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02.10.22 17.05.2010: Pervasive 2010
02.10.22 16.06.2010: Defining Strategies for Assessing Software Quality Risks and Performing Software Quality Assurance
02.10.22 16.06.2010: Augmenting Interpersonal Communication with Haptic Feedback
02.10.22 15.04.2010: End-to-Middle Authentication in Multi-Hop Networks
02.10.22 13.09.2010: Teaching demonstrations
02.10.22 13.09.2010: JELIA 2010, 12th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence
02.10.22 13.09.2010: Conference: PGM 2010, The Fifth European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models
02.10.22 12.11.2010: Inverse problems and Bayesian tracking: An application to neurophysiological data
02.10.22 12.11.2010: Enabling technologies for decentralized interpersonal communication
02.10.22 12.11.2010: Computational Methods for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks
02.10.22 11.10.2010: Parsimonious Modelling
02.10.22 11.06.2010: Bayesiläisen päättelyn perusteet
02.10.22 11.02.2010: Flexible Data-centric Networking with the PADRES Publish/Subscribe System
02.10.22 10.09.2010: Opening of the academic year at the Department
02.10.22 09.11.2010: Challenges in Online Book Retrieval
02.10.22 09.09.2010: Using Mobile Phones with Large Displays for Enhanced User Experience
02.10.22 08.06.2010: Piirreperusteinen tilastollinen malli kohteiden oppimiseksi ja havaitsemiseksi kuvista
02.10.22 08.06.2010: Päättely ja oppiminen sekoitustiheysmalleissa
02.10.22 07.06.2010: Oppivat aliavaruusluokittimet
02.10.22 07.06.2010: MY Camp -science camp for top teenagers in the World in Kumpula June 7, 2010
02.10.22 07.06.2010: Hypoteesikokoelmien oppiminen
02.10.22 06.05.2010: A test lecture in Finnish: "Miten suunnitella hyvä käyttöliittymä?"
02.10.22 05.11.2010: A Grid-Based Algorithm for On-Device GSM Positioning
02.10.22 04.03.2010: Software Factory opening ceremony
02.10.22 03.09.2010: Aspect-oriented programming (AOP)
02.10.22 03.02.2010: The Rector will discuss the new university strategy
02.10.22 02.09.2010: Guest lecture. Jiuyong Li: Exploring microRNA and mRNA Interactions and their Roles in Diseases in Data
02.10.22 02.06.2010: SUMMER 2010 excursion to Tallinn
02.10.22 01.10.2010: PhD dissertation: Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen: Efficient search for statistically significant dependency rules in binary data
02.10.22 01.01.1970: Information Search as Adaptive Interaction
01.10.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
01.10.22 Book discussion: Explore the untold lives of pioneering female scientists and engineers
01.10.22 Reducing the gender gap in STEM fields for better research and innovation
01.10.22 Do plants have a microbiome?
01.10.22 Combining 3D printing and sensors for safer, cheaper flying
30.09.22 KTH Space Rendezvous
30.09.22 Why are there so many dog breeds but only a few cat breeds?
30.09.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: The emoticon officially turned 40
30.09.22 Project of the Month: Improving the collection and management of data in citizen science
29.09.22 The Tale of the Great Computing Machine
29.09.22 AIMES - Crossing Borders with Georgios A. Sotiriou
28.09.22 When continental plates move more slowly
28.09.22 Development of a Novel Gas Turbine Simulator for Hybrid Solar-Brayton Systems
28.09.22 Cutting waste
27.09.22 Why do some languages have more words than others?
27.09.22 How hot could heatwaves get?
27.09.22 Empowering central and eastern Europe to meet energy and climate commitments
27.09.22 Cities join forces to deliver energy-efficient, renewable heating and cooling
27.09.22 Bio-inspired device slashes power consumption
26.09.22 Visit KTH's labs
26.09.22 The Multimodal Transfer Matrix Method
24.09.22 Not unmanned, but uncrewed
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Program
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters