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20.10.18 29.11.2017: Natural Language Processing Systems for Business Intelligence
20.10.18 30.11.2017: Teaching demonstration and presentation of the candidate for the position in computer science on 30.11.
20.10.18 01.12.2017: Kick-off event of HiData - Helsinki Centre for Data Science
20.10.18 04.12.2017: Teaching skills demonstration for MOOC University lecturer position
20.10.18 13.12.2017: The Artificial Intelligence Day (AI Day)
20.10.18 13.12.2017: Indexing Paths in Genome Graphs
20.10.18 20.12.2017: Third-Generation RNA-Sequencing Analysis: Graph Alignment and Transcript Assemby with Long Reads
20.10.18 09.01.2018: Performative hybrid interaction: Understanding planned events across collocated and mediated interaction spheres
20.10.18 22.01.2018: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Confident Bayesian Learning of Graphical Models"
20.10.18 05.02.2018: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Studying mutational processes in cancer"
20.10.18 19.02.2018: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning and Stochastic Control in Gaussian Process Driven Physical Systems"
20.10.18 26.02.2018: Crowdsensed Mobile Data Analytics
20.10.18 01.03.2018: Implicit Interaction with Textual Information using Physiological Signals
20.10.18 19.03.2018: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Fun With Relative Distance Comparisons"
20.10.18 22.03.2018: Exploring the Dynamics of the Biocybernetic Loop in Physiological Computing
20.10.18 Meshed offshore transmission grids key to a sustainable energy future
20.10.18 Electric mobility: opportunities and challenges
20.10.18 Discovering the secrets of business success in modern rural areas
20.10.18 Increased performance and lifetime of lithium batteries in renewable energy facilities
20.10.18 Ridding our waters of plastic waste with jellyfish filters
20.10.18 Carbocation Catalysis for Organic Synthesis
20.10.18 Mapping Individual Voice Quality over the Voice Range - the Measurement Paradigm of the Voice Range Profile
20.10.18 Language café in French for employees
20.10.18 Creating the Chemical Sensors of the Future
20.10.18 On the Agglomeration of Particles in Exhaust Gases
20.10.18 Ground Improvement by Dry Deep Mixing Lime-Cement Column Panels as Excavation Support
20.10.18 Flexible electrical and photoelectrical artifical synapses for neuromorphic systems
20.10.18 Functionalization of spider silk with affinity and bioactive domains via genetic engineering for in vitro disease diagnosis and tissue engineering
19.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
19.10.18 B-verify="e635f56fa468c4002baabe148ec309fca494446f"
19.10.18 Can schools of fish be identified without human intervention? An international initiative shows how
19.10.18 Protein interaction helps Yersinia cause disease
19.10.18 New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
19.10.18 Printed solar cell set to transform electronics manufacturing
19.10.18 Fostering excellence in material physics innovation in the Baltics
19.10.18 Trending Science: Scientists create healthy mice with same-sex parents for first time ever
19.10.18 Silicon nanowire based devices for More than Moore Applications
19.10.18 Integrated Nanophotonic Devices in Lithium Niobate
19.10.18 On Catalytic Mechanisms for Rational Enzyme Design Strategies
19.10.18 Probing nonlinear electrical properties at the nanoscale
19.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Program
19.10.18 Draft program of the 23rd FRUCT conference has been published
18.10.18 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.10.18 The first cybersecurity and privacy club for European SMEs – A chance to validate, test and adopt new services from R&I
18.10.18 TETRAMAX launches the largest pan-European technology brokerage network on customized low-energy computing
18.10.18 The Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference Press Release.
18.10.18 RDA is calling on domain-specific data experts to join its Ambassador programme
18.10.18 FET2RIN 2018-2019 training is now open for registrations!
18.10.18 Modelling and Management of Uncertainty in Production Systems - from Measurement to Decision
18.10.18 Lunch for network for doctoral students at KTH who identify as women (WOP)
18.10.18 µCT based characterization of biomaterial scaffold microstructure under compression
18.10.18 Nanocellulose and chitosan based films as low cost, green piezoelectric materials
18.10.18 Winner of 2018 Lindsay Laird Award Announced
18.10.18 Designing smarter cities using computer game thinking
18.10.18 An innovative procedure improves the control of liquid intake during haemodialysis