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06.05.20 Irish Centre for High-End Computing Investigates possible link between Climate and Covid-19 25 April 2020
06.05.20 Innovation and reorientation key to tackling COVID-19, the EU’s innovation body says
06.05.20 HYDROPOWER EUROPE: Lessons learnt from the wider stakeholder process
06.05.20 How to use robots to tackle future global health crises like COVID-19
06.05.20 How to carry out rapid clinical research in combatting COVID-19
06.05.20 How citizens can change the world of solar energy
06.05.20 Free Webinar on EM Guidelines for data management – Expert Insights
06.05.20 BIOCOGEN 2030 forum launched to promote small and medium-scale CHP from biomass
06.05.20 The need for long time series
06.05.20 Reliability-based design of rock tunnel support
06.05.20 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University
06.05.20 Amyloid Beta – Biotherapy Target and Biotechnological Tool
06.05.20 Can smarter forest buffer strips along streams help to mitigate climate change?
06.05.20 Wireless Communication for Critical Control:Analysis and Experimental Validation
06.05.20 Capture Hi-C: a novel tool for functional association
06.05.20 New dissertation: The World Bank and the IMF undermines labour rights
05.05.20 High Greenhouse gas emissions from Western Siberian lakes
05.05.20 Umeå University statement on European approach for AI
05.05.20 STREAMS:Transformative Environmental Humanities
05.05.20 STREAMS:Transformative Environmental Humanities
05.05.20 Biological processes influence how Arctic rivers emit carbon dioxide
04.05.20 PhD students with a focus on cloud computing
04.05.20 Autonomous tools for high performance in large datacentres
04.05.20 Planning and Control of Uncertain Cooperative Mobile Manipulator-Endowed Systems under Temporal Logic Tasks
04.05.20 I'll miss the doctoral students
04.05.20 I'll miss the doctoral students
04.05.20 It’s time to replicate with Tampere
04.05.20 Facing a Brave New World with Carbon Neutrality
04.05.20 1st Opportunity to fund your EU – US NGI experiment! - NGIatlantic.eu launches its first Open Call
04.05.20 New strategy may improve tuberculosis treatment
04.05.20 IDS celebrates 10-year jubilee and continues to strive upwards
04.05.20 Exciting projects presented at start-up of sixth intake of industrial doctoral students ta projekt
04.05.20 Collaboration with industry generates funding for solar energy researchers
03.05.20 New insights into regulation of root initiation
03.05.20 Neutrinos in the ice indicate source of cosmic rays
03.05.20 Just One-Third of the World’s Longest Rivers Remain Free-Flowing
02.05.20 Trending Science: Combining physical distancing scenarios are best weapons to tackle COVID-19, study says
02.05.20 Project of the Month: Ramping up EU research excellence to combat COVID-19
02.05.20 Catching up with ColRobot: A robotic mobile manipulator ready to go and tailor-made for industry
02.05.20 Developing AI-robots for healthcare
02.05.20 Developing AI-robots for healthcare
02.05.20 Using prediction models to manage the coronavirus outbreak
01.05.20 Tiny woodlands are more important than previously thought
01.05.20 Umeå researcher on the top list of future biochemists
01.05.20 Umeå mathematics duo with article that tops philosophy research
01.05.20 New research charts an alternative imaginative path for design
01.05.20 New formal methods for natural language processing
01.05.20 Nasdaq chooses Umeå and its university
01.05.20 Mixed forests deliver more – but only if mixed correctly!
01.05.20 If a tree falls in a forest, can it lift itself up?
01.05.20 If a leaf can do it – we can do it too!
01.05.20 8 million SEK to expertise network for sample preparation
01.05.20 Moon Eclipse -time!
01.05.20 The Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
01.05.20 New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture