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02.03.18 Warmer climate can give Europe dengue fever
02.03.18 Trending Science: Artificial intelligence, a curse or a blessing? Experts call for action to face security threats
02.03.18 From billions to none: The passenger pigeon’s genes tell us why
02.03.18 EUA issues Energy Action Agenda for universities and calls on policymakers to take note
02.03.18 AIRMES Newsletter #2 is now available
02.03.18 Ankstyvą pavasarį startuoja KTU bendrabučių sporto žaidynės „Barakiada‘18“
01.03.18 03/14/18: Fintech Seminar Series Spring 2018 - Practical Questions and Solutions
01.03.18 The BRICKER video
01.03.18 CIC bioGUNE researchers discover a relationship between Townes-Brocks Syndrome and primary cilia
01.03.18 How supergrids can support the integration of renewable energy
01.03.18 Topographic correction methods to improve satellite image interpretation
01.03.18 Tumour behaviour could explain why animals diversified on Earth
01.03.18 A quantum leap for silicon chips: Spin-photon coupling now a reality
01.03.18 Smart buildings: predictive maintenance is crucial
01.03.18 #AttractYoung - Attracting Young Talents to Imagine the Detectors of the Future
01.03.18 Reflecting on a greener future - URBAN GreenUP holds its periodic meeting in Izmir to study the project’s different facets and forthcoming actions
01.03.18 Cork – High-tech flooring from nature
01.03.18 REMOURBAN and fellow projects in Brussels for a series of smart cities workshops
01.03.18 European Leadership through Disruptive Technologies - Future and Emerging Technologies towards 2030
01.03.18 Graphene-enhanced position sensors solve all industry problems at once
01.03.18 Using graphene for flawless tunnelling accelerometers
01.03.18 Ninth AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access Now Open: Fully EC-Funded Access to Top-Class Aquaculture Research Infrastructures Across Europe
01.03.18 Basque researchers turn light upside down
01.03.18 Magnetic e-skins usher in new era in sensor engineering
01.03.18 Trending Science: What if we’re not alone? New study suggests how humanity could respond to the discovery of alien life
01.03.18 Research policy and research education
01.03.18 Presentation of the exhibition Welfare Panels
01.03.18 Research policy and research education
01.03.18 Tutkimusapurahat
01.03.18 Apurahat
01.03.18 Stipendit
01.03.18 Exploring shippers, logistics service providers and their relationships in faciliating green logistics
28.02.18 03/08/18: Seminar: “Empowering Women in Business Leadership”
28.02.18 International Researchers Are Feeling at Home in KTU Laboratories
28.02.18 03/23/18: Outo kantele album release concert
28.02.18 How municipalities can work with digitalisation for environmental aims
28.02.18 Large grant to Umeå Institute of Design for research on how we are affected by our digital things
28.02.18 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
28.02.18 Children with marginally low birth weight need treatment
28.02.18 11.02.2010: Flexible Data-centric Networking with the PADRES Publish/Subscribe System
28.02.18 03.02.2010: The Rector will discuss the new university strategy
28.02.18 04.03.2010: Software Factory opening ceremony
28.02.18 17.05.2010: Pervasive 2010
28.02.18 19.05.2010: Foundation Matters
28.02.18 26.03.2010: PhD student poster exhibition
28.02.18 29.03.2010: Keepon: A social robot for research, therapy, and entertainment
28.02.18 15.04.2010: End-to-Middle Authentication in Multi-Hop Networks
28.02.18 28.05.2010: Workshop on Algorithms and Applications
28.02.18 17.05.2010: TRIC - A Trust and Reputation Infrastructure for Virtual Communities
28.02.18 20.05.2010: The role of N02 in atmospheric chemistry
28.02.18 06.05.2010: A test lecture in Finnish: "Miten suunnitella hyvä käyttöliittymä?"
28.02.18 19.05.2010: WISEciti Public Seminar 2010!
28.02.18 02.06.2010: SUMMER 2010 excursion to Tallinn
28.02.18 07.06.2010: MY Camp -science camp for top teenagers in the World in Kumpula June 7, 2010
28.02.18 07.06.2010: Oppivat aliavaruusluokittimet