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Updated date Title
16.10.19 HubIT Annual Conference 2019
15.10.19 SEK 24 million to research on tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance
15.10.19 Large grant to Umeå Institute of Design for research on how we are affected by our digital things
15.10.19 Spaceships and Recycling Tips at UID18 – Umeå Institute of Design’s Degree Exhibition
15.10.19 Skytteanska samfundet prize to Nils Skoglund
15.10.19 Scalable Analysis of Large Datasets in Life Sciences
14.10.19 Cybersecurity for healthcare: human and legal perspectives
14.10.19 Growing vegetables in space? How to harvest plants under inhospitable conditions
14.10.19 The Kempe Foundation issues major funding for integrated structural biology
14.10.19 Brand Architecture from Above
14.10.19 Can satellites help solve the climate problem?
14.10.19 Can satellites help solve the climate problem?
14.10.19 Conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors
14.10.19 Almaz and TKS, hidden in full view
14.10.19 The European Commission is conducting a study on Big Data and B2B platforms: the next big opportunity for Europe
14.10.19 Water and energy: an intensifying interdependence
14.10.19 Logistics: the Achilles’ heel of the short food supply chain
14.10.19 Lower CO2 emissions on the horizon for cement
13.10.19 New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
13.10.19 Nordic Biochar Conference 2019
13.10.19 Nordic Biochar Conference 2019
13.10.19 Trending Science: Is the Loch Ness monster a really big eel?
13.10.19 SINE2020: The development of in-situ NMR
13.10.19 Made in Europe: Taking a major step towards building supercomputers
13.10.19 Smart city projects share policy recommendations in Brussels
13.10.19 Working on induced pluripotent stem cells? EBiSC2 wants your opinion
13.10.19 CENER organizes an international workshop for systems engineering in wind energy (WESE), coinciding with the final conference of CL-Windcon project
12.10.19 25th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
12.10.19 Avatar capital: The relationships between player orientation and their avatar's social, symbolic, economic and cultural capital
12.10.19 Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management - ScAIEM
12.10.19 Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management - ScAIEM
12.10.19 Echo, SCORE, Courier, Telstar and Relay – early telecom satellites
12.10.19 A finger on the pulse of sensor developments
11.10.19 Western Siberian rivers and lakes emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
11.10.19 Competence Center forGas Exchange (CCGEx) at
11.10.19 Competence Center forGas Exchange (CCGEx) at
11.10.19 Planning and Operation of Demand-Side Flexibility
11.10.19 Electricity markets operation planning with risk-averse agents: stochastic decomposition and equilibium
11.10.19 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
10.10.19 Reproducible science discussed at the Jupyter for Science workshop
10.10.19 How to tackle extremism among the young and radicalised
10.10.19 EOSC-Pillar Launches National Initiatives Survey
10.10.19 Widely used blood pressure drugs might put heart at risk
10.10.19 Dresden focuses on sustainable urban development for a climate-friendly future
10.10.19 Trending Science: Eating red meat isn’t bad for you, new study says
10.10.19 ESSIAL project
10.10.19 Smart city and wise city
10.10.19 New low-consumption diesel engine generates less contaminating particles
10.10.19 Have your say! Share your views on future ICT Research & Innovation Priorities between Brazil and Europe
10.10.19 Highlights from Cloudscape Brazil 2019 Post Event Report
10.10.19 The Future is Now: Taking Snapshots of Tomorrow with the Future Tech Week
10.10.19 A new European research initiative will develop innovative ways of detecting victims trapped under debris
10.10.19 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
10.10.19 An additional 20 million for AI competence