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25.06.19 A Need-Based Approach towards Fostering Long-term Engagement with Eneeryg Feedback among Local Residents
25.06.19 A Need-Based Approach towards Fostering Long-term Engagement with Eneeryg Feedback among Local Residents
25.06.19 Big data and innovations for healthy bees
25.06.19 BTG commission world-first fast pyrolysis biorefinery pilot plant
25.06.19 Cerebrospinal upregulation of BDNF and NGF expression: A novel treatment for Neuro-Endocrinal Damage originated from Paralysis & Autoimmune Diseases
25.06.19 Cerebrospinal Upregulation of Endogenous Neurotrophics Part 2
25.06.19 Monte Carlo Simulations for Neutron Experiments
25.06.19 SINE2020 Supported Introductory Neutron Schools
25.06.19 SINE2020 Supports Matrac 2 Neutron School 2019
25.06.19 SINE2020: Deuteration of Biomolecules
25.06.19 3-D mechanical modeling of 20 T HTS clover leaf end coils - Good practices and lessons learned
25.06.19 Are architectural smells independent from code smells? An empirical study
25.06.19 Plant communities do not take the same route from A to B as from B to A
25.06.19 Accelerating the Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Curriculum
25.06.19 Accelerating the Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Curriculum
25.06.19 Robotic, flexible needle for more effective cancer treatment
25.06.19 How the wolf became a dog
25.06.19 How the wolf became a dog
25.06.19 Luna-2 and Luna-3, 60 years ago – ten years before Neil Armstrong.
24.06.19 Conference on Gender Equality Policies in Research Institutions: Promoting transformative and sustainable changes
24.06.19 EU Project Boosts Use of E-Vehicles in Valladolid
24.06.19 Gaining new experience through a doctoral student exchange in South Korea
24.06.19 Seed money sows seeds for new doctoral students at the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation
24.06.19 Testing designed carbon materials to purify wastewater
24.06.19 Direct-quenched and tempered low-C high-strength structural steel: The role of chemical composition on microstructure and mechanical properties
24.06.19 Endocrine disruption and commensal bacteria alteration associated with gaseous and soil PAH contamination among daycare children
24.06.19 Pushing stargazing to the limits with the world’s largest gamma-ray observatory
24.06.19 Space physicists sends instrument to target comets
24.06.19 Affinity 2019
24.06.19 Affinity 2019
23.06.19 BioMonitor’s session “Contribution of the Bioeconomy to Sustainable Development Goals” at this year’s ICABR Conference
23.06.19 Immersive ethics tool helps developers avoid Internet of Things dystopia
23.06.19 Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
23.06.19 Programming the forces of evolution
23.06.19 RDA EU Ambassadors deadline extended: Submit your application for the grants by 27 May 17:00 CEST
23.06.19 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
23.06.19 Umeå Institute of Design ranked best in the world
22.06.19 Better diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and ophthalmologic diseases results from European project “EXTRA”.
22.06.19 Building energy efficient communities
22.06.19 Building renovations: social aid to accept the change
22.06.19 How to communicate the bioeconomy: 10 insights from the BioCannDo project
22.06.19 New EU-funded research will build a novel more efficient cogeneration engine running on renewables
22.06.19 VIRTeu Design Challenge: rethinking the connected home
22.06.19 Wood treated with wood: Foreco joins Bio4Products to develop bio-based preservative
22.06.19 How to prepare SMEs for the uptake of additive manufacturing
22.06.19 The latest culprit of poor health and early death? Low socioeconomic status
21.06.19 Advisory board
21.06.19 Arctic lakes and rivers can lose the diversity of freshwater species
21.06.19 Project of the Month: Highlighting the European contribution that led to that first ever image of a black hole
21.06.19 Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises
21.06.19 Drought-tolerant species thrive despite returning rains in the Sahel
21.06.19 High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats