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Latest changes and updates on the site

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01.03.12 QML training in Moscow (in Russian)
28.02.12 FRUCT Social Network Known Issues
24.02.12 Permanent "Smart Grid" position at the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Barcelona
23.02.12 QML training in Moscow (in Russian)
21.02.12 История FRUCT
20.02.12 On the Edge of Wireless Evolution – Latest 3G and 4G developments and trends in 3GPP training
15.02.12 Call for Participation in International Master's programme on Security and Mobile Computing at Aalto University
07.02.12 Training positions to the students of technology and science.
03.02.12 Поддержка образования
30.01.12 Mobile device oriented projects
30.01.12 Mobile Healthcare
30.01.12 Embedded Networks
30.01.12 Network technologies and air Interface
27.01.12 PhD position in Distribute​d Systems available, Karlstad University, Sweden
23.01.12 FRUCT Security WG
20.01.12 Mobile Technologies Winter School in Petrozavodsk: QML (in Russian)
19.01.12 Training on QtQuick and Components in St-Petersburg (in Russian)
16.01.12 FRUCT won in Most Innovative Business Model nomination of Russian Mobile VAS Award
09.01.12 Mobile Linux, OSS and Maemo/MeeGo Systems
04.01.12 Congratulations to the winners of a series of Qt contests in Russia
04.01.12 Take part in Mobile Data Challenge organized by Nokia
04.01.12 Video of Qt training in Russian
04.01.12 FRUCT become the regional sister society of IEEE Communications Society
28.12.11 Summer University 2010 - Telecommunication at DTU Fotonik
22.12.11 Call for Participation in QtQuick trainings
02.12.11 10th FRUCT Conference: Registration
02.12.11 Qt Quick for Mobile Development
02.12.11 Basics of H.264/AVC Video Compression
02.12.11 Training on QtQuick and Components in Yaroslavl (in Russian)
28.11.11 UbiComm 2011
22.11.11 ICUMT 2010
22.11.11 ICUMT 2009
22.11.11 ruSmart 2009
22.11.11 ruSmart 2008
20.11.11 Деятельность
20.11.11 Участники
20.11.11 События
14.11.11 VIII Mobile VAS Conference
14.11.11 FRUCT 10 conference
14.11.11 Semantic Web conference
13.11.11 The new design of FRUCT web forum
13.11.11 Program of the 10th FRUCT conference is published
13.11.11 Call for Participation in IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing
07.11.11 Ubiq Mobile training
07.11.11 Platform security seminar
27.10.11 9th FRUCT conference registration
27.10.11 Accommodation
27.10.11 Venue
27.10.11 Mobile week in N.Novgorod
27.10.11 ICUMT 2011
27.10.11 CEE-SECR 2011
27.10.11 Call for paper to the 10th FRUCT conference (submission deadline September 19, 2011)
26.10.11 FRUCT March Newsletter
26.10.11 Win Nokia N900: challenge for Russian MAEMO developers
26.10.11 Libmeegotouch: Touch Everywhere (MeeGo Training)