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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
13.01.14 KTU Tops among Lithuanian Universities in January 2011 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
13.01.14 Orientation Days for International Students
13.01.14 KTU participates in international knowledge exibition “Self-Education Studies Career 2011”
13.01.14 The biggest KTU conference focus on science and technology potential
13.01.14 KTU professor is to represent European and Central Asian region in international organization
13.01.14 Seasonal Greetings
13.01.14 Tertio will be closed 17 December-4 January
13.01.14 Library closed 19th December
13.01.14 Dean Heikki Hellman elected to the board of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)
13.01.14 Large Movember grant to Tapio Visakorpi's research group
12.01.14 Zeppelin findings
12.01.14 Comfortably multilingual
12.01.14 Microcredits no shortcut to happiness
12.01.14 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry gives lecture at Umeå University – at 13:00
12.01.14 Umeå Plant Science Centre professor receives Linné award in botany
12.01.14 How to plan your career as a PhD student - extended registration deadline
10.01.14 Jukka Kola elected as rector of the University of Helsinki
10.01.14 Plants and microbes cooperate to clean up contaminated soil
10.01.14 Drug residues in Swedish sewage water
10.01.14 Better preparedness against Tamiflu-resistant influenza viruses
10.01.14 Nobel Laureate in chemistry to visit Umeå University
10.01.14 Drug residues in Swedish sewage water
10.01.14 New issue of Education Inquiry (Vol 4, No 4, 2013)
10.01.14 Better preparedness against Tamiflu-resistant influenza viruses
10.01.14 Extinction of insects affects water conditions
10.01.14 Arcada invites you to the premiere of the movie "The Bull on the Roof"
10.01.14 Saco fair in Stockholm, Sweden
10.01.14 Teeviit fair i Tallin, Estonia
10.01.14 Job Board – the recruitment channel to thousands of Arcada students and graduates
10.01.14 Arcada celebrates Svenska dagen
10.01.14 NOBANET - A helping hand for the local businessman
10.01.14 Opening hours of Arcada and the Information desk during the summer
10.01.14 Additional application to Plastics Technology
10.01.14 Detailed cancer diagnostics with new analysis method
10.01.14 Long-awaited gathering place for 67,000 students
10.01.14 Researchers constrain the sources of climate- and health-afflicting air pollution from China
10.01.14 Humans causing rapid evolution in Baltic Sea fish
10.01.14 Young teenagers playing violent video games become accustomed to violence
10.01.14 Students - We need your help again!
10.01.14 Mentor me!
10.01.14 The IT Department needs a student assistant for IT-support and the Helpdesk
10.01.14 Who wish to be certified to teach in English as an international language in the spring of 2014
10.01.14 Commencement of employment in December 2013
10.01.14 Professeur des universités - Droit privé et sciences criminelles
10.01.14 Professeur des universités - Droit public
10.01.14 Professeur des universités - Chimie théorique, physique, analytique
10.01.14 Assistant professor
10.01.14 Senior researcher in (nano)electronic devices and technology (m/f)
10.01.14 Junior Field Service Engineer
10.01.14 Scientific Innovation Expert in Treatment for industrial Liquid Effluent M/F Permanent position
10.01.14 Post-doc researcher in Computer Science (or related field)
10.01.14 Organic Chemist (m/f)
10.01.14 Junior Project Managers (m/f)
10.01.14 Researcher in Nanocomposite Thin Film Plasma Deposition (m/f)
10.01.14 Digital Signal Processing R & D Engineer (Full-Time)