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12.07.18 Safer airport approaches with 3D satellite-based navigation
12.07.18 CIRCUSOL: Solar power business models towards a circular economy in Europe
12.07.18 Hacking into the City’s Infrastructure for a Brighter Future
12.07.18 The Factsheet with key messages about bio-based cleaning products is now available
12.07.18 The ways toward a Smart Regeneration of Cities and Regions is the core of the BY&FORCITIZENS Conference
11.07.18 Regenerative Wound Dressings Developed by Lithuanian Scientists Will Heal Deep Wounds
11.07.18 Restoration project nominated for EU prize
11.07.18 Restoration project nominated for EU prize
11.07.18 Restoration project nominated for EU prize
11.07.18 Internships for KTU Students in State-of-the-Art Beverage Studio
11.07.18 CITyFiED enters into its last year: it’s time to show the results and to meet the goal.
11.07.18 Developments in 2,3-butanediol production from biomass
11.07.18 A new intelligence ecosystem to fight terrorism and organised crime
11.07.18 BioCannDo Educational Post – Secondary Education
11.07.18 Bio-based insulation materials facts & myths
11.07.18 Register now for matchmaking opportunities in invertebrate-based solutions at AQUA 2018
11.07.18 How to improve recovery of electrical and electronic equipment waste
10.07.18 Let’s Celebrate Our Freedom: Free Concert for Kaunas
10.07.18 Netikėtos permainos aerobinės gimnastikos atstovėms nesutrukdė pasidabinti sidabro medaliais
10.07.18 The living situation for young refugees – Democracy and Architecture at Umeå School of Architecture
10.07.18 08/03/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, Johannes Haataja, M.Sc.(Tech.)
10.07.18 KTU Is Responding to the Growing Need of Aviation Engineers
10.07.18 Big science and industry join forces to innovate new space technologies
10.07.18 AMORPH.aero Capacity Planning at VINCI airport group: the Nantes Airport case study
10.07.18 Privacy - personal and political
09.07.18 KTU’s Regional Leadership in Food Science Recognised by Europe
09.07.18 08/20/18: ALGO 2018
09.07.18 08/29/18: StanCon 2018
09.07.18 08/13/18: ICER 2018
09.07.18 From jeans to fibres to garment tags: novel recycling for more sustainable fashion
09.07.18 Thinking like Peter Parker
09.07.18 Biomonitor – Monitoring the Bioeconomy
09.07.18 Liverpool, a frontrunner city in re-naturing public spaces
09.07.18 Photography by Jochen Lempert at Bildmuseet this summer
09.07.18 Eco-Visionaries exhibition opens at Bildmuseet
08.07.18 IDEA18 workshop
08.07.18 'Golden Age' ranking keeps Umeå in top 50
08.07.18 KTU Has Won €2.4 Million Funding for Attracting Top Academics
08.07.18 Trending Science: Dunes on Pluto? Maybe the dwarf planet is more like Earth
08.07.18 Coloured embroidery threads on demand save time, money and the environment
07.07.18 Building a large and easily searchable novel chemical database for more effective drug discovery
07.07.18 A human fossil species in western Europe could be close to a million years old
07.07.18 ECO-COMPASS Newsletter #3
07.07.18 A new cosmological theory points to a smaller, simpler, finite universe
07.07.18 Digital sovereignty: Power to the people
07.07.18 ECO-COMPASS Newsletter No 4
07.07.18 Imagining a new life for the street: improving public spaces and bringing innovation to the ground below us
07.07.18 Bulgaria Joins European Biobanking Research Infrastructure as Full Member
07.07.18 Why the CAP should widen its approach to resilience
07.07.18 Demonstrating biocomposites’ properties using Bio-Bridges
07.07.18 CERIC-ERIC Call for Proposals is now Open
07.07.18 Perovskite-silicon solar cell combination helps researchers achieve high efficiency in photovoltaic power generation
07.07.18 Preclinical research on new drug offers hope for tackling Rett syndrome
07.07.18 Harnessing the power of swarms
06.07.18 Structural basis of actin monomer re-charging by cyclase-Associated protein