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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
29.05.12 On the Edge of Mobile Evolution
29.05.12 Nokia for Developers
29.05.12 Smart-M3 based applications
29.05.12 Dimension of the minimal cover and fractal analysis of time series
29.05.12 Internet of Things
29.05.12 ICT ecosystem of Oulu region
29.05.12 From Science to R&D Business
29.05.12 Privacy and security in older adults independent living assistance platform
29.05.12 Mobile monitoring of vital parameters: aims, instruments and current state of implementation of mHealth projects worldwide and in Russia
29.05.12 A Day Made of Glass Made possible by Corning
29.05.12 The Future of Telecommunications: a look at the technology evolution that will shape the telecom in the last part of this decade
29.05.12 Qt contributions in many shapes and forms
29.05.12 Smart-M3 hands-on training slides
29.05.12 Mobile Trusted Computing
29.05.12 Охраняемые результаты интеллектуальной деятельности
29.05.12 Зачем нужен патент и как его получить?
29.05.12 Context-driven data mining and knowledge extraction
29.05.12 Future Telecommunications to make the Information Society a seamless reality
29.05.12 Application perspective on wireless communication medium challenges
29.05.12 Simulations and QoS in Modern Mobile Networks
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Platform security training
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Smart-M3 platform training
29.05.12 8th FRUCT: Libmeegotouch: Touch Everywhere (MeeGo Training)
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Future services and Smart-M3
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Embedded Networks
29.05.12 MeeGo summer school: Nokia business ecosystem
29.05.12 Week of Mobile Techologies: Qt training
29.05.12 Week of Mobile Techologies: Maemo training
29.05.12 Week of Mobile Techologies in Nizhny Novgorod
29.05.12 4th Nokia week in St-Petersburg: Qt тренинг
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: Qt training for beginners (in Russian)
29.05.12 4th Nokia week in St-Petersburg: Smart-M3 Training
29.05.12 4th Nokia Week: Legal aspects in Open Source (in Russian)
29.05.12 4th Nokia week in St-Petersburg: MAEMO тренинг
29.05.12 Training on QtQuick and Components in St-Petersburg
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: Maemo 5 training for beginners (in Russian)
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: Legal status of Open Source (in Russian)
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: Smart-M3 platform training (in English)
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: SDL modeling workshop (in Russian)
29.05.12 Advanced Qt SDK: simplified development - simplyfied offering!
29.05.12 7th FRUCT: Advanced Qt SDK training (in Russian)
24.05.12 Qt Winter School in Petrozavodsk
24.05.12 6th FRUCT: Smart-M3 hands-on training
24.05.12 6th FRUCT: Mobile Trusted Computing
24.05.12 6th FRUCT: Qt hands-on training
24.05.12 Business+Technologies School: Web runtime training
24.05.12 2nd Russian Maemo conference: Maemo 5 training
24.05.12 Business+Technologies School: Future Services
24.05.12 Business+Technologies School: Smart-M3 introduction
24.05.12 Business+Technologies Summer School 2009
24.05.12 Business+Technologies Summer School 2008
24.05.12 5th FRUCT: Maemo hands-on training
24.05.12 4th FRUCT: Symbian training for academics
24.05.12 4th FRUCT
24.05.12 Business+Technologies School: WidSets training