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Updated date Title
15.07.19 SYNERGI 2019
15.07.19 Startups, investors, and space tech experts join forces at Space Academy Helsinki
15.07.19 Deuterated Polymers for Neutron Techniques
15.07.19 MERIL Case study: Mapping out science in the Upper Rhine region
15.07.19 Multifunctional renewable energy
15.07.19 Fact-or-Myth: Bio-based, organic, biodegradable
15.07.19 SINE2020’s Neutrons for the Biotech Industry Event
15.07.19 Solar fuel breakthrough
15.07.19 Create your own plastic on the Bio-based plastic Street
15.07.19 Designing a Crystallization Chamber
15.07.19 BornAgain
15.07.19 SINE2020's Final General Assembly in Bilbao 2019
15.07.19 Early Adopters Programme: Webinar on 26 June at 15:00 CEST
15.07.19 On the way to spur uptake of electric and hybrid mobility
15.07.19 Low trophic aquaculture on the spotlight in new EU-funded project
15.07.19 SINE2020 WP10 gather for Workshop IV in Lund.
15.07.19 New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
15.07.19 Sonic Sensibilities: /Mis/communication/s/ – A Posthumanities Hub Session in collaboration with Fragmentarium Club
15.07.19 Sonic Sensibilities: /Mis/communication/s/ – A Posthumanities Hub Session in collaboration with Fragmentarium Club
15.07.19 Bike day and Sustainability Square at Campus Fair
15.07.19 EU-funded project HELIOS will redefine the future of Social Networks
15.07.19 A Novel Approach for The Treatment of Viral Diseases - Part 2
15.07.19 ROMEO continues to build reliable O&M strategies to reduce costs on offshore wind and showcases progresses in key events
15.07.19 A Novel Approach to Viral Disease Treatment: Direct Reduction of Systemic Viral Load via Semi-Synthetic Flavonol Glycosides
15.07.19 Dutch aquifers bank rainwater to help farmers avoid going bust
14.07.19 Trending Science: Don’t worry, be happy! New book scientifically examines worries
14.07.19 CORDIS attends the prestigious ‘Future of Building 2019’ conference
14.07.19 Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management - ScAIEM
14.07.19 Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management - ScAIEM
13.07.19 Clinical trial in Europe offers hope for asbestos-related cancer patients
13.07.19 EUBCE 2019: Showcasing what it takes to build the bioeconomy
12.07.19 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
12.07.19 EOSC-Pillar: mixing national recipes to build the European Open Science Cloud
12.07.19 Why science journalists must “tell the story” as well as deliver the data: CORDIS attends the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists, 2019
12.07.19 Automated charging technology for electric vehicles
12.07.19 Bio-based preparation of nanocellulose and functionalization using polyelectrolytes
12.07.19 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
12.07.19 An additional 20 million for AI competence
12.07.19 Resource-efficient soft exoskeleton for people with walking impediments
12.07.19 Trending Science: Plant a trillion trees to save the planet, study urges
12.07.19 Lifting the lid on biofuel for the transport sector, at EUBCE
12.07.19 Pointing the way to cleaner air in West Africa
12.07.19 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
11.07.19 An Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic Formulation with Simultaneous FMO3 / Nf-kappa B And PGE-2 Suppression Properties
11.07.19 Co-funding scheme for PhD programs within the VES4US project
11.07.19 How to use equity crowdfunding for financing innovative SMEs
11.07.19 EUBCE 2019 asks: what role for biomass when meeting development and climate targets?
11.07.19 Enter the VIRT-EU Design Challenge
11.07.19 Flying saucer with a wave engine
11.07.19 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
11.07.19 Academic Pride Parade
11.07.19 Effects of anode materials on electricity production from xylose and treatability of TMP wastewater in an up-flow microbial fuel cell
11.07.19 Evolving customer expectations of hospitality services: Differences in attribute effects on satisfaction and Re-Patronage
11.07.19 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University