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01.06.20 Developing AI-robots for healthcare
01.06.20 Analytical and Numerical Methods to Estimate the Effective Mechanical Properties of Rutherford Cables
31.05.20 Tiny woodlands are more important than previously thought
31.05.20 The Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
31.05.20 New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture
31.05.20 Twelve centuries of European summer droughts
31.05.20 Two Umeå researchers on IVA's 100 list 2020
31.05.20 EDCTP 2020 calls for proposals
30.05.20 Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
30.05.20 Autonomous forestry and farming: how close we are?
30.05.20 Consolidating concepts of technology education
30.05.20 The European Research Council funds CIC biomaGUNE’s e-DOTS project with a 2.5-million-euro grant
30.05.20 Smarter, lighter exoskeletons to provide better mobility therapy
30.05.20 RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energy and community solutions: How much do you know about renewable energy communities?
30.05.20 New software for solving eigenvalue problems
30.05.20 Kempe funds 10 postdocs in AI and software for international leadership
30.05.20 How to develop sustainable and cost-efficient air mobility
29.05.20 Umeå University to lead prestigious AI program
29.05.20 Researchers make critical advances in quantifying methane released from the Arctic Ocean
29.05.20 The Global Research Data Alliance community response to the global COVID-19 pandemic
29.05.20 New tool exploring different paths the corona pandemic may take
29.05.20 Handiscover Startup is granted €1.6M from the European Union Funding, a program for startups, projects and SMEs
29.05.20 Free Market Analysis offered by ENRICH in China
29.05.20 Change and inertia in the development of Swedish engineering education
29.05.20 Be part of the ENRICH in China Community
29.05.20 An advanced software tool for enhancing the design of cleaner aero-engines
29.05.20 The Key to Intelligent Transportation Systems: Identity and Credential Management for Secure and Privacy-Preserving Vehicular Communication Systems
29.05.20 Model Developments to Study Some Aspects of Improving Efficiencies in EAF Plants
29.05.20 Cooperative Privacy and Security for Mobile Systems
29.05.20 Fuel-Efficient Look-Ahead Control for Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Varying Velocity Demands
29.05.20 TRENDING SCIENCE: Are masks the new face of our society? Science and the changing landscape of human expression
29.05.20 Project of the Month: Protecting vulnerable children by identifying child abusers from images of their hands
29.05.20 Cholesterol-lowering drugs associated with improved gut bacteria profile in obese individuals
29.05.20 Catching up with ALISA: A continued emphasis on international cooperation and innovative research for better nuclear safety
29.05.20 Mycoplasma pathogens sneaking past our line of defense
29.05.20 Doctoral student selected for Nobel meeting in Germany
29.05.20 Scientists discover how malaria parasites import sugar
28.05.20 The green gold that cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel
28.05.20 Problem-solving helps pupils to learn mathematics
28.05.20 Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology
28.05.20 Urban Regeneration Model from the Smart Cities and Communities project REMOURBAN
28.05.20 Unveiling ASTRABAT
28.05.20 Smart city: new indicators to measure the citizen response
28.05.20 If batteries are the question, calcium could be the answer
28.05.20 How to develop accurate and efficient methods for audiovisual content management
28.05.20 First insights from RENAISSANCE survey
28.05.20 Discover OSCOVIDA, the PaNOSC Open Science COVID Analysis platform, tracking data about COVID19 worldwide
28.05.20 2 Early Stage Researchers (PhD positions) available at the KU Leuven within the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN Project “comm4CHILD” (860755)
28.05.20 Theoretical Studies of Drug-Metabolizing Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
28.05.20 Advancing the state of geospatial electrification modelling: New data, methods, applications, insight and electrification investment outlooks
28.05.20 A multi-sector framework for accelerating renewable energy deployment in power, transport and industry
28.05.20 Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water
28.05.20 Clinical trials for COVID-19 continue across Europe
27.05.20 Yaowen Wu is awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in molecular biology