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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
24.05.19 Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in European Collaborative Projects
24.05.19 Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
24.05.19 Leading European science and technology conference to gather international biomass community
24.05.19 Protein-rich alternatives to meat for a sustainable future
24.05.19 Our reactions to odour reveal our political attitudes
24.05.19 Umeå Institute of Design ranked best in the world
24.05.19 Ad hoc ad astra: Why Swedish remote sensing made environmental knowledge as a bi-product of doing other things, 1969–2001
24.05.19 Ad hoc ad astra: Why Swedish remote sensing made environmental knowledge as a bi-product of doing other things, 1969–2001
23.05.19 BigDataStack Connected Consumer Technologies for Retailers Webinar
23.05.19 Trending Science: Eating processed foods makes people eat more and put on weight
23.05.19 A step towards fully electric ferries
23.05.19 European Smart Projects Summit: San Sebastián faces the challenges of smart city solutions and sustainable innovation
23.05.19 Comparative analysis of standardized indicators for smart sustainable cities: what indicators and standards to use and when?
23.05.19 EU Researchers and Underwater Tech Experts Discuss New Technologies and Treaties for Preserving Deep-Sea Ecosystems
23.05.19 The latest culprit of poor health and early death? Low socioeconomic status
22.05.19 Constructing Innovativeness in the Organization: Knowledge Management and Information Technology Management Perspective
22.05.19 Arctic lakes and rivers can lose the diversity of freshwater species
22.05.19 Project of the Month: Highlighting the European contribution that led to that first ever image of a black hole
22.05.19 Big Data enables better urban transport networks
22.05.19 Analytics technology for your waste containers
22.05.19 01.01.1970: Information Search as Adaptive Interaction
22.05.19 03.02.2010: The Rector will discuss the new university strategy
22.05.19 11.02.2010: Flexible Data-centric Networking with the PADRES Publish/Subscribe System
22.05.19 04.03.2010: Software Factory opening ceremony
22.05.19 26.03.2010: PhD student poster exhibition
22.05.19 29.03.2010: Keepon: A social robot for research, therapy, and entertainment
22.05.19 15.04.2010: End-to-Middle Authentication in Multi-Hop Networks
22.05.19 06.05.2010: A test lecture in Finnish: "Miten suunnitella hyvä käyttöliittymä?"
22.05.19 17.05.2010: Pervasive 2010
22.05.19 17.05.2010: TRIC - A Trust and Reputation Infrastructure for Virtual Communities
22.05.19 19.05.2010: Foundation Matters
22.05.19 19.05.2010: WISEciti Public Seminar 2010!
22.05.19 20.05.2010: The role of N02 in atmospheric chemistry
22.05.19 28.05.2010: Workshop on Algorithms and Applications
22.05.19 02.06.2010: SUMMER 2010 excursion to Tallinn
22.05.19 07.06.2010: MY Camp -science camp for top teenagers in the World in Kumpula June 7, 2010
22.05.19 07.06.2010: Oppivat aliavaruusluokittimet
22.05.19 07.06.2010: Hypoteesikokoelmien oppiminen
22.05.19 08.06.2010: Piirreperusteinen tilastollinen malli kohteiden oppimiseksi ja havaitsemiseksi kuvista
22.05.19 08.06.2010: Päättely ja oppiminen sekoitustiheysmalleissa
22.05.19 11.06.2010: Bayesiläisen päättelyn perusteet
22.05.19 16.06.2010: Defining Strategies for Assessing Software Quality Risks and Performing Software Quality Assurance
22.05.19 16.06.2010: Augmenting Interpersonal Communication with Haptic Feedback
22.05.19 22.06.2010: Talk on computational visual neuroscience
22.05.19 02.09.2010: Guest lecture. Jiuyong Li: Exploring microRNA and mRNA Interactions and their Roles in Diseases in Data
22.05.19 03.09.2010: Aspect-oriented programming (AOP)
22.05.19 09.09.2010: Using Mobile Phones with Large Displays for Enhanced User Experience
22.05.19 10.09.2010: Opening of the academic year at the Department
22.05.19 13.09.2010: JELIA 2010, 12th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence
22.05.19 13.09.2010: Conference: PGM 2010, The Fifth European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models
22.05.19 13.09.2010: Teaching demonstrations
22.05.19 17.09.2010: My past and future doctoral research (Y2 PhD studies presentation), Laura Langohr
22.05.19 28.09.2010: Guest lecture: prof. Jon Crowcroft: Zero Carbon Networking
22.05.19 30.09.2010: Learning the dissimilarity between objects described by categorical attributes