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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
23.01.14 Diploma Supplement label awarded to TUAS
23.01.14 International teachers got to know TUAS
23.01.14 Open4Bisnes Seminar 22nd March
23.01.14 “It is rather a way of life than work”
23.01.14 ENGINES project developed new standards
23.01.14 Frolics and facts for exchange students
23.01.14 Dear cooperation partner of TUAS
23.01.14 TUAS is known in Swaziland
23.01.14 Student entrepreneurs from TUAS represented Finland
23.01.14 Studio Hilla takes competence to the international market
23.01.14 Christmas Sales Arts Academy
23.01.14 The latest newsletter of CARPE network is out
23.01.14 Read about our activities in the Sun Ship
23.01.14 Baltic Sea Doctor on call
23.01.14 A unique maritime research model established in Turku
23.01.14 RDI Day presented TUAS' projects
23.01.14 Eco-efficient and resident-based construction in the Baltic Sea region
23.01.14 Turku and Satakunta Universities of Applied Sciences look into closer cooperation opportunities
23.01.14 TUAS BusinessAcademy team victorious
23.01.14 Southern Finland invests in developing the gaming industry
23.01.14 Traditional media at a turning point
23.01.14 TUAS Arts Academy student Anna Heinonen awarded 
23.01.14 Aalto-1 – Finland’s first satellite
23.01.14 The stars of science twinkled at Researchers’ Night
23.01.14 The incorporation of Turku University of Applied Sciences PLC
23.01.14 Will technology be the answer to municipalities’ challenges?
23.01.14 International cooperation in the field of Health Care
23.01.14 New European strategic network takes another step forward
23.01.14 Top Bioinformatics Contributions of 2013
23.01.14 Awards at the Department of Computer Science
23.01.14 Blog: NODES/KOPS Glögi 2013
22.01.14 Seventh International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, Vienna, Austria
22.01.14 'Long-term Performance of the Engineered Barrier System (PEBS) Final Conference', Hannover, Germany
22.01.14 Spanish Professor to Deliver Lectures on Chaos Control Laws
22.01.14 KTU Signs Quadripartite Agreement on Launching Mobile Applications Lab
22.01.14 Salford University Professor to Deliver Lectures on Marketing
22.01.14 International Student’s Day
22.01.14 Italian Scientist to Deliver Lectures on Financial Crisis Management
22.01.14 2nd International Conference „Music and Technologies“
22.01.14 Kaunas University of Technology Seeks to Become a Global Knowledge and Competence Centre
22.01.14 KTU Opens International Student Basketball League with First Match
22.01.14 Open Seminars with Foreign IT Experts
22.01.14 Invitation to Open Lectures on Civil Society in the European Union by prof. Henri Malosse
22.01.14 Meet us at the International Education Fair in Tbilisi, Georgia on 23-26 February, 2012
22.01.14 KTU Celebrates its 90th Anniversary
22.01.14 07/02/14: Localization of Human Resource Management Practices in China: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Approach
22.01.14 24/01/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of biomedical engineering and biophysics, M.Sc. Ajay Mahalka
22.01.14 06/02/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of theoretical and computational physics, M.Sc. Nino Samadashvili
22.01.14 07/02/14: Understanding Consumer Value and Consumption Community Evolution
22.01.14 Success Stories - Visions of our moody sun
22.01.14 Ola Olsson new member of Sida's Research Committee
22.01.14 Master's students within Innovation and Entrepreneurship, finalists in Volvo Groups innovation event "JAM IT"
22.01.14 Foreign Students Met the Rector of Šiauliai University and NATO Soldiers
22.01.14 Erasmus Mobility Issues were Discussed in PRIME Conference in Lithuania
22.01.14 ES Ambassador Vygaudas Ušackas Shared His Impressions about Afghanistan