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Updated date Title
03.06.19 Hydrodynamics considerations in cells systems from ocean flow to perfusion cultivation process
02.06.19 NanoPack Antimicrobial Film Extends Shelf Life of Fresh Cherries by 40%
02.06.19 REHAP April partner meeting round-up
02.06.19 Yaowen Wu is awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in molecular biology
02.06.19 Simulation of deformable objects transported in fluid flow
02.06.19 Optimal damping and slow sound in ducts
02.06.19 Trending Science: First quake detected on Mars
02.06.19 Behind the scenes of Russia’s foreign policy-making
02.06.19 Project of the Month: Innovative Spanish SME launches its highly efficient and environmentally-friendly SmartPodX
02.06.19 Researchers investigate ways to make the MENA region’s forecasted future come to pass
02.06.19 Catching up with Greenrail: Smart sleeper technology promises a railway revolution
02.06.19 Improving EU crisis response for more effective conflict prevention
02.06.19 How to improve EU actions to resolve crises beyond its borders
02.06.19 Novel device promises lower operating costs for rail sector
01.06.19 Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
01.06.19 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
01.06.19 AAL Forum 2019 – Call for poster presentations
01.06.19 Webinar highlights Sim4Blocks’ significant progress in delivering demand response services across the EU
01.06.19 Combining neuroscience and computing, the Human Brain Project reveals the brain’s secrets
01.06.19 Understanding how the brain’s structure and functions generate consciousness
01.06.19 When virtual brain models meet real and simulated robot bodies
01.06.19 The Virtual Brain simulates the brain to reveal the origins of disorders
01.06.19 Shaping the ethical direction of the HBP for the public interest
01.06.19 Sim4Blocks at Sustainable Places 2019
01.06.19 Webinar highlights Rehap’s progress in biomass feedstock and valorisation for the EU
31.05.19 Advanced detection tool to limit the spread of devastating tree pathogens
31.05.19 Fourteenth AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access Now Open: Fully EC-Funded Access to Top-Class Aquaculture Research Infrastructures Across Europe
31.05.19 New project launched to boost European marine and coastal economies by maximising research impact - EMPORIA4KT
31.05.19 Innovation of a Composite Drone for Vaccinating Dangerous Animals (CDVDA)
31.05.19 Aarhus – A city that does ageing the right way
31.05.19 NORDTEK Conference 2019
31.05.19 NORDTEK Conference 2019
31.05.19 How to face the chemical cocktail challenge
31.05.19 Trending Science: Will we be able to resurrect the dead?
31.05.19 Taking control of the wheel for stressed and exhausted drivers
30.05.19 Umeå University climbs on global university rankings in art and design
30.05.19 The power of training and gamification: How to influence energy use behaviour
30.05.19 Dynamic Optimization for Agent-Based Systems and Inverse Optimal Control
30.05.19 Dynamic Optimization for Agent-Based Systems and Inverse Optimal Control
29.05.19 Proceedings of the 24th FRUCT conference are now included to ACM DL indexing
29.05.19 FAIRsFAIR: THE FAIR data hub addressing the data culture change in Europe
29.05.19 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
29.05.19 Asymptotic and universal spectral estimates with applications in many-body quantum mechanics and spectral shape optimization
29.05.19 Wind-turbine wakes - Effects of yaw, shear and turbine interaction
29.05.19 Power and Performance Optimization for Network-on-Chip based Many-Core Processors
29.05.19 Mediterranean plant-based extracts point the way to healthy weight loss
28.05.19 Optimized dual-time-window protocols for quantitative [18F]flutemetamol and [18F]florbetaben PET studies
28.05.19 Tailor-made enzymatic solutions reduce time and cost of biorefinery processes
28.05.19 Early bird registration opens for the AAL Forum for healthy ageing
28.05.19 Webinar: Biomass feedstock and valorisation
28.05.19 Quantum gas turns supersolid
28.05.19 Proposal submission deadline extended - RobMoSys
27.05.19 What is the business case for Responsible Innovation?
27.05.19 Urban Form and Mobility: Analysis and Information to Catalyse Sustainable Development
27.05.19 Towards a BIM-enabled facility management: promises, obstacles and requirements