в Санкт-Петербурге
28.11.13 14th FRUCT Conference: Registration
26.11.13 14th FRUCT Conference: Accommodation
21.11.13 Program of the 13th FRUCT conference has been published