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01.12.18 Optical Properties of Single Silicon Quantum Dots
01.12.18 Wireless Communication Networks for Time-critical Industrial Applications
01.12.18 Aerothermodynamics and exergy analysis in turbochager radial turbine
01.12.18 Change agents and use of visual management tools in care process redesign – implications on working conditions for operative managers and healthcare professionals
01.12.18 Ultra-Densification for Future Cellular Networks: Performance Analysis and Design Insights
01.12.18 Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from an Apatite Concentrate
01.12.18 Antimicrobial materials from cellulose using environmentally friendly techniques
01.12.18 Computational Modeling of the Vocal Tract with Applications to Speech Production
01.12.18 Steam condensation in a water pool and its effect on thermal stratification and mixing
30.11.18 Fast, Robust and Scalable Clustering Algorithms with Applications in Computer Vision
30.11.18 Factsheets and slideshow on bio-based insulation materials and the bioeconomy
30.11.18 Life Cycle Assessment in Early Planning of Transport Systems: Decision Support at Network and Project Levels
30.11.18 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
30.11.18 Trending Science: Did the dinosaurs have competition
30.11.18 A multiscreen experience of motorcycle racing
30.11.18 Saving lives during cancer surgery by separating the good from the bad
30.11.18 Catching up with SHDS: Working towards stronger earthquake defences
30.11.18 Sailing towards a fully electric ferry
30.11.18 Uncertainty quantification for high frequency waves
29.11.18 HubIT International Workshop on 3rd December 2018, Vienna, Austria www.hubit-project.eu
29.11.18 Getting ready for the final step
29.11.18 Renovating buildings to save energy
29.11.18 The Power of Chatbots: Amplify the impact of your R&I projects with chatbots at ICT 2018 in Vienna
29.11.18 Monitoring Antibiotic Resistance
29.11.18 More antimicrobial resistance in pigs than in broilers in Europe
29.11.18 INCASI (International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities) has participated in XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology
29.11.18 First-ever online tool designed to calculate property energy efficiency
29.11.18 A Quantum Computer for Europe: Joining Forces for New FET Flagship Project OpenSuperQ
29.11.18 Bringing European parallel programming technology to the Exascale era
29.11.18 Press Release: Measuring the potential energy flexibility of EU building stock
29.11.18 What’s the purpose of life? Genes could provide some answers, according to new study
29.11.18 Enhancing Research Infrastructures with VRE4EIC components: the EPOS success story
28.11.18 Researchers discover directional and long-lived nanolight in a 2D material
28.11.18 Recycled construction waste: building a more sustainable future
28.11.18 Women and terror
28.11.18 Levitation becomes a reality
28.11.18 QuantERA pre-announces 2nd Call for Proposals in the field of Quantum Technologies!
28.11.18 Correlations between holistic awareness of time and innovativeness
28.11.18 LeanGame, a digital training tool to implement lean philosophy
28.11.18 Organizational development-lean thinking through the LeanGame learning game
28.11.18 Spain set to solve grand energy challenges with neutron science
28.11.18 Bringing EU regions to the fore of innovation
28.11.18 Superfast all-RAM processors could bring high-performance computers to the masses
28.11.18 Fighting terrorism online: prevention is better than cure
28.11.18 Press Release: New paper provides forecast of agricultural harvesting residues in Europe
28.11.18 Methods for protein analysis by capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry
28.11.18 Scaling Distributed Hierarchical File Systems Using NewSQL Databases
28.11.18 Polymer extraction and utilization of brown algal biomass
27.11.18 mySMARTLife partner Hamburg welcomes all consortium partners to a study tour
27.11.18 New process for full use of softwood bark ready for production
27.11.18 Using OpenWhisk as a Polyglot Real-Time Event-Driven Programming Model in CLASS
27.11.18 NETfficient final project event at European Utility Week 2018
26.11.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Program