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Updated date Title
03.11.18 Release of 23 citizens-based suggestions for Horizon 2020 topics
03.11.18 New Generation of Cleaning Tools for CSP Plants Reduces the Water Consumption
03.11.18 High-end Solutions to Extreme Climate Change in a New Online Resource
03.11.18 Launch of the BiodivERsA 2018-2019 Call for transnational research proposals: “Biodiversity and its influence on animal, human and plant health”
03.11.18 PrimeFish organises a workshop to explore possible ways to integrate the project outputs in the Blue Growth strategy
03.11.18 World’s first telescopic wind turbine installed in the Canary Islands
03.11.18 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
03.11.18 Towards model-based development of heavy truck synchronizers
03.11.18 Surface integrity and corrosion behavior of stainless steels after grinding operations
02.11.18 Greenhouse emissions from Siberian rivers peak as permafrost thaws
02.11.18 Workshop in Bioelectronic Medicine
02.11.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
02.11.18 25th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
02.11.18 25th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
02.11.18 Performance Analysis of Opportunistic Content Distribution via Data-driven Mobility Modeling
01.11.18 Trending Science: Scientists discover world’s oldest intact shipwreck
01.11.18 Conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors
01.11.18 Designing for shared energy responsibility
01.11.18 Art and Physics at Bildmuseet
01.11.18 IDEA19 workshop
01.11.18 AMICT19 workshop
31.10.18 25th FRUCT
31.10.18 25th FRUCT Conference: IDEA19 workshop
31.10.18 Payment page
31.10.18 25th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
31.10.18 25th FRUCT Conference: Program
31.10.18 25th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
31.10.18 Umeå Institute of Design ranked first by Red Dot
31.10.18 25th FRUCT Conference: 13th Workshop on Advances in Methods of Information and Communication Technology
31.10.18 Factsheets and slideshow on bio-based insulation materials and the bioeconomy
31.10.18 Life Cycle Assessment in Early Planning of Transport Systems: Decision Support at Network and Project Levels
31.10.18 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
31.10.18 24th FRUCT conference
31.10.18 Saving lives during cancer surgery by separating the good from the bad
31.10.18 Catching up with SHDS: Working towards stronger earthquake defences
31.10.18 Sailing towards a fully electric ferry
31.10.18 They are so damn grateful
30.10.18 HubIT International Workshop on 3rd December 2018, Vienna, Austria
30.10.18 Getting ready for the final step
30.10.18 Renovating buildings to save energy
30.10.18 The Power of Chatbots: Amplify the impact of your R&I projects with chatbots at ICT 2018 in Vienna
30.10.18 Monitoring Antibiotic Resistance
30.10.18 More antimicrobial resistance in pigs than in broilers in Europe
30.10.18 INCASI (International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities) has participated in XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology
30.10.18 First-ever online tool designed to calculate property energy efficiency
30.10.18 A Quantum Computer for Europe: Joining Forces for New FET Flagship Project OpenSuperQ
30.10.18 Inauguration - KTH Space Exhibition in Kista
30.10.18 In search of a new cure for cancer
30.10.18 PrimeFish starts its programme of webinars on the project outcomes
30.10.18 8M€ investment in CryoEM for Instruct-ERIC Spain Centre CNB/Instruct Image Processing Centre
30.10.18 All genes of the Aspen tree mapped (at last)
30.10.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
30.10.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Program
30.10.18 Enhancing Research Infrastructures with VRE4EIC components: the EPOS success story
30.10.18 Public Lecture By Max Tegmark Life 3.0: Living in the World of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark