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25.09.19 Nano-vaccine offers hope for effective skin cancer treatment
25.09.19 New study offers hope for people suffering from chronic pain
25.09.19 Opportunity for space tech companies to accelerate their journey to scaling-up
25.09.19 Quantum computers to become portable
25.09.19 Real-time 4K video transmission made possible with high-speed millimetre wave technology
25.09.19 REMOURBAN presents its final brochure
25.09.19 Riding in the right direction: a Turkish city goes back to cycling
25.09.19 Risk Assessment of Effects at Nanoscale Level – Taking a Closer Look at the Mimotope Variation Analysis
25.09.19 Skirmishing Aggressive Cancers with Simultaneous Caspase 3 & 9 Activation and Cyclin D2 & B1 and MMP-9 Suppression: Pro-Apoptopic Therapy
25.09.19 Skirmishing with Aggressive Cancers via promoting Pro-Apoptopic Enzyme Activity and Dual Suppression of Pro-Malignant Protein & Endopeptidases Part 2
25.09.19 The Neuronet Coordination and Support Action on neurodegeneration research launches its website
25.09.19 The path towards a career in STEM focusing on light-related technologies
25.09.19 Trending Science: Major UN report sounds the alarm about global warming
25.09.19 Trending Science: Our galaxy is warped and twisted
25.09.19 Trending Science: Scientists discover new pain organ in skin
25.09.19 Two heads better than one? Homing pigeons flap faster to fly together
25.09.19 Would you like Research in Europe to be more FAIR?
25.09.19 Wrap up of an inspiring EuroHPC Summit Week 2019
25.09.19 Catching up with FUSION: If ‘money is the root of all evil’, what’s the alternative?
25.09.19 EU Particle Physics & Astronomy commit to the Research Data Revolution making the European Open Science Cloud a reality
25.09.19 Optimized dual-time-window protocols for quantitative [18F]flutemetamol and [18F]florbetaben PET studies
25.09.19 Project of the Month: Next Generation Internet building on EU-US collaboration
25.09.19 Unlocking European & Brazilian market innovation through secure cloud & IT services at Cloudscape Brazil
25.09.19 VICTORIA upcoming Analytics Contest Event
25.09.19 Innovative structural details using high strength steel for steel bridges
25.09.19 Innovative structural details using high strength steel for steel bridges
24.09.19 Elegant generation of multiple beams for filming electron motion
24.09.19 Judith Sarneel is hosting the university's research blog
23.09.19 Bank branches and Entrepreneurship
23.09.19 Bank branches and Entrepreneurship
23.09.19 Plant communities do not take the same route from A to B as from B to A
23.09.19 Plant professor awarded Umeå University Medal of Merit
23.09.19 Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
23.09.19 Energy researchers gather and test drive hydrogen car
23.09.19 How the wolf became a dog
23.09.19 How the wolf became a dog
23.09.19 Luna-2 and Luna-3, 60 years ago – ten years before Neil Armstrong.
22.09.19 Gaining new experience through a doctoral student exchange in South Korea
22.09.19 Erik Elmroth new member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
22.09.19 How will tenants save money with renewable energies?
22.09.19 Mixtape at a museum? How to create emotional encounters with art and cultural heritage
22.09.19 Mobility: getting the mix right
22.09.19 New app to assess agricultural soil and improve its quality
22.09.19 Press Release: PHIDIAS – Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services
22.09.19 Prestigious medal to molecular biologist at Umeå University
22.09.19 Seed money sows seeds for new doctoral students at the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation
22.09.19 Testing designed carbon materials to purify wastewater
22.09.19 Trending Science: Want to save the planet? Eat humans
22.09.19 Preparedness in focus in central Umeå
22.09.19 Space physicists sends instrument to target comets
22.09.19 Chemists celebrate 150 years with the periodic system
22.09.19 Topics in Work Force Management in a Contact Center Context
21.09.19 Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
21.09.19 Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Science and Technology
21.09.19 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes