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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
27.11.17 Smart TV Medicine Tracker
27.11.17 Страница новостей о грантах и стипендиях на обучение
27.11.17 Tourist Attraction Information Service
27.11.17 Heart Rate Measuring Using Mobile Phone`s Camera
27.11.17 TicksInfo Application: Information Guide on Ticks and Diseases They Transmit
27.11.17 Accelerometer-based gait analysis using mobile phones
27.11.17 Healthy restaurant (healthy choice)
27.11.17 Virtual road signs service
27.11.17 Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
27.11.17 The Cross-platform Application for Arrhythmia Detection
27.11.17 Contest CFP: make the best application for Intel Atom
27.11.17 Wikipedia
27.11.17 Проект создания Мобильного диагностического устройства.
27.11.17 Lightweight Authentication for Heterogeneous Information Systems
27.11.17 Asha Developers Challenge
27.11.17 Call to join MSc program on Smart Systems
27.11.17 Call for Participation in EIT ICT Labs Master School
27.11.17 We congratulate winners of Tizen Hackathon in Petrozavodsk
27.11.17 Registration to 14th FRUCT conference and collocated events
27.11.17 We congratulate winners of Tizen Hackathon in St.-Petersburg
27.11.17 We congratulate winners of Tizen Hackathon in Nizhny Novgorod
27.11.17 We congratulate winners of Tizen Hackathon in Novosibirsk
27.11.17 Call for Participation in the next round of International Master's programme on Security and Mobile Computing at Aalto University
27.11.17 Would you like to get grant for second education in Europe?
27.11.17 5th seminar program
27.11.17 openkarelia
27.11.17 Proceedings of 14th FRUCT in IEEE Xplore
26.11.17 European Commission Cordis
26.11.17 University of Helsinki
26.11.17 Tampere University of Technology
26.11.17 Kaunas University of Technology
25.11.17 Apurahahaku 2018
24.11.17 Stipendit
22.11.17 Apurahat
22.11.17 Diabetestutkimuksen apuraha
21.11.17 Apurahat
18.11.17 21st FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
17.11.17 S. Balandin, V. Niemi, T. Tyutina, Proceedings of the 21st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-2-4, 562 p., FRUCT Oy, e-ISSN 2343-0737 (license CC BY-ND)
16.11.17 FRUCT proceedings are now included to DOAJ
14.11.17 21st FRUCT Conference: Program
14.11.17 21st FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
09.11.17 Samuli Paulaharjun rahasto
08.11.17 Apurahat
07.11.17 21th FRUCT Conference: Demo section
06.11.17 21st FRUCT Conference: Venue map
03.11.17 Apuraha
03.11.17 Apurahat
02.11.17 Kuvajournalismin apurahat
02.11.17 Stipendit
02.11.17 Suuret kulttuurihankkeet
01.11.17 Apurahat
01.11.17 Apurahat
01.11.17 Apurahat ja avustukset
01.11.17 Apurahat Yhdysvaltoihin
01.11.17 Karjalan Kulttuurirahaston apurahat