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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
27.06.20 2 Early Stage Researchers (PhD positions) available at the KU Leuven within the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN Project “comm4CHILD” (860755)
27.06.20 Smart city: new indicators to measure the citizen response
27.06.20 If batteries are the question, calcium could be the answer
27.06.20 Discover OSCOVIDA, the PaNOSC Open Science COVID Analysis platform, tracking data about COVID19 worldwide
27.06.20 First insights from RENAISSANCE survey
27.06.20 How to develop accurate and efficient methods for audiovisual content management
27.06.20 Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water
26.06.20 The landscape determines how streams should be restored
26.06.20 Develops model for commercializing medical technology ideas
26.06.20 Umeå University’s staff tripled overnight
26.06.20 Umeå children in worldwide school project on AI
26.06.20 Making sense of complex tree data
26.06.20 Pike cause speciation in northern lakes
26.06.20 Pike cause speciation in northern lakes
26.06.20 Prestigious postdoctoral fellowships for malaria research in Umeå
26.06.20 Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solution of generalized fuzzy relation equations A ⇔X = B
26.06.20 Model predictive control for regular linear systems
26.06.20 Antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of indole derivative, N-(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl (4′-methylphenyl) methyl) indoline in breast cancer cells
26.06.20 50 million to hydrogen research for sustainable energy production
26.06.20 Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
25.06.20 ChipScope – a new approach to optical microscopy
25.06.20 Stronger Democratic Institutions Curb Populism
25.06.20 Perovskite – an element set to drive the next generation of urban solar power
25.06.20 E-ink panels and blockchain-based services: new smart mobility tools tested in Spain
25.06.20 Scientists “film” a quantum measurement
25.06.20 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
25.06.20 Umeå researchers take up the fight against covid-19 with SciLifeLab support
25.06.20 Collaboration award to pharmaceutical chemist
25.06.20 Researchers try new method to clean contaminated sediments
25.06.20 Helping energy policymakers navigate through the COVID-19 crisis
25.06.20 PaNOSC updates research data policy framework to be FAIR
25.06.20 A Multidomain Standards-Based Fog Computing Architecture for Smart Cities
25.06.20 Researchers try new method to clean contaminated sediments
25.06.20 Unique collaboration on IT and artificial intelligence
25.06.20 Multi-agent active information gathering in discrete and continuous-state decentralized POMDPs by policy graph improvement
25.06.20 Study on Decentralized Machine Learning and Applications to Wireless Caching Networks
25.06.20 Unique collaboration on IT and artificial intelligence
25.06.20 Climate researcher receives Umeå Municipality Scientific Award
25.06.20 IT engagement as a blessing and a curse? Examining its antecedents and outcomes in organizations
25.06.20 Relations and bounds for the zeros of graph polynomials using vertex orbits
25.06.20 Online tools for SMEs and public sector to better adopt renewable energy sources
25.06.20 Fundamentals of Polyethylene Composites for HVDC Cable Insulation – Interfaces and Charge Carriers
24.06.20 Biological Laboratory X-Ray Microscopy
24.06.20 Research project on digital twins on IVA's 100 list
24.06.20 Event-Based Simulation of a Decentralized Protection System Based on Secured GOOSE Messages
24.06.20 The more the better – but few samples have their advantages
24.06.20 AI research gets lot of media coverage
24.06.20 Outcomes of DIGI-B-CUBE webinars in May-June
24.06.20 4RinEU demonstration activities: where do we stand?
24.06.20 INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems
24.06.20 Online expert exchange enhances natural capital and ecosystem accounting in the EU
24.06.20 INtegrated and STANDardized NGS workflows FOR Personalized therapy (Instand-NGS4P) - a short presentation
24.06.20 Developing technologies to ensure profitable environmental protection