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Updated date Title
25.07.19 Plant professor awarded Umeå University Medal of Merit
25.07.19 Plant communities do not take the same route from A to B as from B to A
25.07.19 Accelerating the Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Curriculum
25.07.19 Accelerating the Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Curriculum
25.07.19 Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
25.07.19 Robotic, flexible needle for more effective cancer treatment
25.07.19 How the wolf became a dog
25.07.19 How the wolf became a dog
25.07.19 Luna-2 and Luna-3, 60 years ago – ten years before Neil Armstrong.
24.07.19 Gaining new experience through a doctoral student exchange in South Korea
24.07.19 Erik Elmroth new member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
24.07.19 Prestigious medal to molecular biologist at Umeå University
24.07.19 Testing designed carbon materials to purify wastewater
24.07.19 Seed money sows seeds for new doctoral students at the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation
24.07.19 Preparedness in focus in central Umeå
24.07.19 Space physicists sends instrument to target comets
24.07.19 Chemists celebrate 150 years with the periodic system
24.07.19 The IMI EHDEN Consortium Launches Its First Open Data Partner Call
24.07.19 Energetic Start into the Summer Break: New Publications by the European IP Helpdesk
24.07.19 The Future of Modular Microserver Technology with M2DC
23.07.19 Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
23.07.19 Smart solutions for tomorrow’s energy-efficient buildings
23.07.19 Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Science and Technology
23.07.19 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
23.07.19 Can Earth Life Survive on Mars?
23.07.19 Umeå Institute of Design ranked best in the world
23.07.19 The head of department and deputy head of Umeå School of Architecture resign
23.07.19 AI professor keynote speaker at world conference in Umeå
23.07.19 Action to save bees and other insects in Northern Sweden!
23.07.19 Research points to discrimination in European hiring practices
22.07.19 New EU-funded research will build a novel more efficient cogeneration engine running on renewables
22.07.19 How to communicate the bioeconomy: 10 insights from the BioCannDo project
22.07.19 Building renovations: social aid to accept the change
22.07.19 Building energy efficient communities
22.07.19 Better diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and ophthalmologic diseases results from European project “EXTRA”.
22.07.19 VIRTeu Design Challenge: rethinking the connected home
22.07.19 Wood treated with wood: Foreco joins Bio4Products to develop bio-based preservative
22.07.19 How to prepare SMEs for the uptake of additive manufacturing
21.07.19 Transforming the EU power grid to realise climate goals
21.07.19 Trending Science: Mysterious black hole discovered that shouldn’t exist
21.07.19 Arctic lakes and rivers can lose the diversity of freshwater species
21.07.19 Water Exists as Two Different Liquids
21.07.19 Sahara greening intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide
21.07.19 Three ERC Advanced Grants to Stockholm University
21.07.19 High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats
21.07.19 Thiamine deficiency in wildlife more widespread than previously thought
21.07.19 Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises
21.07.19 Drought-tolerant species thrive despite returning rains in the Sahel
18.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
05.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Registration
05.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Program
05.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
05.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
04.07.19 25th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Registration
04.07.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation