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11.12.18 The Journey of Mucins from Basic Research to Medical Treatments
11.12.18 Graduation ceremony
11.12.18 Designing Electricity Distribution Network Charges for an Efficient Integration of Distributed Energy Resources and Customer Response
10.12.18 25th FRUCT Conference: 13th Workshop on Advances in Methods of Information and Communication Technology
10.12.18 Science & Art and Ergonomics: What, why, and where to?
10.12.18 CYBERWISER.eu Cyber Range Platform & Training Environment – where IT specialists become highly skilled, multidisciplined cybersecurity professionals
10.12.18 Study reveals how cannabis-based drugs harm the brain
10.12.18 BY&FORCITIZENS Conference: Citizens to play key role in making their cities greener and more sustainable
10.12.18 Welcome to the EFFORT Newsletter 5 !
10.12.18 Welcome to the EFFORT Newsletter 8!
09.12.18 Neutrinos in the ice indicate source of cosmic rays
09.12.18 2nd International Conference on the “Reduction of water consumption in CSP plants” offers technical solutions to tackle challenges in CSP plants
09.12.18 Ves4US: Extracellular vesicles from a natural source for tailor-made nanomaterials
09.12.18 Welcome to the EFFORT Newsletter 10!
08.12.18 Criterion-Based Grading, Agile Goal Setting, and Course (Un)Completion Strategies
08.12.18 KTH Materials Dialogue day 2018
08.12.18 New system for a driverless future with no fatalities or serious injuries
08.12.18 Valorization of Kraft Lignin by Fractionation and Chemical Modifications for Different Applications
08.12.18 Energy Feedback and Demand Response Strategies -- Exploring Household Engagement and Response Using a Mixed Mehtods Approach
08.12.18 Evaluation of Sustainable Urban District Developments -- the case of Stockholm Royal Seaport
08.12.18 KTH Materials Dialogue day 2018
08.12.18 Career event - inspirational talk and discussion
08.12.18 An Experimental Study to Understand the Localized Corrosion and Environment-Assisted Cracking Behavior of AISI 420-Martensitic Stainless Steel
08.12.18 Non-equilibrium dynamics of exactly solvable quantum many-body systems
08.12.18 Virtual Exchange as a sustainable, scalable, and affordable strategy for internationalization at home
08.12.18 Periodic Structures with Higher Symmetries: Analysis and Applications
08.12.18 Activity-based Flexible Office work environments - design and implementation processes and outcomes
08.12.18 Gradient Metasurface for Surface Wave control
08.12.18 Light Propagation in Anisotropically Scattering Medium
07.12.18 Application of Non-contact Resonance Testing for Low temperature behavior of asphalt concrete
07.12.18 Plant roots inspire 3D-printed automotive sensors
07.12.18 New report issued by SusChem and partners: Robust Agenda to achieve Circularity of Plastics
07.12.18 Renaturing cities: cooperation manifesto launched at the World Forum on Urban Forests
07.12.18 Mix and Move in Trento
07.12.18 Trending Science: This is how bright the universe is
07.12.18 Strengthening the municipal energy planning -- integration into comprehensive planning, performance of impact assessment and inclusion of national environmental objectives.
07.12.18 Energy-momentum conserving time-stepping algorithms for nonlinear dynamics of planar and spatial Euler-Bernoulli/Timoshenko beams
06.12.18 PROPOSAL WRITING FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PROJECTS From the Fundamentals to Developing Winning Proposals for Horizon 2020 and other programmes
06.12.18 ROMEO Project against climate change
06.12.18 CIRCUSOL's team at the World Circular Economy Forum 2018
06.12.18 CIRCUSOL project is now on video
06.12.18 Offshore Wind Europe, stage to introduce ROMEO to relevant agents of the sector
06.12.18 A new class of synthetic materials could revolutionise modern medicine
06.12.18 Why not add space to your building to pay for the energy renovation?
06.12.18 Handheld gadget to provide rapid food quality testing
06.12.18 MEPs to consult U21 Research Leaders on Horizon Europe
06.12.18 AIRMES Newsletter # 3 is now available
06.12.18 When citizen engagement makes the difference
06.12.18 The AAL Forum Executive Summary
06.12.18 Bio-composites for cars
06.12.18 FETFX, the laurel is yours!
06.12.18 Home sweet (hemp) home
06.12.18 Call is now open to nominate the next recipient of the Ivano Bertini Award