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22.10.18 Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility
22.10.18 Quicker and simpler test to detect infectious disease in dogs
22.10.18 FRUCT Technical Committee
22.10.18 24th FRUCT
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
22.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Program
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
22.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Venue map
21.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Venue map
21.10.18 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
21.10.18 23rd IEEE FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
21.10.18 24th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Registration
21.10.18 24th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
21.10.18 Payment page
21.10.18 Size matters: Small city people more likely to migrate than large city ones
21.10.18 Trending Science: Have scientists discovered the oldest human drawing?
20.10.18 New bio-based products set the scene for a sustainable and circular economy
20.10.18 23.09.2011: Symbol Elimination in Program Analysis
20.10.18 16.09.2011: NODES seminar - Cancelled
20.10.18 15.09.2011: Finite State Methods for String Matching
20.10.18 08.09.2011: Get-together for string algorithms researchers in Helsinki
20.10.18 29.08.2011: Inaugural lecture “Using Measurement as Enabler for Software-based Innovations: State of the Art and New Challenges for Software Measurement”
20.10.18 09.09.2011: Deconstructing Approximate Offsets
20.10.18 14.01.2011: A combinatorial and integrated method to analyse High Throughput Sequecing reads
20.10.18 23.02.2012: String Processing Project Presentations
20.10.18 22.02.2012: Teaching demonstration: Web frameworks and cloud datastores: How to build a web app for the cloud
20.10.18 21.01.2011: Collaborative filtering: prospects and problems
20.10.18 10.02.2011: Tripathi Abhishek: Data fusion and matching by maximizing statistical dependencies.
20.10.18 11.02.2011: Protein-protein network inference with regularized output and input kernel methods free sex cam on
20.10.18 10.02.2012: Optimal Stopping and Convergence for Americal Type Options
20.10.18 06.05.2011: NODES seminar
20.10.18 13.05.2011: The Random K-SAT Problem: Solution Space Transitions and Random Walk Heuristics
20.10.18 20.05.2011: Assembling and analysing terabases of DNA sequence
20.10.18 03.06.2011: NODES seminar
20.10.18 09.06.2011: Automating Biology using Robot Scientists
20.10.18 27.05.2011: Optimal Designs for Factorial Experiments with Binary Response
20.10.18 16.06.2010: Augmenting Interpersonal Communication with Haptic Feedback
20.10.18 16.06.2010: Defining Strategies for Assessing Software Quality Risks and Performing Software Quality Assurance
20.10.18 11.06.2010: Bayesiläisen päättelyn perusteet
20.10.18 13.08.2012: Carat: Collaborative Energy Debugging
20.10.18 22.08.2012: Seminar on summer work projects
20.10.18 20.08.2012: Enabling sensing-intensive mobile services: Challenges in power profiling and in the emerging area of eco-profiling.
20.10.18 16.08.2012: Methods for Network Abstraction
20.10.18 15.08.2012: Identifying Neuron Assemblies in Massively Parallel Spike Trains
20.10.18 09.02.2013: Probabilistic, Information-Theoretic Models for Etymological Alignment
20.10.18 05.02.2013: ALFALFA: a Novel Algorithm for Long Fragment Mapping and Alignment using Maximal Exact Matches
20.10.18 30.01.2013: Kumpula career course: CS Career opportunities
20.10.18 25.01.2013: Term Weighting in Short Documents for Document Categorization, Keyword Extraction and Query Expansion
20.10.18 21.12.2012: A survey of transliteration methods
20.10.18 17.12.2012: Computational methods for small molecules
20.10.18 04.12.2012: SliceTime: Enhancing the Applicability of Network Emulation
20.10.18 22.11.2012: Algorithms for Large Incomplete-Information Games